Top 7 Best Champions for Conqueror Rune

Best Rune Conqueror Champions League of Legends

One of the best rune keystones in League of Legends is the Conqueror rune. Part of the Precision rune tree, you have probably seen this rune keystone being used very often in your matches. That is because this rune is one of the most versatile and powerful runes in the game.

Conqueror works best on champions that like taking extended trades, and benefit both from increased damage and healing. However, its synergy with some champions in the game is clearly unmatched and taking advantage of this fact can even let you 1v5 every now and then.

Conqueror is the go-to rune keystone for bruisers and fighters, and picking the best champions to go with this rune will allow you to climb up the ranked ladder with minimal effort.

Continue reading to find out which champions you can abuse in solo queue to print that sweet LP without breaking a sweat!

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How To Use The Conqueror Rune?

Using conqueror as a rune keystone is pretty straightforward. But it is important for you to understand how it works to be able to make use of it perfectly. So, here is a quick rundown of how conqueror works.

If you have taken Conqueror as the keystone in your rune page, every time you deal damage to an enemy champion, you will get a stack or two of Conqueror. Each of these stacks will give you increased AD or AP.

Once you reach maximum stacks (12 stacks as of the current patch), you will also start healing for some of the damage dealt to enemy champions. In this way, Conqueror rewards you for picking extended fights.

Best Picks For Conqueror

Some of the best champions whose kits and playstyles synergise perfectly with Conqueror are listed below. Take one of these in your ranked matches to realise the full potential of the Conqueror keystone.


Best Conqueror Champion Garen League of LegendsEasily one of the easiest, and yet one of the strongest champions in the game, Garen is commonly known as a braindead champion. That is, even if you don’t have a brain, you can use this champion to win matches easily.

This stupidly broken champion makes the best use of Conqueror too. Garen’s E Judgement makes him spin his sword around him for a few seconds. So a single Q+E combo gives Garen a pretty much fully stacked Conqueror. And just as your Conqueror gets stacked, your E also reaches the max duration, which reduces your enemies’ armour.

So, on one hand you have the Conqueror rune ramping your damage up, and on the other hand, you have your E reducing the enemies’ armour. This means you can build tanky items and still deal crazy amounts of damage to your enemies. Spin to win, baby!


Best Conqueror Champion Akali League of LegendsAkali is one of the best assassins in the game. Her kit, with the insane amount of dashes and gap closers, and an invisibility shroud, gives her a lot of survivability. Pair all this with her passive and you have an assassin that just happens to excel at extended trades.

Conqueror is best made use of by champions that take extended trades. So, Akali is most definitely one of the best picks for you to use Conqueror on. You can use your shroud to buy yourself enough time to fully stack conqueror, and then you can start healing while also dealing an insane amount of damage!

Be advised though, Akali is not a very easy champion to play, and a simple mistake can get you killed in a blink of an eye. However, if you utilise her shroud properly, and proc the passive consistently, you will easily be able to carry the worst of your games. Trust me, a good Akali is hard to ever get a hold of.


Best Conqueror Champion Olaf League of LegendsAnother crazy strong bruiser on this list is Olaf. Just like Garen, this champion is fairly simple in his playstyle and abilities. In fact, Olaf is a true physical embodiment of the phrase, “Run them down!”. You literally just charge at enemies at full speed while they struggle to get away.

Olaf loves taking extended fights. It is almost impossible to win against an Olaf in an early game 1v1 duel. This is because Olaf’s kit gives you an insane amount of healing together with huge amounts of damage. Oh, and you also get an ability that deals true damage in the mix.

Olaf’s passive gives him increasing amounts of lifesteal depending on how low his health is. So, this champion rewards you for fighting to death, because fighting is how this champion defies death! Sounds perfect for a fighter’s choice kind of rune like Conqueror, no? Pair Olaf with Conqueror and you will literally refuse to die no matter the odds.

Lee Sin

Best Conqueror Champion Lee Sin League of LegendsOne of the most iconic junglers in the game, Lee Sin is one of the most popular and flashy junglers in League of Legends. If you are one of the fans of this blind martial artist, you must be already aware of how amazing he is at extended fights.

For the sake of the unaware, let us take a look at how his kit works. Lee Sin’s basic abilities all have two casts, and casting a single ability boosts his next two auto attacks. This means you need to use one ability, hit two auto attacks, then cast the next ability, and so on.

As you can probably imagine from the description above, this champion is literally made for long fights, and taking Conqueror on him will give you a huge damage boost through raw AD, whilst allow giving you additional healing on top of the life steal you get from the second part of your E, Iron Will


Best Conqueror Champion Diana League of LegendsOnly a few AP champions can fill the jungle role well in the current meta, and Diana is definitely one of them. In fact, her kit is so well rounded that you can play her in the midlane as well. In either case, this champion can allow you to take full advantage of Conqueror.

Diana is an AP bruiser, with a kit that includes a shield, a dash with a reset mechanic, and an ultimate with a large area of effect. This is why Diana excels at taking extended trades, and fighting multiple champions all at once.

In fact, her ultimate deals bonus damage based on each enemy champion hit beyond the first. So, Diana is one of the best team fighters in the game, and Conqueror gives her the only thing her kit lacks: healing. A full stacked Conqueror on a Diana is a force to reckon with!


Best Conqueror Champion Darius League of LegendsEvery League of Legends player has one rule, do not fight Darius for too long. Because if you do, not only will he absolutely destroy you, but also go on to kill everyone else on your team and pick up an easy pentakill.

Darius has a kit that works just like Conqueror. His attacks and abilities apply a stack of his passive on the enemy. More stacks mean more damage, and at max stacks, it is almost impossible to win a fight against him. When you take Conqueror on Darius, you are stacking both your passive and Conqueror itself simultaneously, and that makes you insanely strong.

So, as Darius, if a fight extends for long periods of time, you get a huge boost in your attack damage from your passive as well as your runes, and you end up having unbelievable amounts of damage. Trust me, no one will dare fight you then. Be sure to give this champion a shot if you want to see the true potential of Conqueror as a fighter rune.


Best Conqueror Champion Swain League of LegendsOne of the most reliable AP bruisers in the game, Swain has unmatched healing built into his kit, thanks to his ultimate. Pair him up with Conqueror and you will end the match having healed more than the enemy healer-support.

Swain has a slow, telegraphed and clunky kit, but that is exactly what makes him such a perfect pick for Conqueror abusers. He is designed to survive long fights, and dish out consistent damage over long periods of time. As you can imagine, Conqueror allows you to do all of this even better, especially once you stack it up.

Although it is recommended that you play him as a Support, you can also play Swain in the midlane if you have prior experience on this champ, or are a midlane main. In either case, Conqueror is the best rune to take on him because it builds up on everything his kit is designed to do.

Final Thoughts

Conqueror is one of the strongest runes in League of Legends. If you like taking extended fights and playing champions with a lot of survivability, you should definitely choose from our picks for the best champions for the Conqueror rune keystone.

Do you play any of these champions with Conqueror? Feel free to share your Conqueror success stories in the comments below.

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