Top 7 Best Roaming Mages in League of Legends

Best Roaming Mages League of Legends Complete Guide

Who Are Mages?

Mages in League of Legends are the champions who have ability-based damage. They use mana as their resource of strength and possess crowd control abilities that can be the deciding factor in a fight. Mages are most powerful in skirmishes and team fights but may also excel in roaming. 

Mages are one of the many classes of champions you can pick from in LoL. They generally target marksmen in fights and are capable of bursting them down. They are often well-kitted with a lot of damage and mobility, allowing them to roam and gain or increase a lead that way. Usually, it is the AP Assasins and Burst Mages who benefit greatly from roaming.

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What is Roaming?

Roaming refers to leaving your own lane to help out in other lanes. Mid Laners are fantastic at doing this as their lane is at the center of the map, allowing them easy access to the entire map. That’s why our top 7 best roaming mages are all Mid Laners.

Best Roaming Mages

The top 7 best roaming mages are Katarina, Twisted Fate, Akali, Annie, Fizz, Vex, and Ahri.

1. Katarina

Best Roaming Mage Katarina League of LegendsKatarina is by far the best roaming mage in League of Legends. She is, in fact, known for her roams to the Bot Lane after her level 6 power spike and killing the enemy Bot Laners with ease. Katarina classifies as both an assassin as well as a burst mage. This means that she is extremely mobile on top of having incredible damage across her kit.

Katarina’s Shunpo (E) allows her to blink to targets. The extensive range of this ability allows her to reach her targets with ease. Katarina also deals damage to targets when she blinks to them. This ability’s cooldown gets reduced as she retrieves a dagger using the second part of her passive Voracity. This further increases her mobility, making her capable to pull off some of the craziest plays.

The way Katarina is kitted, she can deal an incredible amount of damage to targets in any situation and safely leave the area in almost an instant. This makes her extremely lethal to the enemy Bot Lane. All of these tools make her the best roaming mage in all of League of Legends.

2. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is a unique mage on this list. He classifies as a scaling mage. He has the ability to clear a wave with ease, allowing him to shove and roam with ease. What makes him one of the best roaming mages is his ability to point and click stun. The Gold Card Bonus from Twisted Fate’s Pick a Card (W) lets point-and-click stun a target. This is one of his tools that make him a great roaming mage.

The most popular mythic item on Twisted Fate, Everfrost, allows him to further stun a target after stunning them using the Gold Card on them from his Pick a Card (W). This is enough peel for your team to kill the target as they are stunned in place for a long time.

Roaming for Twisted Fate becomes extremely convenient thanks to his ultimate ability, Destiny (R). Twisted Fate reveals all enemy targets for up to ten seconds while Destiny is active. Then, within a certain range, it can be recast to teleport to a certain location. Often, he uses this to roam to an ally lane to help them out by applying a long stun on the enemy while assisting his allies in damaging their targets. This makes Twisted Fate one of the best roaming mages in League of Legends.

3. Akali

Akali is one of the best AP-based assassins in LoL. She excels in assassinating her targets, dealing incredible damage while being extremely mobile. She specializes in diving enemy Bot Lane, making her even more dangerous to face. It is really difficult to escape Akali as she has a total of 4 dashes, and if she builds Hextech Rocketbelt as her mythic then she becomes even more mobile.

Although Akali does not have the strongest wave clear, she can still make up for any minions lost during her roam by getting one or even two kills at the Bot Lane.

4. Annie

Annie is one of League of Legends’ strongest burst mages. She is known for her ability to one-shot the squishy enemy targets after a level 6 power spike. Just like Twisted Fate, she has a point-and-click stun thanks to her passive Pyromania. She can generate stacks of Pyromania when she casts any ability. After four stacks, she can stun a target upon casting the next ability.

Annie is known to burst the squishy enemy targets from 100 to 0. This makes her excel at roaming to the Bot Lane after level 6. Combined with her ultimate ability Summon: Tibbers, she can snowball very easily by roaming and getting kills by catching people off. She is one of the harder snowballing champions on the list.

A roaming Annie, being such a danger when on the move, secures her a number 4 spot on our list of the top 7 best roaming mages in LoL.

5. Fizz

Fizz, the melee assassin mage, is yet another great roaming champion. His kit allows him to destroy his opponents, catching them off guard and chasing them down. Fizz’s Urchin Strike (Q) lets him dash through a unit to cover a large distance. Fizz can also use Playful/Trickster (E) to dash twice, dealing a ton of damage upon landing on the enemy target.

If Fizz is far from his target, he can set himself up using Chum the Waters (R). He can strike an enemy target with the first part of his ultimate. As the target is slowed for two seconds while hit by the Fizz’s ultimate, he can gain ground on the target and deal significant damage to it.

Being able to snowball from roaming as much as Fizz does, puts him at number 5 on our list.

6. Vex

Vex is the most recent addition to the Summoner’s Rift out of every champion on the list. What makes Vex a great roaming mage is her ability to dash to a target and deal an incredible amount of damage upon landing. Vex’s Shadow Surge (R) allows her to mark enemy targets upon hitting them. She can then recast the ability to dash to them, dealing an absurd amount of impact damage.

She can reach her targets without them even seeing her as the range on Shadow Surge is very large. Before the enemy knows they’ve been hit, Vex dashes to them and makes them vanish in a short combo. She is quite a snowballing champion and can get a lot of kills by roaming around the map at the right times. She takes the number 6 spot on our list.

7. Ahri

Ahri is another burst mage from the Mid Lane. She is one of the most popular champions out of all the mages. She has the ability to clear the creep wave with ease thanks to Orb of Deception (Q). This allows her to shove a wave and roam around the map without losing any gold or XP from minions which is the core concept of roaming from her lane.

Ahri is known to build Everfrost, allowing her to use the active to stun a charmed enemy champion from her Charm (E). This makes sure the enemy is unable to do anything while Ahri bursts them down using Orb of Deception (Q) and Fox-Fire (W). Ahri is mobile thanks to the movement speed from Fox-Fire (W) and Spirit Rush (R). She can dash up to thrice, dealing damage to the target if she is close enough. This lets her chase down her targets when she is roaming, allowing her to keep with them.

Ahri is a simple champion who can make extremely effective roams with ease, making her one of the best roaming mages that there are.

Final Thoughts

Roaming is an effective way to get some kills and help your team gain a lead in the game. Do you roam often in your games? If not, will you start roaming from your lanes or pick up any of these champions after reading our guide? What is your favorite Mage in League of Legends? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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