Does Revitalize Rune Work with Life Steal?

League of Legends is comparatively easy to learn compared with other MMORPGs, making it more accessible and all the more fun to play as new modes, items, and champions are introduced in the game on a regular basis Riot Games.

The learning curve is not that steep. Once you get to a certain point in the game, though, it’s very useful to know about details that can make or break the game where it gets competitive. When you reach that level, you begin to realize the level of depth in League, which seems otherwise very easy to learn.

Knowledge of the center in this game can be crucial to winning 5v5 matches where teams are on the whole balanced and players are equally skilled on both sides. At this stage, working knowledge about rune pages, masteries, and varying item builds can lead your team to victory.

What Are Runes?

Runes in League of Legends can add and enhance your champion’s stats and abilities. In earlier seasons, choosing runes was a relatively complex business where players had to buy individual runes or entire rune pages.

The number of combinations for runes was practically endless. However, in season 8, Riot has simplified runes greatly. Now Runes are combined into five rune pages, and players must choose a rune page to customize their champion’s abilities before starting each game. It is not possible to enter a match without a rune page for your champion.

So it’s best to choose wisely, keeping in mind the enemy champions you are facing in the lane and the composition of your own team. The revised Rune pages are this called Runes Reforged.

The five Rune “Paths” are Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration. These can be roughly divided among the five roles that players can choose from before the beginning of the match, namely Mid-lane/Mage/Assassin, Top-laner/fighter/tank, jungler, AD carry, and support but in no particular order. As mentioned earlier, although League is easy to learn, there are layers to depth to the game that you realize only after you begin to play a bit competitively.

The 5 Rune paths are further sub-divided into various secondary Runes, which you can customize as well. Each Rune page contains one primary rune and one secondary rune. The Primary Path has one keystone and three lesser runes, whereas the secondary path only has two lesser runes.

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What is Revitalize Rune?

One of the 5 Rune Paths is Resolve, which is best for Durability and Crowd Control and may be more suited to the role of tank/fighter than other Runes. But the decision to use Rune Pages for different champions is entirely up to the player. Riot doesn’t come up with a user manual on how to play champions or use Rune Paths. Players can experiment with champions, their roles, items as well as with Rune Pages. This adds a further layer to the complexity and depth of League of Legends.

The Revitalize Rune is on Slot number 3 on the Resolve Rune Path. The Revatlize Passive grants five heal and shield power. Outgoing healing and outgoing shielding effects are also increased by 10% on targets below 40$ of their maximum health capacity. Furthermore, incoming shielding, self-healing, and self-shielding are increased by 10% when your health is below 40% of the maximum.

If it sounds too complicated, outgoing healing means any healing effect initiated by you, and incoming healing means any healing effect that your teammate may initiate, and you benefit from it. The same is true for shields.

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Combining Revitalize with Life-Steal

One of the most useful statistics to have on your champion, especially if you need to sustain yourself in team fights, is the Life-steal stat. Especially if you are the AD carry or tank/fighter in your team, having life-steal can really be a game-changer. Along with life-steal, try using the Revitalize Rune and see how that enhances your healing effects. Life-steal is very handy when your health is low, and you need to jack up your health.

When your health is below 40%, the Revitalize Rune and Life-steal together will have your health back to normal in no time at all, leaving very little time for the enemy team to react and strategize. This combination can be very effective on champions such as Darius, Mordekaiser, Fiddlesticks, and Aatrox.

Final Word

League of Legends is an easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master game. The learning curve is not that steep, but after you have learned how to play, you realize that there are entirely new levels of depth and complexity to the game that is otherwise not visible to new players. Combining Rune pages with effects such as life-steal can be a game-changer if you have the proper working knowledge and are up to date with each season of the game.

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