How to Reduce Shop HUD in League of Legends?

HUD – means heads-up display; players often ignore it and are not even aware of how much it can improve their gameplay. It would help if you did not forget that in-game settings are universal, and there is a high probability that not everything will suit you. That’s why Riot has allowed players to adjust most of the settings themselves to their best advantage and thus improve their gaming performance. 

Changing settings is extremely easy, and if you don’t know how to adjust the settings, you can always research online or ask someone to help you personalize the settings. This article will introduce you to HUD settings and set them best to positively affect your game.

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What are HUD Settings?

HUD is basically there to give you information – gold, cooldown, items, champions, etc. You can set it to 100 to make sure everything is visible.

But speaking of changing settings, let’s go in order. Minimap is an important aspect of the game, and your minimap must be well-tuned to keep track of what’s going on beyond you. However, the minimap should not be too big because it will obscure the actual map, and on the other hand, it should not be too small so that you do not miss the gank, for example. You can set the minimap in the range of  30 to 40. This way, you will be able to easily pay attention to both the minimap and the lane in front of you.

Also, check your cursor size. Your cursor can play a significant role during gameplay. The higher the cursor, the higher your chances of successfully throwing a spell at the enemy champion. With a larger cursor, you are less likely to make mistakes that can badly affect you and your team.

The lock screen is another feature that can make it or break your gameplay. Usually, at the very beginning of the League of Legends career, players have the option of a large number of tutorials. One of the tutorials is related to playing with a lock screen. When playing with the lock screen, the camera only follows your champion. 

The lock screen allows you to always focus on your champion and what is happening around him, but at the same time, you are deprived of visibility of the rest of the map. This option is good if you are a beginner player and you still can’t tell which champion is yours and which champion should be your target. One friendly tip: if you are no longer a League of Legends beginner, try practicing playing with an unlocked screen. This way, you will have greater visibility of the whole map, and you will see how much better the game is without a locked screen. 

For example, use the spacebar as a quick shortcut if you need a locked screen during the game, which is a trick that many players use successfully. You can also try to play some long-range champions to see firsthand why it is better to play them with an unlocked screen. Varus or Caitlyn are examples of such champions, so you can try to practice with them to forget about the locked screen option successfully.

Let’s get back to HUD. HUD settings can badly affect your gameplay screen if they overlay your lane, so it’s better to set them between 0 and 30. You’ll see enough information relevant to the game, but you won’t have a problem with lane visibility. Changing HUD settings is especially useful if you are playing with a locked screen; this extra vision will be helpful during the game.

HUD settings can be changed in the Settings menu. Now we will explain to you step by step how to change them. During the game, press the Esc button, or if you are in the client, press the cog button. The “Interface” tab will appear next to the “Interface Size” option. The Interface option will be the first one you see. After that, you will see the offered HUD option where on the HUD scale, you can change the HUD in the range that suits you best. Remember, change the HUD scale the way that suits you best. 

Let’s say you want to reduce your shop size: Shop size can cause problems during gameplay because if the HUD shop is too big, you may be unable to purchase some items or sell items you no longer need. You can simply reduce this by dragging the diagonal edge and increasing or decreasing the size of the shop; if we are talking about RP shop and as we are talking about the in-game shop when you buy items, then you need to adjust the resolution settings in order to adjust the size of the shop as well. Sound easy, right?

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we talked about the settings that must necessarily be changed for your gameplay to be improved. League of Legends settings come universal and don’t suit every player. On the contrary, players must adjust the settings to suit them best. You can always google recommendations for current settings with every new game update, for example. If you’re a new player, you’re definitely playing with a locked screen – this could be a mistake in the long run. 

When playing with a locked screen, you limit the camera to your champion and the small radius around it, which means that you can miss the potential danger from enemy players. Take, for example, that you play against Caitlyn; her ult is long-ranged; if you play with the locked screen, you will not notice in time that Caitlyn took you as a target. Remember, an unlocked screen is half the battle in winning the game. In addition, the size of the mouse cursor is also important; the larger the cursor, the higher the chances of your champion hitting an opponent’s target. 

Minimap is the other mentioned option that you should pay attention to because it allows you to follow what is happening in your lane and the other two at the same time and to follow what is happening in the jungle. The size of the minimap must be ideal so that it does not interfere with your gameplay, i.e., it does not cover the lane you play on, and also the minimap must not be wholly reduced because then you will not see where your teammates are but also enemy champions who can surprise you if you are not careful enough.

In addition to these settings, we also mentioned HUD settings. The HUD (heads-up display) is used to see important information on the game screen. Information about champions, gold, cooldown, etc. HUD settings are adjusted in the Settings menu in the above steps, and you can change them in the range from 0 to 100. 

Some players like to keep their HUD settings to a minimum, while some want to have a great view of helpful information. According to some internet recommendations, it is advisable to set the HUD scale in the range from 0 to 30 so that its size does not affect the visibility of the map.

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