Riot Games Explains Why They Will Never Add Ranked Mode for ARAM

A lot of players would love to see the ranked mode on ARAM, but Riot Games have said that they don't planned to implement the ranked mode on ARAM, for now.

Regardless of how bad the LoL player base would like to see ranked mode in ARAM, Riot Games has no future plans on adding it. ARAM was released back in 2012 and is one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends. A large portion of the player base was wondering if Riot Games would ever open the ranked mode for ARAM, but unfortunately, those hopes were shut down.

A lot of player would like to see the ranked mode on ARAM, but, unfortunately, it will not happen, for now. Here's what Riot Games Design Officer, Jon “IAmAWalrus” Moorman said:
Quote by Riot Games Design Officer

Riot Games Design Officer, Jon “IAmAWalrus” Moorman shared his thoughts regarding this on the NA LoL website. Jon stated: “The thing that makes the ARAM interesting is the Random element. If players start to put a lot of competition on each other, then this random will not be fun when they lose LP points in Ranked mode.”

What Jon said makes perfect sense, and we fully understand this. Plus, you also have to consider the fact that ARAM mode brings out some super strong champions …champions that, at times, are hard to fight against, if not downright impossible. Imagine how you would feel going up against a super-strong LoL champion in the Ranked match.

Another reason why Riot Games will not add Ranked mode to ARAM is its number of players. Yes, ARAM is a popular game – I play it, my friends play it, and you may even play it. However, despite LoL ARAM being so popular, Riot Games feels that there aren’t enough players to do Ranked Mode – there are fewer players than there are on Summoner’s Rift mode, so this reason also makes sense. 

If the Ranked mode were introduced in ARAM, the number of players would be divided into two – the half that likes to play for pure entertainment, then the other half that would like to play Ranked. If this were to happen, could you imagine how long it would take to search for a match? You’d probably have time to go to your kitchen, make a sandwich, and eat it…only to find yourself playing with the same players you seen numerous other times. 

While Ranked mode in ARAM does sound like a lot of fun, looking at the reasons why Riot Games doesn’t plan on adding ranked mode for ARAM – not enough players in ARAM and the strong champions – really opened up our eyes, and we can now say it makes perfect sense. 

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