Riot is deleting Clubs from League of Legends

Even though many players are not happy with this decision, Riot will be deleting Clubs from both the League Client and League+ mobile app. Riot released Clubs back in 2016 to allow players to create group chats. The idea was great, but the execution wasn’t because there were a lot of bugs.

Why is Riot Shutting down Clubs?

Like we said earlier, Clubs were released so that players can create communities and talk to each other. Riot Games admitted that the Clubs lacked a lot of modern features, comparing it with Discord:

 “For companies like Discord, helping communities and friends talk is their primary focus, and when you compare the feature set of a product like Discord with that of Clubs, our version of a tool to help foster team communication and social inclusion, the disparity in the experience becomes extremely clear.”

A lot of players are happy that Clubs will be deleted entirely from the game since they were ‘full of problems.’

On the other hand, some players are sad to see Clubs getting deleted from the game since they’ve been using Clubs because of club tags.


What about you, are you going to miss Clubs?

Written by Spezzy

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