Top 7 Best Roaming Top Laners in League of Legends

Roaming Top Laners in League of Legends Complete Guide

The top lane is commonly regarded as an isolated island away from the hustle and bustle of the Summoner’s Rift. However, you can still impart a great impact on the game if you fill this role well.

One of the best ways to help your teammates secure a win while you play as the top laner is to roam. Roaming allows you to either extend your own lead, or help your teammates get a lead in their respective roles.

If you want to win matches as a roaming toplaner, given below is a list of the strongest roaming champions that you can confidently flex in the toplane.

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How To Roam From The Top Lane?

Roaming, as the name suggests, simply means leaving your lane to go and fight elsewhere. This may translate to a skirmish in the jungle, or a scuttle fight in the river with both junglers present, or even a 3v2 that you create by joining your botlane against the opponents’.

But roaming is different for the top lane as compared to, say, roaming from the midlane. This is due to reasons: the toplane is on the far end of the map, and most top laners have Teleport as a summoner spell.

This means that leaving your lane as the top laner allows the enemy to easily crash the minion wave into your turret, and most top laners are great at taking turrets so they will also take extra gold bonuses from destroying Turret Platings. So a bad roam will put you at a great disadvantage against your opponent.

Best Roaming Picks For Top Lane

If you want to try out roaming, and like playing in the top lane, make sure you pick a champion that does well at doing so. Lucky for you, given below is a list of the best roaming champions that you can play in the top lane for free elo:


Best Roaming Top Laner Shen League of LegendsThe most obvious choice for the best top laner in League of Legends is none other than Shen, the Eye of Twilight. If you want the easiest champion to play top lane with a roaming playstyle, this champion is the pick for you.

In the laning phase, Shen is extremely forgiving as a champion, thanks to his high base damage and innate tankiness. His ultimate is global and allows you to go to any teammate on the map. Pairing this champion with a Teleport summoner spell will literally give you two teleports thanks to his R.

Imagine that you are farming in the top lane when you see your bot lane in trouble. Just use your ultimate to go there, and once you help them win the fight, you can use your Teleport to go back to your own lane quickly.

Your enemy laner will never be able to follow up on your roams, and you will never be away from lane for a time period long enough to put you at an experience disadvantage!


Best Roaming Top Laner Quinn League of LegendsIf you know how Quinn works, you already know that this champion is literally designed for roaming. Take this: this champion literally has its own bird, called Valor, that will allow you to fly around the map at insane speeds.

Quinn’s R ability, called Behind Enemy Lines, gives her an insane amount of movement speed as well as ghosting, which allows you to move super fast around the map while ignoring unit collisions! To top it off, this ability only has a cooldown of about 3 seconds, so you can literally use this whenever you want.

As it is probably obvious by her kit’s description, Quinn allows you to roam around the map whenever you want, with an efficiency that is impossible to match using any other champion. You can leave your lane, pick up a kill on your roam, and be back in lane before the enemy laner can cause significant damage to your turret!

Another thing that makes her a great pick for the roaming top laner enthusiasts is the fact that she is a ranged champion. In the top lane, where most champions have melee range, this goes a long way and allows Quinn to win against most top laners with great ease.


Best Roaming Top Laner Camille League of LegendsTo the unwary, it may not like it, but Camille, the Steel Shadow, is actually one of the best top laners to roam with. This champion can chase enemies, lock them down, and finish them off in a way that even your enemies will appreciate!

What makes Camille such a great roaming pick is her insane mobility paired with her R, The Hextech Ultimatum. Her E, Hookshot and Wall Dive, allows her to jump over walls, and gets extended range against enemy champions. So she can literally jump onto any champion she wants.

Once you stun your enemy with your E, you can use your ultimate to lock them down, and they will be trapped in a hexagonal area, unable to escape. Then you can easily finish them off with your Q’s true damage.

If you are ahead in lane as Camille, start moving towards mid lane and jump on any champion you find with your E. A good roam on Camille will almost always bag you a kill!


Best Roaming Top Laner Kled League of LegendsEven if you have been playing League of Legends for a while, you might have rarely ever seen this champion in your games. However, Kled is one of the best picks for you to roam with as a top laner.

This champion has insane damage, a crazy amount of HP, and stupid amounts of mobility. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a good roaming champion, no? Not only does he have two dashes on his E, Jousting, but he also has an ultimate that can make your entire team roam around the map with you!

Kled’s ultimate ability (his R) is literally called “Chaaaaaaaarge!!!”. As the name suggests, using this ability will make Kled start running in a direction you choose. While running, Kled has extremely high movement speed and will go around terrain automatically. He is also ghosted and becomes immune to crowd control.

Your teammates can also join you by moving in the same direction, and they will also get a huge movement speed boost towards your destination. So if you ever need to ambush another lane and have your jungler by your side, you can both go charging in there!


Best Roaming Top Laner Sion League of LegendsMuch like Kled, Sion is also one of the best roaming top laners in League of Legends due to his ultimate ability. He also makes for a great frontline, and you can seriously disrupt your enemies with his insane amounts of crowd control.

Sion’s ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught, makes him charge forward in a given direction for some time. During this charge, he gains increasingly high movement speed and is ghosted. He also becomes immune to crowd control, so there is absolutely no stopping this menace of a champion.

Such mobility allows Sion to have extremely effective roaming potential. You can leave your lane and use your ultimate towards the mid lane to go running there and crash into the enemy mid laner’s face. Easy, right?

Plus, Sion is revived for some time after his death so even if you and your teammates lose a skirmish while you are roaming, you can come back from the dead and beat your enemies to death!


Best Roaming Top Laner Pantheon League of LegendsPantheon, the Unbreakable Spear, is an extremely strong top laner that also excels at roaming. The literal representation of the Fighter/Bruiser class of champions, this champion is made for the duels of the top lane, and also has an ultimate that makes roaming a no-brainer.

His ultimate, Grand Starfall, allows him to fly around the map, ready to wreak havoc as soon as he lands. If you are playing him in the top lane, you can easily just surprise the enemy mid laner using this ability, and this will get you a free kill without any effort.

His strong duelling abilities will also allow you to roam in the enemy jungler, because Pantheon will win most 1v1s. So if you have sent your enemy laner back to his base, go find the enemy jungler and get yourself yet another kill!


Best Roaming Top Laner Renekton League of LegendsRenekton is one of the strongest top laners in the current meta. He is an S tier pick even if you do not want to roam around the map. But for the adventurous wanderers, this champion will bag you lots of opportunities to roam freely.

Since Renekton is a lane bully, most enemy top laners will be playing safe and staying under the safety of their turret. Where this means you cannot kill them easily, there is a bright side to this. This will give you ample space to look for kills elsewhere on the map!

So if you play Renekton, you will definitely terrorize your opposing laner, and once that is done, you are free to head out towards the mid lane or even the enemy jungler to find your next victim!

This is also a very safe pick if you are just trying to start roaming from the top lane, because if you fail to find a good roaming opportunity, you can always just abuse your laner with Renekton.

Final Thoughts

Roaming from the top lane is a bit riskier as compared to the mid lane. But if you pick one of these amazing champions, you are guaranteed to have a great time doing it.

These champions have kits that make roaming a lot easier and more rewarding, and you should try picking up some of these champions if you want to start roaming from the top lane.

Let us know your thoughts about the best roaming picks for the top lane in the comments below!

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