Top 7 Best Champions for Electrocute Rune

Best Rune Electrocute Champions League of Legends

Electrocute is a rune that deals burst damage after you hit the enemy champion with three separate auto attacks or abilities. It is a great rune that can amplify your damage and win you most of the trades. If used correctly, even the enemy will be surprised at how much damage you just dealt to them.

Usually, mages and assassins pick this rune so that they can quickly kill their target without having to stay in the fight for a longer duration. That is why this guide will show you the top 7 best champions for the Electrocute rune in League of Legends.

The best champions for the Electrocute rune in League of Legends are:

  • Swain
  • Evelynn
  • Vex
  • Zed
  • Neeko
  • Anivia
  • Ahri

If you want to know why these champions are the best at using this rune, worry not because we will explain that in detail in the next section below. While there are other champions that make use of this rune as well, the ones mentioned on this list can easily proc the rune and deal burst damage to the enemy without a second thought. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

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Best Electrocute Champion Swain League of LegendsStarting off with one of the best users of Electrocute, Swain. He is an extremely strong champion that makes the best use of this rune. Thanks to his AoE spells, he can easily proc it and deal burst damage to the enemy. The best method to use this rune on him is to catch the enemy with your E and use your Q on them.

Since they cannot dodge or move while trapped in your E, you can easily damage them without missing. Plus, you can also use your W on their location as well. Normally, avoiding Swain’s W is a bit easy since it takes time to explode and deal damage. However, if they are trapped, they won’t be able to move away and take all of your damage.

Also, since your Q fires multiple lightning bolts at once, you can easily proc Electrocute if you hit the enemy with three or more at the same time. This is easy to do, especially if they are standing right in front of you. However, the further away they are, the more difficult it becomes to hit them with all of the bolts.


Best Electrocute Champion Evelynn League of LegendsAs a champion, I really dislike Evelynn due to a number of reasons. Since I am an ADC main, it becomes extremely difficult dealing with a fed Eve during the game. She is permanently invisible and can one-shot you without being seen until the last second.

On top of that, if she puts her charm on you, you might be as good as dead because there is no way that she can miss her auto attack to stop you from dodging. However, apart from my personal issues with the champion, Evelynn is a great user of Electrocute. She can easily proc it by using her abilities combined with her auto attacks.

Plus, she deals an insane amount of damage with the rune as well. While you might be tempted to go for the Dark Harvest route, Electrocute is mostly better and will do more consistent damage over the course of the game. If the enemy somehow survives your initial onslaught, you can always press your ultimate and kill them if they are on low HP.


Best Electrocute Champion Vex League of LegendsVex is the latest champion on this list and she makes great use of Electrocute. Since she loves to use almost all of her spells together in a combo, she will always proc the rune and deal burst damage. On top of that, if you use your empowered abilities, you will fear the enemy; making it easier to land the rest of your skills on them.

In that case, you are always certain to deal damage to them using the rune. Plus, out of all the games that I’ve played with the champion, Vex has one of the most consistent damages while using Electrocute.

If you decide to use this rune, you will be pleased to know that it goes well with her ultimate as well. If you hit the enemy with your R, you can recast it to dash toward them at full speed. Once you arrive next to them, you can instantly use the rest of your abilities to damage them while they cannot mostly react that fast.

This allows you to easily use the rune without having to do a lot of work. Like Eve, you can go for the Dark Harvest rune but I suggest using Electrocute for better results. This will add extra damage and burst potential to her already powerful kit.


Best Electrocute Champion Zed League of LegendsAh, Zed, where do I even begin with this champion? He is one of my most disliked matchups in the entire game. Zed can do things that a normal champion shouldn’t be able to do. I have seen players being mediocre at the game but performing superbly when they pick Zed.

This can be either due to his high damage potential or the fact that he is the bane of any ADCs existence. If you are an ADC against a Zed, you better hope that he forgets how to use his combo or you will always die if he uses his ultimate on you.

The best part is that he is a strong mid-laner as well thanks to Electrocute. Since he can use his W (shadows) to gain additional damage and range, Zed mostly hits his abilities while staying at a safe distance. This allows him to have a healthy HP bar while his opponent is struggling in the lane.

That’s not to say that he cannot be countered, however. But, as a whole, Zed is one of the best users of Electrocute and can proc it without even realizing it. Plus, once you do deal damage with the rune, your overall damage will be enough to make the enemy gasp in shock since they weren’t expecting you to do that to them.


Best Electrocute Champion Anivia League of LegendsAnivia is a strong champion that can not only deal a lot of damage but also provide a bit of utility to her team. While she consumes a lot of mana initially, you won’t feel a thing after building a few of her core items. Once you get fed or have your items, you will become extremely strong and continuously deal damage to the enemy; forcing them to respect you.

She can make use of this rune by stunning the enemy and using her E as a follow-up ability. Since the enemy will be stunned, you can easily deal damage to them without any retaliation. Plus, your E is not a skill shot so you just have to point and click on the enemy champion.

If all else fails, you can always use your ultimate to use this rune. Your ultimate covers an area with a glacial storm that not only slows all enemies inside it but also deals damage to them over time. While they are inside of this area, you can safely auto attack them or hit them with your abilities.

It is quite difficult to dodge Anivia’s abilities while you are slowed to that extent. Plus, if you think that you are about to run out of the area, Anivia can use her wall to block you and make you take the longer route.


Best Electrocute Champion Neeko League of LegendsWhile making this list, I completely forgot about Neeko. Since I haven’t seen this champion in so long, I didn’t expect her to be this good with the rune. However, thanks to her abilities and strong auto attacks, you can easily proc Electrocute and deal burst damage to the enemy.

Neeko is a fun champion that can confuse the enemy by transforming herself into one of her teammates. While the enemy won’t always fall for this trick, you can use it to hide your ultimate animation. This will allow you to easily hit your ultimate and stun all targets that are hit by it.

Apart from that, your Q will mostly proc Electrocute since it explodes three times if it hits an enemy champion. You can always use your E to root your target and guarantee that your Q will hit. Since your E passes through minions and becomes stronger, the enemy cannot even hide behind their own team.


Best Electrocute Champion Ahri League of LegendsFinally, Ahri is another great example of a champion that excels in using Electrocute. She can proc this rune quite easily thanks to the fact that her Q hits the target while on the way back as well. Due to this, you can do an auto attack in between, and your rune will deal damage to them.

Ahri is one of the fastest champions that can proc Electrocute. On top of that, she can also use her W to deal damage to the enemy three times quickly. Finally, if you land your charm on your target, it is always a guarantee that you will deal damage to them with Electrocute since they can’t dodge while charmed.

Let’s say that you miss all of your abilities, would the rune still be good on you then? Well, the short answer is yes. Ahri can use her ultimate near an enemy champion to deal damage to them. Since this is not a skill shot, you cannot possibly miss it.

The best part is that this skill focuses on champions rather than minions. So, if you use it next to an enemy champion, you will always deal damage to them. Combine this with your basic attacks, and you’ve got an easy proc of the rune.

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