How to Reduce Lag in League of Legends?

“Nice gank bro”, “those combos were fire”, these were the kind of commends you were supposed to receive as you were about to ace the enemy team in League of legends, but instead, you get boos and trash talks from your friends. Well, that’s a downer. 

 You might be wondering what could have gone wrong. Though you’re sure nothing is wrong with your skills, what else could have been? There are a few reasons that come to mind. But the most notorious reason is the “Lag”

I’m sure you’ve heard or read of this in the comms and the chats. Some newbies mistake this term as “log” if that is what you’re familiar with. But what is really the definition of lag?

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What is Lag in Video Games?

Game lag occurs when there is a delay between the activity of the players and the response of the game server. They’re one of the most aggravating issues a gamer may have, along with the internet connection failing. And yes, a lot of keyboards have been smashed because of lag.

When we’re talking about League, you can notice that the lag in League of Legends can take many forms, but it can be separated into two types: PC lag and network lag. PC lag happens when your game lags and becomes unresponsive every few seconds. 

If you have this kind of delay, it means you have a severe problem with your computer, such as inadequate RAM, a faulty graphics card, or a piece of obsolete equipment in general.

Internet Lag

Then there is the most common problem is internet lag. After all, the majority of League of Legends players have fast and costly computers, therefore they can’t be the problem. Your internet connection, on the other hand, maybe highly fickle, and even the tiniest of factors can lead it to fail.

So, it brings us to the main question…

How do we Reduce Lag in League of Legends?

Packet loss and Ping are probably the two main reasons for network lag. Though like what I’ve mentioned earlier, in games such as LoL, your PC specs can also be a factor that brings lag to your game. But for now, let’s focus on the things that we can change and do something about. 

As you may know, data is transmitted from your device and the game servers when you play an online game like League of Legends. This information is delivered in the form of tiny bitsy data bundles termed as packets. 

Unfortunately, packets are frequently dropped along the way, decelerating your connection. In extreme cases of packet loss, you may discover yourself entirely cut off from the game! And that’s just one of the many factors.

Then there’s ping spike… Yes, that is when the number on the Wi-Fi thingy on your monitor turns red suddenly and you lose connection from the game. Now, that’s frustrating.

When it comes to network lag problems, we recommend you do these simple things:

  • If you’re using Wi-Fi, you might want to consider using your LAN. LAN or ethernet connection makes you connected to the server way more stable than Wi-Fi. Doing these will significantly reduce your packet loss.
  • Do some tinkering with your in-game settings. You might want to do a custom game when doing this. Edit your graphics, your FPS, the shadows, and the other things that make your PC rendering capability break.
  • Stop downloading. You may have downloaded something and it slipped your mind, once you’re playing that will be a huge burden for you. So, before playing League, make sure you stopped all those downloads.
  • You can also try using VPN. A virtual private network is an internet connection that provides direct access to the game server. By minimizing the number of hops and redirections, you may drastically minimize your ping. 
  • Finally, you should keep your hardware and software updated. Updates are meant to give you a better experience, so do that, it is for your good as well. Unbeknownst to most users, updated firmware will give you a better gaming experience.

Now, you’ve done all these things and returned to gaming. You open League and during clashes you still get the Lag. What more can you do?

You should try ExitLag…

ExitLag is a software that helps bring you a better gaming experience by speeding up data travel using multipath data delivery. 

“Developed from scratch by gamers, for gamers.” Now that’s something you want to read from the developers. Because you instantly know these developers know what you’ve been through and they can relate to you. 

ExitLag does not only support League, it also supports CS go, DOTA, Fortnite, Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, and 500 more games. Pretty impressive, right?

Aside from the variety of games that it can support, it also has competitive features. This includes multipath connection, FPS boost, access to Worldwide servers, real-time optimization, and Multi internet connections. All of this help you experience that lag-free gaming.

Now that you are familiar with ExitLag, how do you use it?

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How do I use ExitLag?

First of all, you should install it on your PC. Installing it is pretty basic, you download the installer, then click on install. Viola, you’ve installed the software.

Once you open the app, you should see other apps that are installed on your PC. Search for League and you’ll notice that there is a red dot below it. That means that the game is currently supported by ExitLag.

You may also want to do some tinkering with this software. You can do that by selecting “tool”. Edit you’re setting according to your preference. Here is some bonus tip, you can always do some practice runs on customs. That way you’re rank games won’t be damaged.

Adjusting your settings is not a joyous task, but bear with it, you’ll enjoy the game later after that. Just take it from the pros who highly recommend this software. You know Fallen, he is a 2x world champion in CS: Go and he recommends this software. Yes, I know it’s not League, but you get the idea, pros use it, and maybe you should too.

Improve your online experience using gamer-created technologies. There will be no more lag, ping, packet loss, or jitter. Try it out for free right now! Yes, you head it right, free. But keep this in mind. ExitLag only offers you a three-day free trial period after which you must pay to continue using it. 

Here are their plans, which you can get at a reduced price by clicking the link in the description and using coupon codes from this website, which I’ll link below. Hey, that’s not bad at all. Considering that nothing is for free nowadays, a three-day free trial is worth the effort. 

Just try the software you have nothing to lose. You have a better gaming experience for 3 days and if you don’t like it, you can simply uninstall it. But I doubt that. Plus, their prices are generously low for such premium services.

I’m sure you’re hyped about this so here is the link to their website/. Everything is there plus they have great support.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope everything works out for you. Enjoy the game and don’t be toxic just because of lag. If you did these tips, let me know what worked best for you. I’m sure you’ll get to that dream rank of yours sooner.

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