Top 7 Best Roaming Mid Laners in League of Legends

Best Roaming Mid Laners in League of Legends Complete Guide

The midlane is the most action-packed role in League of Legends. Full of deadly assassins and powerful mages, champions in the midlane often have the most kills in any match.

But what should you do if you aren’t getting enough of that adrenaline kick even from this fast-paced midlane laning phase? Pick a champion that is good at roaming and fight all over the map right from the early game!

This article goes over the best, tried-and-tested roaming champions that you should play in the midlane to easily climb up the ranked ladder.

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The Importance Of Roaming

Roaming, as the name suggests, simply means leaving your lane to go and fight elsewhere. This may translate to a skirmish in the jungle, or a scuttle fight in the river with both junglers present, or even a 3v2 that you create by joining your botlane against the opponents’.

You may think that roaming will make you lose on that previous minion wave in your lane, but in fact a single kill from a good roam will give you more gold than a complete cannon wave of minions. Besides, the best roaming players manipulate their wave before they leave the lane such that they lose minimal cs and experience.

Roaming works in a very simple way. It puts your team at a numbers advantage by increasing the number of players of your team in any fight, as compared to the number of enemies present. This is why a good roam will almost always put your team at a big advantage.

Best Roaming Picks For Midlane

Now that you know how roaming can help you, you probably want to try out a champion that excels at it. Well, given below is a list of the best roaming champions that you can play in the midlane for some free wins:


Best Roaming Mid Laner Talon League of LegendsWhat do you get when you combine an extremely powerful early game champion with a lot of mobility? The perfect roaming champion. If you have played as, or even against him, you know that Talon is THE champion for roaming around the map.

Talon is known as a midlaner with one of the best roaming potentials in the game because of his E Assassin’s Path. This ability literally allows him to vault over walls. This means he can traverse the map much faster as compared to other champions.

In addition to his insane mobility, Talon is also a huge early game threat because of his insanely high damage. He can 100-0 anyone with a full combo and ignite as early as he hits level 3.

Playstyle and Tips:

Talon is one of those champions on which you utilise their strong early game to end the game as early as possible. This definitely can be done through rendering your enemy laner useless by killing them over and over again.

But an even better way to make the most out of Talon’s kit is to roam around the map through your E and kill other laners, letting your teammates get ahead as well. In this way, you will create a big gold and experience gap between both teams and secure an easy win.

Aurelion Sol

Best Roaming Mid Laner Aurelion Sol League of LegendsAurelion Sol may not have a very high pickrate and popularity, but certainly has one of the best roaming potentials in League of Legends. With a kit full of heavy crowd control and extremely high out-of-combat mobility, you will enjoy this champion if you like roaming.

His E Comet of Legend allows him to fly over all terrain at a very high speed, and he can cover insane amounts of distance extremely fast. This is what sets him apart from other midlaners.

His Q Starsurge can also be charged up as he flies in his E, and this allows him to build up a huge stun with a very large area of effect. He can even stun an entire enemy team at once if they are close enough.

Playstyle and Tips:

Aurelion Sol is usually best played as an AP bruiser, with health and AP items paired with burn damage ones. As such, he excels in taking extended trades. His short cooldowns on Q and W add on to this.

But if you are playing Electrocute, his full combo including his Q stun, paired with an ignite can actually kill an enemy champion with ease. Just save your R knockback for when an enemy assassin jumps on you if you are playing a damage build since it will make you squishier.

Be sure to utilise your E to the max range, and use it to roam between lanes. Start charging your Q as well so when you reach your enemies, it has expanded into a big circle, which will stun anyone caught up in its radius.


Best Roaming Mid Laner Galio League of LegendsGalio is yet another champion whose kit is made for you to roam with. You can support your teammates in fights all across the map if you are playing this champion, and a good Galio will always tip the scales in his team’s favour.

Galio’s R Hero’s Entrance allows you to pick any ally champion’s location for you to fly to, and when you land there you deal damage to and knock up all enemy champions in a large circle. As you can probably imagine, this ability is a nightmare for your enemies.

Imagine this: a 2v2 skirmish is taking place in the botlane and you are playing Galio in the midlane. Your teammate calls for help and you fly into their lane and make the fight an unfair 2v3 for the enemy team. Easy win!

Playstyle and Tips:

Galio is an extremely strong midlaner. Depending on your playstyle, you can play him as a tank or build full AP. In either case, Galio will always disrupt enemies in teamfights because of how much crowd control he has in his kit.

Be sure to always look out for your teammates if you play Galio, because the easiest way to win using this champion is to turn teamfights around into your team’s favour through your turbulent presence.


Best Roaming Mid Laner Fizz League of LegendsFizz, the tidal trickster, is one of the most slippery champions in the game, literally. And this is not just because he is a small fish, but also because his kit has so much mobility that you can drive your enemies crazy with your movement alone.

Lots of mobility allows you to easily sneak into enemy territory and also escape if things take the wrong turn, and this is what makes Fizz so good at roaming. If you are looking for an easy champ to win matches with, this is your answer.

Fizz has two dashes in his kit, and one of these dashes is essentially two separate jumps, so you can be sure that there’s no catching this slippery thing.

Playstyle and Tips:

Fizz is a pure AP assassin, and can kill any champion with ease. If played correctly, you can terrorize not only your enemy laner but also laners in other lanes through your stupidly high damage and mobility.

As Fizz, you should try to one-shot any squishy champion you find on your way. Plus, if things go south, running away on a champion like Fizz is an absolute breeze.

When roaming, try throwing your ultimate at maximum range to take your opponents by surprise. You can also E over walls for a quick sneak attack, and Q for a gap close or escape depending on the situation.


Best Roaming Mid Laner LeBlanc League of LegendsLeBlanc, the deceiver, is easily one of the most annoying champions to play against in League of Legends, and this is coming from someone who loves playing this champion!

Like others on this list, LeBlanc is one of the champions with the highest mobility in the game, with a kit that allows you to use two long distance gap closers on a low cooldown, and then also letting you go back to either of the starting positions in a blink!

Playstyle and Tips:

LeBlanc is really strong in the midlane, where she can kill most champions with great ease right from the start of the match. However, she also excels at roaming because of how easily she can move over terrain and how quickly she can burst enemies down.

Most LeBlanc players pick up an early Dark Seal from the shop, which gives you bonus stats based on your kills and assists. To fill this item up, LeBlanc needs to roam around the map and kill as many people as possible, which is why she deserves a place on this list.


Best Roaming Mid Laner Pantheon League of LegendsIf you like how Galio’s kit allows him to turn around teamfights anywhere on the map, but don’t like the rest of his playstyle, Pantheon is the best pick for you.

This champion also has an ultimate ability that allows him to fly a long distance and land anywhere he wants on the map within a huge range. He deals some damage from landing, and can jump to his enemies right after he lands.

Playstyle and Tips:

Pantheon is one of the most played lane bullies. That means he can absolutely destroy the enemy laner in the early stages of the game. A lethality-build Pantheon can easily 100-0 any champion that dares to step up against him.

Once you kill your laner, or send him crawling back to his base, you can roam around the map to help your other lanes. Pantheon’s ultimate allows him to show up in any teamfight, and can help your teammates get kills even when they are just about to die.


Best Roaming Mid Laner Katarina League of LegendsRoaming? Fights with multiple champions around? No one does it better than Katarina. This champion is literally a nightmare in big fights thanks to her dash and ability resets on enemy takedowns.

A good Katarina cleans up skirmishes around the map better than any other champion. If you are looking to carry your team by picking up kills from all over the Rift, this is the champion you should play.

Playstyle and Tips:

Katarina has no mana or energy costs, so you can easily spam her abilities and shove the minion wave into your enemy laner’s face. This will allow you to roam and look for kills elsewhere on the map.

Make sure you avoid enemy crowd control, since that is your only counter, and you should be good to go. Make those knives rain!

Final Thoughts

Roaming can let you win even those matches in which your lane is as dead as an abandoned mall, allowing you to pick up kills elsewhere and snowball quickly.

Some champions definitely have kits that make this a lot easier, and you should try picking up some of these champions if you enjoy frequent roams.

Feel free to share your own roaming success stories in the comments below!

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