The Biggest Rival Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends holds a wide variety of champions in the fantasy world of Runeterra that have intertwined lore aspects to each other in a lot of cases. Among the 161 champions in League, there exist many kinds of relationships; such as love, hate, and rivalry. 

There are a lot of champions that have a rivalry in both good and bad ways in the lore of League, we hope to discuss them and give you a little bit more insight into your favorite champions on the rift.

The Regions

There are regions all over the world of Runeterra and we are going to discuss the rivalries between champions regions specifically. Here are all the major regions in Runeterra that are known to have rivalries among the champion in lore:

  • Bandle City
  • Ixtal
  • Ionia
  • Noxus
  • Demacia
  • The Void
  • Shurima
  • Targon
  • Bilgewater
  • Shadow Isles
  • The Freljord
  • The Piltover and Zaun.(The dual-city states)

Now lets go over the region’s major champion rivalries.

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Bandle City

Bandle city is a friendly region and all the Yordles try to live in harmony. The only rivalry we can rule out from this region is Veigar against Mordekaiser. Let’s go over them, shall we?

Veigar vs Mordekaiser

Veigar was trapped by Mordekaiser in his monolithic fortress, where he was brutally tortured for ages and wasn’t able to return to bandle city. Mordekaiser forced him to convert his power to evil. The trauma of those atrocities changed Veigar’s personality permanently. He dislikes Mordekaiser for obvious reasons and now wishes to be the most wicked villain in Runeterra.

As we said Bandle city, most of the time is a peaceful city so there aren’t any other rivalries that stem from this region.


For the region Ixtal, we also don’t have any in-region rivalries. But Ixtal spells out one of the biggest rivalries between two Champions: Rengar and Kha’Zix.

Rengar vs Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is a void monster that hunts other creatures and is a predator, and Rengar is also one of the largest predators of his region Ixtal. On their first encounter, they both fought each other for a whole night and were on the brink of death, through this encounter one of Rengar’s eyes met its demise.

Their rivalry isn’t bred from hatred of each other, they just want to be the one on the top. They even have an in-game event called “The Hunt is on” dedicated to their rivalry.

Rengar and Kha’Zix have a pure predatorial rivalry which isn’t true for most of the other champions on the list.


Ionia is a land filled with magic and due to it, a lot of conflicts with other nations such as Noxus. From this war, a handful of rivalries have been born both in the region and with Noxus. One of the biggest rivalries to stem from this region would be Shen and Zed, both former brother-in-arms.

Shen vs Zed

Shen and Zed used to be under the same master Kinkou. After Kinkou assumed a pacifist stance in the war, Zed decided on a coup and killed Kinkou who was also Shen’s father. Shen still continues on his father’s legacy to perform their sacred mission and be the leader of the Kinkou Order while Zed started the Order of the Shadow and got in the way of Shen’s mission thus having a famous rivalry.

Though Shen and Zed may be the highlights of rivalries in Ionia, Ionia is known to be a fierce region so it holds many other rivalries like Yasuo vs Yone, Yasuo vs Riven as she fled the path of exile, and Irelia vs Swain.

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Noxus is by far one of the most heated regions of Noxus and is at war with almost every other region in the area, including Demacia, Ionia, and even Freljord. Noxus General Darius has a natural Rivalry with Demacia’s active general Garen.

Darius vs Garen

Darius and Garen haven’t gotten updated lore but they naturally are born rivals as they have a whole rival skin line and event “Where power lies” in 2018. They have various voice lines and feel like the same part of a different faction. We hope riot updates their deserved lore but the event glorified their rivalry and set apart a distinction for their greatness.

One rivalry you might not expect is between Katarina and Garen, they have to put on a front of enemies but are secretly lovers, they have various in-game lines hinting at their loving relationship.

Noxus’s lore is heavily undermined but we know that Riven and Draven have some bad blood between them and surely there are other rivalries. 

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Demacia is one of the powerhouse kingdoms of Runeterra. From it stems many great characters and their lore interactions but the most exciting rivalry of this region has to be Kayle and Morgana. 

Kayle vs Morgana

Born sisters but so different in their upbringing and personality. Kayle and Morgana have one of the biggest rivalries in Runeterra. Kayle was blessed by the Targonian aspect and was given ascended status while Morgana is more humble in her suffering and embraced her humanity, Morgana tries to be more human to everyone, protecting Demacia from the shadows.

Kayle thinks of Morgana as a deviant and a person who has fallen from grace. They have had various altercations since Kayle became a pillar of justice but Kayle is blinded by her arrogance and pride and thinks of her as one too supreme.

Demacia also harbors other rivalries such as Garen and Sylas and Sylas’s betrayal of Lux.

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The Void

The unfathomable emptiness that lies beyond is manifested as the Void. It is a force of voracious desire that harbors the worst rivalries in Runeterra. One of the most notable rivalries would be Malzahar and Kassadin.

Malzahar vs Kassadin

Malzahar is the Void’s prophet and he asked Kassadin to join him when Kassadin was still a human. On his refusal. Malzahar sent Kassadin’s daughter Kai’Sa into the Void all alone, and since that Kassadin has been hunting Malzahar to avenge his daughter, thus sparring a rivalry between the two. Kassadin abandoned his human nature and got the Void’s energy to fight off Malzahar.

Recently Void has had a new event in which a lot of champions are shown as enemies of each other. 


Shurima is sometimes a spawn point to the Void creatures so a lot of Void creatures wreak havoc in the Shuriman lands but they don’t lack rivalries even excluding the Void creatures. For starters, the two brothers, Nasus and Renekton, are by far the champions with the biggest rivalry among them.

Nasus vs Renekton

Nasus and Renekton are brothers who are now sworn enemies. At the time of Nasus’s ascension, Renekton was sealed off. A magus made Renekton think that Nasus sealed him on purpose to only ascend himself due to jealousy and this made Renekton furious at Nasus and now he wishes to kill Nasus to take revenge on him.

Shurima is filled with other rivalries such as Xerath’s betrayal of Azir and many others.


Mount Targon, a towering peak of sun-baked stone amid a range of peaks unrivaled in magnitude anyplace else in the universe, is the mightiest peak in Runeterra. Pantheon and Aatrox once fought the mightiest battle on the peaks of Targon.

Pantheon and Aatrox

The Pantheon is the Targonian Celestial Aspect of War, Aatrox killed the Aspect which in turn shifted the being’s possession to Atreus the current Pantheon. When Aspect had control over Pantheon’s body he garnered a lot of hate for Aatrox as he killed him, Atreus relinquished his control over his body but still didn’t really like Aatrox as he was the harbinger of doom. 

Diana and Leona from Targon also share a rivalry as in they represent the Moon and the Sun respectively, though recently riot has shed a bit more light on their interactions which makes it to be more friendly now.

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Bilgewater is a lawless port city filled with monster hunters, dock-gangs, indigenous peoples, and traders from across the known world. The two best champion rivalries that stem from this region are Gangplank and Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune vs Gankplank

Gangplank killed two gunsmiths who were Miss Fortune’s parents in order to get him the twin pistols to become the reaver king of Bilgewater. Miss Fortune swore to take revenge on him, and soon she dethroned him, and that’s how one of Gangplank’s arms was lost. Miss Fortune thought she had killed him but he came back and continued wreaking havoc in Bilgewater.

Bilgewater runs dirty with many faction wars but MF and GP are at the forefront of it mostly.

Shadow Isles

A magical disaster wrecked the once-beautiful paradise that is now known as the Shadow Isles. Shadow Isles had normal humans but now spirits and the undead haunts the region. Senna, Lucian, and Thresh have quite a long history in Shadow Isles.

Lucian, Senna vs Thresh

Senna, Lucian’s wife was entrapped by Thresh in his lantern. Lucian sought after Thresh for a long time until he got his wife back but they as the sentinels of light have continued hunting Thresh so he can’t entrap other lost souls. 

Lucian and Senna also fought off Viego during the Ruination event in Shadow Isles.

The Freljord

A rough and merciless region, the Freljord. Its inhabitants are born fighters who are fiercely autonomous with a strong raiding tradition. Ashe and Sejuani, both leaders of the biggest tribes in Freljord have quite a history.

Ashe vs Sejuani

In the frosty tundras of the Freljord, Ashe and Sejuani served as Battlesisters for a short while. Ashe stopped Sejuani and defended the attacked tribe during a brutal attack on the tribe. Sejuani split up with the future queen after branding her a traitor. Warmother comics show their rivalry in more light as leaders.

Though they might be rivals, they fought against Lissandra together as she is the third leader of the major tribes in Freljord.

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The Piltover and Zaun

The twin cities are a chaotic land with many disputes among them. Jinx and Vi have a steaming rivalry that stemmed from Zaun.

Jinx vs Vi

Jinx and Vi grew up as sisters in the streets of Zaun but due to an incident, they got away from each other.. Vi ended up as an Piltover enforcer besides Caitlyn and Jinx became a troublemaker for Piltover from Zaun. You can get an in depth explanation of their relationship in Arcane the series.

The twin cities also have other rivalries like Jayce and Viktor, both former partners.

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Final Thoughts

That was most of the Rival champions in League of Legends lore, Regionally. If we missed one of your favorite rivalries make sure to let us know in the comment box down below! We appreciate your interaction.

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