Real Names of Every Valorant Agent

Real Names of Every Valorant Agent

the fascinating lore behind them. In this article, we will delve into Valorant agent real names, providing players with a deeper understanding of their favorite characters and their lore.


Jett’s Real Name: Jeong-Hee

Jett’s Country: South Korea

Jett’s Race: Radiant

Jett’s Gender: Female

While many players are familiar with the agents’ in-game aliases, few know their real names and Born in South Korea, Jett’s real name is Jeong-Hee. She is known for her confident and bold personality and is a Radiant, one of the rare individuals with extraordinary powers in the Valorant universe.

Jett is a highly mobile agent that can move quickly around the map with her updraft, tailwind, and dash abilities. Her smokescreen can obscure vision, and her ultimate ability allows her to equip several throwing knives, dealing lethal damage with a single hit. Jett’s agility and speed make her an ideal agent for flanking and ambushing enemies. She can quickly move from one location to another, catching her opponents off guard and gaining the upper hand in gunfights

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Phoenix’s Real Name: Jamie Adeyemi

Phoenix’s Country: United Kingdom

Phoenix’s Race: Radiant

Phoenix’s Gender: Male

Phoenix is a self-sustaining agent with the ability to regenerate his own health. He can create a wall of fire with his firewall ability, forcing enemies to reposition or take damage. His blaze ability creates a damaging trail of fire that can quickly take down opponents.


Sage’s Real Name: Ling Ying Wei

Sage’s Country: China

Sage’s Race: Radiant

Sage’s Gender: Female

Sage is a versatile support agent with a variety of abilities that can turn the tide of a match. She can heal herself and her allies with her healing orb ability, and create barriers to block off enemy movement or vision. Her ultimate ability, resurrection, allows her to bring back a fallen teammate, giving her team a second chance at victory. Sage hails from China and is a Radiant, one of the rare individuals with extraordinary powers in the Valorant universe. She is known for her calm and collected personality, making her a valuable asset in high-pressure situations.


Sova’s Real Name: Alexander (Sasha) Novikov

Sova’s Country: Russia

Sova’s Race: Human

Sova’s Gender: Male

Sova is a highly specialized recon agent with the ability to gather intelligence on enemy movements and reveal their locations to his team. His owl drone can scout ahead and reveal enemy positions, while his recon bolt can tag enemies through walls, making them visible to his team.


Viper’s Real Name: Sabine Callas

Viper’s Country: United States

Viper’s Race: Human

Viper’s Gender: Female

Viper is a toxic agent from the United States known for her ruthless tactics and abilities to deploy toxic chemicals that control the battlefield. She can create poisonous clouds, toxic screens, and pits that damage enemies.


Cypher’s Real Name: Amir El Amari

Cypher’s Country: Morocco

Cypher’s Race: Human

Cypher’s Gender: Male

Cypher is a master of information gathering and intelligence operations, making him a valuable asset to any team. He can deploy cameras that allow him to monitor his enemies’ movements, track their locations, and detect their presence, giving him a strategic advantage in battle. In addition, he can set tripwires that, when triggered, reveal the enemy’s location to his team, making him a key player in both defense and offense.


Reyna’s Real Name: Zyanya Mondragon

Reyna’s Country: Mexico

Reyna’s Race: Radiant

Reyna’s Gender: Female

Reyna is a highly aggressive and self-sufficient agent that thrives on the deaths of her enemies. Her Leer ability allows her to blind opponents, making them vulnerable to her attacks. Her Devour ability allows her to consume the souls of her fallen foes, restoring her health, while her Dismiss ability allows her to become invulnerable for a short time.

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Killjoy’s Real Name: Klara Böhringer

Killjoy’s Country: Germany

Killjoy’s Race: Human

Killjoy’s Gender: Female

Killjoy is a talented inventor who uses her vast knowledge of technology to create gadgets that can control the battlefield. She can deploy a turret that shoots at enemies, an alarm bot that reveals their locations, and a nano swarm grenade that deals damage over time. Additionally, Killjoy has the ability to remotely control her gadgets, making her a formidable force to be reckoned with. Killjoy is a proud German who takes great pride in her work.


Breach’s Real Name: Erik Torsten

Breach’s Country: Sweden

Breach’s Race: Human

Breach’s Gender: Male

Breach is a seismic disruptor agent from Sweden who specializes in disrupting his enemies’ movements and abilities. His abilities can penetrate through walls, making him a formidable opponent even when he’s not in sight.


Omen’s Real Name: Unknown

Omen’s Country: Earth

Omen’s Race: Radiant

Omen’s Gender: Male

Omen is a mysterious agent with the ability to teleport, blind his enemies, summon a dark shroud, and become temporarily invulnerable. His real name, country of origin, race, and gender are all unknown. Omen’s enigmatic and foreboding personality is reflected in his appearance, with a flowing cloak and glowing red eyes. His true motives and loyalties are also unknown, making him a mysterious and unpredictable figure in the Valorant universe.


Skye’s Real Name: Kirra Foster

Skye’s Country: Australia

Skye’s Race: Human

Skye’s Gender: Female

Skye from Australia is a nature-loving agent who controls the battlefield with her pack of beasts, scouting abilities, and healing. Her ultimate ability, Seekers, provides her team with valuable information to take control of the game. Her positive personality and unique abilities make her a popular and formidable opponent.


Yoru’s Real Name: Ryo Kiritani

Yoru’s Country: Japan

Yoru’s Race: Radiant

Yoru’s Gender: Male

Yoru, a stealthy agent from Japan, can create fake footsteps and teleport behind enemies. His flash ability can blind opponents, and his ultimate ability allows him to become invulnerable and quickly teleport a short distance. Yoru’s unpredictable playstyle and mobility make him a valuable asset to any team.


Neon’s Real Name: Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez

Neon’s Country: Philippines

Neon’s Race: Radiant

Neon’s Gender: Female

Neon is a radiant-class agent in Valorant, known for her agility and speed. Her abilities include a flashbang, smoke cloud, and dash, making her ideal for aggressive playstyles. ( Her ultimate ability, Overdrive, boosts her movement speed and agility. Neon’s skins offer players a way to customize their appearance and enhance their in-game experience.


Raze’s Real Name: Tayane Alves

Raze’s Country: Brazil

Raze’s Race: Human

Raze’s Gender: Female

Raze is a playable character or agent in the game Valorant. She is known for her aggressive and explosive playstyle, with a kit that is focused on dealing heavy damage and causing chaos on the battlefield. Raze is also equipped with her trusty Boom Bot, a robot that scurries across the ground and can seek out enemies, explode, and deal damage to them.


Brimstone’s Real Name: Liam Byrne

Brimstone’s Country: United States

Brimstone’s Race: Human

Brimstone’s Gender: Male

Brimstone is a powerful and versatile agent who can support his team with a variety of abilities. Brimstone’s arsenal includes a smoke grenade launcher that can obscure enemies’ vision, a stim beacon that can give his allies a temporary speed and fire rate boost, and a molotov-like incendiary grenade that deals damage over time to enemies in its radius.


Astra’s Real Name: Efia Danso

Astra’s Country: Ghana

Astra’s Race: Radiant

Astra’s Gender: Female

Astra is a highly versatile controller agent in Valorant. Her unique abilities allow her to shape the battlefield to her team’s advantage, utilizing the power of the stars to create strategic opportunities. Her ability to place stars on the map and then activate them to create a variety of effects, such as creating walls, smokescreens, and stuns, make her a formidable opponent.

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KAY/O’s Real Name: Unknown

KAY/O’s Country: Unknown

KAY/O’s Race: Cybernetic

KAY/O’s Gender: Male

KAY/O is a playable character or agent in Valorant. He is a sentinel-type agent designed to neutralize enemy abilities and disrupt their strategies. KAY/O has several unique abilities that allow him to shut down enemy abilities and gain an advantage in combat.

His signature ability, the ‘ZERO/point’ grenade, can disable all enemy abilities within its blast radius. KAY/O can also create an ‘E.D. mode’ to reduce incoming damage and even resurrect himself. His ultimate ability, ‘NULL/cmd’, allows him to suppress all enemy abilities across the entire map, making him a powerful force in any situation. Overall, KAY/O is a highly versatile agent that can disrupt enemy strategies and provide valuable support to his team.


Chamber’s Real Name: Vincent Fabron

Chamber’s Country: France

Chamber’s Race: Human

Chamber’s Gender: Male

Chamber is a playable agent in Valorant with a unique set of abilities that make him a versatile asset on the battlefield. His ultimate ability is “Tour de Force,” which summons a powerful, custom sniper rifle that can kill enemies with any direct hit. Upon impact, the ability creates a lingering field that slows down players caught inside of it. This makes it a formidable tool for controlling an area of the map, taking out enemies with precision, and disrupting enemy movements.


Fade’s Real Name: Hazal Eyletmez

Fade’s Country: Turkey

Fade’s Race: Radiant

Fade’s Gender: Female

Fade possesses a diverse range of abilities that make her an ideal agent for initiating combat. Her skill set is a combination of abilities from Breach, Sova, and Skye, allowing her to uncover enemies in close proximity, leave markings on them, diminish their health points, and temporarily impair their vision. To learn more about each of her abilities, you may want to watch the official gameplay reveal video of Fade.


Harbor’s Real Name: Varun Batra

Harbor’s Country: India

Harbor’s Race: Human         

Harbor’’s Gender: Male

The twentieth agent to be added to the Valorant roster is Harbor, who comes from the coast of India and specializes in controlling water. Harbor was introduced in Episode 5 Act 3 with the primary goal of creating space for his team to take control, defend, or retake sites. His mastery of ancient water-based technology helps him accomplish this objective.

As with all controllers in the game, Harbor has a distinctive skill set that players must become accustomed to and experiment with in order to fully utilize his abilities. There is plenty of room for creativity when using his abilities.


Gekko’s Real Name: Mateo

Gekko’s Country: United States

Gekko’s RaceHuman          

Gekko’s Gender: Male

Gekko is an initiator agent with high-risk, high-reward abilities that may prove useful in default-heavy teams that rely on coordinated site splits. With the ability to clear sites with an extra weapon, Gekko can significantly strengthen splits when proper spacing and team pathing are utilized.

Initially, there were concerns about Gekko’s ability lacking professional viability based on community feedback for Wingman. However, this may not be an issue if Gekko’s ability is used to plant on the same spacing as Fade’s Haunt after initial space has been created on the site with entries and smokes. Overall, Gekko has the potential to be a valuable asset to certain team compositions in Valorant.


Knowing Valorant agents’ real  names can add more depth and insight to their characters. Each agent comes from a unique background and has their own story to tell. By learning more about Valorant agents’ real names and backgrounds, players can gain a better understanding of their motivations and personalities, know to what extent they fit into the overall story of Valorant, and see how it influences their play style.

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