Rengar Combos – 1 Shot Combo – The Ultimate Guide

The Pridestalker Rengar is a Vastayan hunter who thrives on killing dangerous and wild creatures. He does not feed on its prey but enjoys the chase and killing part of the hunt. He’s delighted if he tracks down Kha’Zix, a creature who is responsible for scratching out his eye. 

Because of his hunting skills and extraordinary hiding abilities, Rengar is best for the Jungle position in the game but can be used to play top lane. Also, he has a unique ferocity resource, which is actively generated when Rengar lands on ability.  

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Rengar’s Ultimate

Rengar’s Ultimate Burst is a classic one-shot combo. It is mighty and can lead to the fast execution of an enemy champion. For this combo to succeed, use R to reveal the targeted enemy champ and then flash to get into their range fast. Pounce with your AA and E to slow the enemy, Q to reset your AA,  and then W to build your last stack of ferocity. After the cooldowns are refreshed, use Q to AA again. 

When attacking ADCs, Rengar works best with a snare combo. You want him to have four ferocity stacks for this combo before he R and jumps on the target. After the jump, he uses E and QW  simultaneously, then AA and Q. This combo can stop movements for targeted champs and, for some,  even their ultimate. 

Similar to this combo, but a more situational one, is the super snare combo.  Rengar also needs four ferocity stacks to perform it. Super snare starts with R or bush, followed by E  and running to the nearest bush. From the bush, he’ll use Q, then Jump and usw W and E. 

Laning Phase

When Rengar is laning and needs to quickly kill an enemy low on HP, he can use a snare flash combo.  As for other snare combos, he needs four ferocity stacks for this one too. His R is followed by jump and E, after which he flashes before E hits the target. While flashing, he uses QW, E, AA, and Q. 

Sometimes Rengar faces champions that can actually CC him and prevent the one-shot attack, like  Annie or Elise. For these encounters, he can use some sort of anti CC combo which would be his R or bush followed by Q and jump, leading to E and QW at the same time and finishing with W. However,  some champs are more robust and can live through Rengar’s one shot combo. 

He can use his most powerful combinations of using Q three times for these champions. He would need four ferocity stacks and then use R or bush followed by Q and jump, then E and QW simultaneously, and then again Q. This is an attack that rarely leaves enemies alive. 

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How To Master Rengar’s Combos

When starting to practice with Rengar, it’s crucial actually to understand when to use which ability.  As you can see, the most crucial skill is to prepare the full stack ferocity jump. Essential to Rengar’s attack are his jumps, and when he comes out of the bush, he can still jump for a split of a second with his speed increased. 

Also, when Rengar is in the bush and uses TP, he would still have a brief moment to jump. When behind a wall, he can be invisible during the jump to an enemy. He can also be a little faster when he flashes if he uses his E and then flashes.

Rengar is not too hard to play once you get used to him. In the early game, Rengar should focus on farming and achieving level six as fast as possible. In the mid and late-game, he’s excellent at team fights, but it would still be good if he continued farming through the mid-game. 

As you can see, Rengar’s skills are impressive, and to understand everything he’s able to do, you just have to practice,  and while you do that, keep in mind all of the valuable things we’ve just told you.

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