Report button in champion select is coming this July!

Report button in champion select is coming this July!

Riot recently shared an update on the matchmaking improvements in League of Legends. The next step is to include a report and mute button to the champion select screen, which will be available by the end of June or early July. This button is part of the anti game-ruining behavior measures that Riot is deploying. Based on the data collected upon deployment, Riot will create punishments.

They received a lot of backlash from the League community when some popular streamers started to call out Riot for their lack of action towards inters, trollers, or afkers. In response to that, last month, Riot Games revealed their short term and long term goals to address the problem and now they have just given us in-depth details on the short term changes.

The Goals

  • Improve queue matchmaking quality without compromising queue time and availability.
  • Improve transparency around ranked and matchmaking systems.
  • Improve progression satisfaction and skill expression in our systems.
  • Make rewards more recognizable and relevant for time spent in League.
  • Players can play with, and find, others they want to play with.


Autofill Party
In 10.6 they shipped Autofill Parity, which aims to equalize the number of autofills across teams. Since then, autofill imbalance has gone from 11.4% of all ranked solo/duo games to less than 5%, with almost no impact to queue times.

Autofill Swap
There were situations where two teammates were autofilled into each others’ primary or secondary roles. In 10.7, we completely eliminated that bug with no impact to queue times.

Premade Parity
Similar to Autofill Parity, Premade Parity strives to make matches with an equal number of premades on each side. They activated this feature in 10.7, and since then they’ve gone from 54% of premade matches having imbalanced premades to 6%, with little to no impact on queue times depending on skill level.

New Matchmaking Algorithm
They have been testing a new matchmaking algorithm for the past few months and had introduced it in 10.10, they finally made the right changes to outperform the old system and made a full upgrade to normal queues in 10.10.

Upcoming changes

Ranked Account Seeding 
Ranked Account Seeding is built to more accurately place you in your first games of Ranked. In the past, they were using a fixed placement to start you somewhere towards the bottom half of the curve. While starting everyone at the same spot was “fair”, this meant players actually at the skill level of the starting MMR were frequently matched with new players whose actual skill was much higher or lower. Since MMR is close to a bell curve, this meant matchmaking quality suffered right at the highest-populated skill level. 
By seeding players based on gameplay information from other queues, players will be more accurately placed at the start of their climb. This will make it so others aren’t experiencing matches that seem imbalanced from the start.

Champ Select Reporting and Muting
Disruptive behavior in Champ Select is a problem that players have very few ways to deal with. Starting late June/early July they’re going to give you the ability to report a player in Champ Select. At first, these reports will be used to establish a data foundation for champ select behavior. Once they’ve got a solid understanding of the situation, they will look to build out a punishment system.

Opening Flex Restrictions
Since the launch of clash, full premades are the most popular party size in all of Flex Queue. They have loosened up the restrictions and will allow players to play with anyone on their team, not just those within nearby ranked tiers.

Promo Series
It’s likely they will be removing inter-division promotions (such as ranking up from Platinum 3 to Platinum 2 will not need BO3 rankup series anymore).

Ranked Informed Matchmaking and Transparency
 It’s absolutely frustrating to play in a Platinum Ranked Match and come across Silver Frame player, regardless of how close everyone’s MMR is. Riot is looking to modify it.

Rewards and Legacy Recognition
 They will make thematic changes to the Victorious skin line and highlight your curent and past ranked accomplishments to acknowledge other players your past achievements without diluting your current ones.

I am sure with all these changes, League of Legends will just become much better and we will have much more fun playing it.

Written by Jusjeet

Passionate League of Legends player whose goal is to provide you with the best League of Legends News