Riot reveals new Mythic items and item shop changes for the next season

Riot Games have released a video today in which they’ve announced new Mythic items and new item shop for the upcoming League of Legends Season – 11. Riot said that these items were needed to add more diversity to different roles. You can learn more about the new items in the video below:

We believe that Mythic items will absolutely change the game’s meta since they will have huge effects. However, players will be able to have only one mythic item at a time, which means that players are going to have to choose very carefully.

Here’s the list of the new Mythic items:

1. Cursed Demonhelm

Cursed Demonhel reminds us of Liandry’s Totem. This item gives plenty of Ability Power along with Health, which means that it’s going to be mostly used by AP bruisers, such as Sylas and Vladimir.

The passive of this item, Azakana’s Embrace, takes 2% of the enemy’s maximum health as magic damage every second. You’ll also gain 20 armor and magic resist every second while enemies are afflicted.

2. Behemoth Slayer

Behemoth Slayer is probably also going to be mostly used by ADCs. This item gives tons of damage for every third attack, which will be perfect for Vayne, Caitlyn, and Ashe.

The mythic passive of this item empowers other Legendary Items with a small dose of Critical Strike Damage (+5%).

3. Crimson Shieldbow

Crimson Shieldbow is mostly going to be used by ADCs in a need of damage, attack speed, critical chance, life steal, and the very much needed 150-500 health shield. 

Mythic Passive will empower other Legendary items with a small dose of Armor and Magic Resist.

4. Galeforce

Galeforce is a great item that will transform immobile champions to mobile ones. The active of Galeforce gives a short dash and deals magic damage to the lowest health enemy.

Mythic Passive empowers other Legendary Items with Movement Speed (+2%).

New Item In-Game Shop

Alongside with the new items, Riot has decided to refresh the in-game item shop with a new and improved interface. A new in-game shop will give players more options depending on the preference. Players will also see recommended situational items for their matchups. The preseason update is expected to go live on PBE very soon.

Written by Spezzy

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