Top 7 Rarest Valorant Skins in 2023

Top 7 Rarest Valorant Skins in 2023 2023

It’s about time Valorant has become one of the most popular esports on the globe. While the game continues to rise to new heights, there’s only so much you can do since there isn’t a plethora of characters and weapons like MOBAs. 

To cater to this issue, Riot Games have constantly been releasing a bunch of skins and vice versa for their weapon lineup. It not only breathes new life into the gun itself but also improves the game’s overall aesthetic. Besides, what kind of gamer doesn’t love sick-looking skins?

Having said that, there is no current metric for what skin looks the best, and what doesn’t. However, you can ultimately sort them according to their rarity. But how would you know which skin is the rarest when the entire tier looks the same?

So, to lend you a hand on this issue, this article will be listing down 7 of the most rarest skins you can obtain in Valorant. With that said, let’s jump in and get started!

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What Makes A Skin Rare In 2023?

Rarity pertains to the chance of obtaining a skin from events, loot boxes, and vice versa. While there’s no hard metric for rarity in Valorant, there have been considerably fewer sightings of X skins as compared to the Y ones. 

A skin doesn’t need to be expensive in order to be rare. Therefore, it can be pretty hard to obtain something you want due to its rarity ruining the show for you. 

Rarest Skins In Valorant

Here are the top 7 skins in Valorant listed according to their rarity and obtainability. While some of these names might sound surprising, you can just consider yourself lucky out of the bunch. (  

With that said, let’s get down to it!

7) Hivemind Collection

Hiveming Collection has been a part of Episode 1 Act 2 IGNITION: Battle Pass. It featured the following weapon skins:

Tier 1
Hivemind Ares.png
Tier 5
Hivemind Spectre.png
Tier 25
Hivemind Vandal.png
Tier 50
Hivemind Sword.png
Tier 50 (Free track)
Hivemind Shorty.png

It’s known as the Deluxe Edition and promises a bunch of sick looking skins that were only obtainable through that specific battle pass. 

As the metallic void-esque variation of the hive, this skin lineup has been particularly popular during its days of fame. 

Unsurprisingly, you could also get the following battle cards in the skin lineup:

Hivemind Card
Tier 29
Hivemind Card Large.jpgCard Hivemind Card Wide.jpgBanner Hivemind Card Small.pngIcon

6) Kingdom Collection

Released in the IGNITION: Act 1 Battle Pass, the Kingdom collection was all the hype back in the day. While the skins themselves look fairly simple in design, their aesthetics are pretty hard to beat in their own regard. If you’d like to get this precious collection, here’s a good spot where you can find Valorant account with Kingdom skins!

With that said, here’s every weapon that was released in this Kingdom Collection:

Tier 1
Kingdom Bucky.png
Tier 5
Kingdom Spectre.png
Tier 25
Kingdom Phantom.png
Tier 50
Kingdom Knife.png
Tier 50 (Free track)
Kingdom Classic.png

These skins have a unique metallic feel to them that starts to feel pretty apparent during battles. Their yellow line design does a good job of separating the blacks from the whites. 

Despite being this basic in nature, the skin line has been widely sought out specifically due to its rarity. 

5) Ruin Collection

The Ruin Collection was a part of IGNITION: Act 3 Battle Pass, and featured much more than its predecessors in terms of skins and vice versa. Since then, it has been pretty high in demand with no apparent outlet. 

With that said, here’s every skin the collection had to offer:

Tier 1
Ruin Marshal.png
Tier 20
Ruin Shorty.png
Tier 30
Ruin Guardian.png
Tier 45
Ruin Vandal.png
Tier 50
Ruin Dagger.png

The Dagger has been one of the most iconic weapons available in Valorant to date. Despite being highly coveted, it’s pretty rare to get your hands on one these days.

Besides, if the crystalline dragon scale-like look has something to say, then this weapon skin set will surely be a good omen for your victorious climb. 

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4) Champions 2021 Collection

This skin line was released for the first VCT Champions event. Since then, it has gained quite a lot of traction due to its unique design. Frankly, they look nothing like the regular Valorant skins.

Therefore, the attraction is well-justified. With that said, here are all the skins present in this lineup:

Champions 2021 Vandal
Valorant Points2675
Champions 2021 Vandal.pngCollapseUpgradesLEVEL 2: Inspect & Kill EffectsRadianite Points 10LEVEL 3: FinisherRadianite Points 10LEVEL 4: Champion’s AuraRadianite Points 10
Champions 2021 Karambit
Valorant Points5350
Champions 2021 Karambit.pngCollapseUpgradesLEVEL 2: VFXRadianite Points 10LEVEL 3: Champion’s AuraRadianite Points 10

The total bundle used to cost 6263 Valorant Points and was released back in version 3.10. Since then, multiple skin lines have been released, but it’s yet to be seen whether something similar will show up in terms of design. 

From November 24 to December 12, 50% of the profit earned from the skin lines was gone to charity. Despite the skin’s exclusive class, they’ve amassed more than $7.5 million USD for charity. 

3) Champions 2023 Collection

Speaking of showing up, the new Champions 2023 Collection has something to say in that regard. The new skin lineup is constructed with a mix of gold and red colors, which gives it a unique royal look. 

This bungle was released for the celebration of the 2023 VCT Champions. With that said, here are the skins released in this Bundle:

Champions 2023 Phantom
Valorant Points2675
Champions 2023 Phantom.pngCollapseUpgradesLEVEL 2: Inspect & Kill EffectsRadianite Points 10LEVEL 3: FinisherRadianite Points 10LEVEL 4: Champion’s AuraRadianite Points 10
Champions 2023 Butterfly Knife
Valorant Points5350
Champions 2023 Butterfly Knife.pngCollapseUpgradesLEVEL 2: AnimationRadianite Points 10LEVEL 3: Champion’s AuraRadianite Points 10

Just like the previous ones, 50% of the profit from this lineup is intended to go to charity, and for now, more than $16 million USD has been raised. This is a gigantic leap compared to last year. 

There isn’t much difference in price compared to last year. You could obtain this bundle for 6167 Valorant Points during its release. But since it’s an exclusive rank, it’s hard to know when it’ll make a return. 

2) Wayfinder Shorty

This is an exclusive Twitch Prime reward skin that was released back in January 2023. If the wavy pattern design has anything to say, the Wayfinder Shorty was a must-grab at the time. 

Unfortunately, though, good things don’t last, so you’d be pretty darn lucky to encounter one these days. 

With that said, here’s how the Wayfinder Shorty Looks:

Image Edition Collection Source
Select-edition-icon.png Wayfinder Prime Gaming

The background of this skin is matte black with a wavy pattern in the form of Gold and Silver accents. 

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1) Arcane Sheriff  

This is by far the rarest skin found in Valorant. It was released as a celebration of Arcane’s release and was only available for a short duration after November 5, 2021. It’s truly one of a kind and is modeled to look like a replica of Jinx’s gun from League of Legends and Arcane. 

With that said, here’s how it looks:

Image Edition Collection Source Cost/Unlock Upgrades
Arcane Sheriff.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Arcane Store Valorant Points2377(Bundle) VFX

The holding and shooting animations have been custom configured to feel just like Jinx’s. Overall, it’s an entirely unique experience from the Sheriff, whom we’ve all come to love. 


All in all, there are some pretty interesting skin lineups making their way into the Valorant roster. While you probably won’t be able to obtain everything, having a curated selection of your loved skins is one way to show your love of the game. 

Having said that, there’s no real competitive advantage associated with skins. They’re purely for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, we recommend you only go for the ones you truly want.

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