What Happens if You Reroll 3 Legendary Skin Shards?

The hextech crafting system was released in 2016 as a way for players to obtain otherwise paid loot for free through playing League of Legends. Either by obtaining an S grade for exceptional performance in-game or by having a friend in your premade lobby get an S grade performance, you will receive a hextech chest in the match select screen. 

Combined with hextech keys, a resource that Riot Games doles out to players in an unpredictable way in the client (often with some sort of congratulatory message – “Your teammates love playing with you, here’s a key shard” type of things), you can unlock skin shards which can be upgraded to skin permanents through the use of Orange Essence, a currency specific to the Hextech Crafting System. 

You’ll gain Orange Essence by disenchanting skin shards you may already have the skin permanents for or through loot capsules and other means through the client.

How does ‘skin rerolling’ fit into this, then? If you, like me, would rather take a risk rather than just spending your Orange Essence on unlocking skins from skin shards you’ve gained, you can choose to gamble them away in the hopes of better skins. By choosing three skin shards or skin permanents, you can choose to ‘reroll’ them in the shop, giving you a random skin permanent instead. 

These can be anything from 520 RP garbage skins to incredibly rare Prestige skins and Hextech skins (though you have a .04% at rerolling a mythic skin, so the odds are certainly against you)

What Happens if You Reroll Three Legendary Skin Shards?

If you choose to reroll three legendary skins, you have made a terrible mistake – there is absolutely no weighting to the value of the skin shards you choose to reroll vs. the skin you receive in return. If you’re rerolling rare skins you don’t already have, the odds are against you to get something of equal value just because of the sheer amount of skins in the shop that have a lower value. 

This could, however, be acceptable if you already own all three of the skins and don’t need the Orange Essence you could obtain from disenchanting them – if you already have a massive stockpile of skins in your collection, it’s easier to predict what you will receive in return.

If you’ve unlocked every skin through the shop already, the reroll system is guaranteed to result in legacy skins and other skins that are not purchasable through the shop – this means that big spenders will get an easy way to access hextech skins and other rares through little effort. When the only skins left are the mythic grade or otherwise unobtainable, every reroll will guarantee an ultra-rare skin that you didn’t have prior.

Now that you know better than to gamble away your precious legendary skins, hopefully, you can recycle some of the trash 520rp skins you get for better results instead. Good luck in your rerolls, summoners!

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