Proxy Singed – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to execute the proxy Singed strategy in League of Legends. Here we will focus on how this idea should be implemented in-game, its strengths and weaknesses, and what you should consider when trying it out. Let’s begin!

Proxy Singed – Strengths and Weakness

For starters, we want to say the proxy Singed isn’t for everyone. There are many playstyles in LoL, and we all fall in one category or the other, whether we like it or not. Proxy Singed is best suited for players who already know how to play the champion and what he can do. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend some time practicing him in normal games.

One of the strongest points of proxy Singed is his ability to draw the whole attention onto himself. If you have noticed, whenever there is proxy Singed in the game, it usually takes two or more people to stop him. Normally, the jungler is obliged to come and help the top laner since the top laner won’t have minions to defend himself. Then, the mid laner often comes as well, seeking an opportunity for a free kill. And sometimes, even supports help out after a recall.

So, that means that the Singed’s team is free to do whatever they want. Whether that’s a Dragon or setting a camp on the bottom half of the map, they can easily do so. No other champion or strategy can give that level of freedom to their team. 

And another fact to consider is that proxy Singed can still win his lane, even by dying ten times in the early game. The whole idea of the strategy is to secure as much gold as possible and to deny the enemy theirs. The enemy top laner will probably stay AFK on his turret for most of the game, getting only limited XP and other resources. Meanwhile, Singed will scale and unleash a true AP/Tank terror on the Summoner’s Rift!

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Proxy Singed – How to Execute it?

Before the Minions Spawn

The first thing that you’ll need to take care of in a game of proxy Singed is to discover whether the enemy jungler will start with the blue or the red buff. You can do so by walking directly there or by putting a ward.

The reason you want to do this is that if the enemy jungler is starting on the top side, the chances are that he will come and harass you. On level 1, you’ll either end-up dying, or you’ll be forced to recall. Either way, you will lose valuable time. So, if the enemy jungler is starting on the bottom side, you proceed with the proxy. And if he is starting on the top side, you go and lane normally until they leave, and then you begin your proxy.


At 1:20 precisely, you’ll want to be between the tier 1 and tier 2 turrets in the top lane. This the moment when the enemy minions will be there, and you’ll need to catch them. After this first wave, the best thing to do is to secure vision. Walking in the enemy jungle and putting down wards is a must because you’ll need that information to decide what to do next.

The second and third waves should be done similarly. Just watch your own minion wave to figure out where the enemy one is. If by any chance the jungler and the top laner decide to gank you, don’t hesitate to activate Ghost and run away. You’ll also have Teleport to come back.

Early Game

The first time you come back from the base, you should take care of the lane. The point here is to push your opponent as fast as possible to deny him any regular time in the top lane. After you’ve cleared the lane, you should continue with the proxy.

One of the key elements for playing proxy Singed successfully is to always be in the fog of war when you aren’t killing minions. This denies your enemy the ability to plan an attack, and they’ll be focused to play elsewhere on the map. Utilize the brushes and the walls for vision, and place tactical wards to follow the jungler’s pathing.

The Rest of the Game

And the rest of the game is “rinse and repeat”. There will be times, of course, when you’ll have to join your team (Dragon, Baron, etc.), so it’s a good idea to save your Teleport for these key moments. Or at least to plan them ahead!

The proxy should be executed whenever you get the chance. As you upgrade your boots and purchase items, you’ll become tanky and deal more damage. So, it will be significantly harder for your enemies to stop you. The beginning is the tricky part, so you’ll want to perfect it!

Proxy Singed – Build

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Best runes for Proxy Singed


Here, the keystone you’re looking for is Conqueror. Singed isn’t a bursty champion, but one that slowly melts opponents. With each tick of his damage, Conqueror will grant him a stack and ultimately an effect that will increase his damage and healing. So, there is no better choice!


Triumph is a fantastic rune for any melee champion, especially Singed. He doesn’t have spectacular self-healing, so any bonus he can gather is very welcomed. Triumph perfectly matches his playstyle, so we should always pick it up.

Legend: Tenacity

Legend: Tenacity is another no-brainer. It provides Singed with the necessary resistance to crowd control effects, so he can continue to run free and damage his opponents. The rune scales with champion takedowns, so it’s pretty valuable for the late game as well.

Last Stand

Last Stand is a rune that doesn’t work on every champion, but Singed excels with it. It grants a damage buff whenever your HP gets lower than 60%. Singed’s playstyle focuses on him running around and being the primary tank, so he gets this damage buff for free most of the time.

Taste of Blood

Back to the self-healing, Taste of Blood will be another must-have rune for Singed. This is a 20-second cooldown heal that you can proc with any spell. Alone, it isn’t the most powerful choice, but combined with other healing effects, it’s game-changing!

Ravenous Hunter

And the best among those healing effects is Ravenous Hunter. This a rune that scales will champion takedowns too, so stacking it is pretty important. The healing from Ravenous Hunter is seriously broken, especially on a tanky champion like Singed. So, never remove it from your proxy Singed rune page!


For bonuses, you’ll want to combine two Adaptive Forces and an Armor or a Magic Resist rune, depending on the situation at hand.

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Best Items for Proxy Singed

Plated Steelcaps

With the items for proxy Singed, there is only one law – purchase boots first! This is because the additional movement speed is crucial for running away and executing the proxy. Here we’ve chosen Plated Steelcaps because you’ll face an AD opponent in the top lane most of the time. However, know that you can switch them up for Mercury’s Treads or whichever other choice is better in your situation.


Riftmaker is the mythic item choice for proxy Singed. This purchase works exceptionally well with his damage-over-time design and gives him fantastic stats: AP, Health, Ability Haste, Omnivamp. It is a significant boost of power to Singed’s built overall, so make it a priority in every game.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter remains to be one of the best items for Singed overall. It perfectly fits his ability kit, adding a slowing effect that keeps people in the gas. Even though the slow lasts only 1 second, it will keep reapplying as long as you’re damaging your enemies.

Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace is another item besides Riftmaker that adds an additional DoT effect to Singed’s kit. It burns enemies based on their maximum HP, and it also grants Armor and Magic Resist as long as you’re maintaining the DoT. Needless to say, it’s an extremely powerful purchase for the late game.


And as you approach the late game, you should switch your focus to more defensive items. Thornmail is the first choice when going against at least one AD champion. The item’s passive works on minions and monsters as well, so you can use it to clear waves even faster.

Dead Man’s Plate

Dead Man’s Plate is another protective purchase against an AD comp. It adds a bit of power to your auto-attack once stacked up, so it’s a nice item to finish the game with. However, you can swap it up for an item of your choice.

Situational Items

Morellonomicon – an offensive purchase, a must-have for shutting down healing teams.

Zhonya’s Hourglass – a good defensive option, especially the active “Stasis”

 Spirit Visage – the best choice against a heavy AP team and if you need some extra healing.

Summoner’s Spells

As we mentioned above, the best Summoner’s Spells for proxy Singed are Ghost and Teleport. You can swap Ghost for Flash, but know that Ghost will generally give you more value throughout the game.

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