Top 5 Safest Support Picks in Season 12

Support is by far the least safe role in League of Legends. That’s because supports are expected to engage in fights, protect their allies, and even sacrifice themselves for their ADC. This is especially important during the laning phase when supports need to control the flow of the matchup. But besides that, there are some safe champions for this role too. So, who are the safest support picks in season 12?

Generally speaking, enchanter champions are a great option. Tanks have the highest death ratio because they need to be in the center of everything. And mages are somewhere in the middle. They can be pretty safe, but that only depends on your own playstyle and not the champions themselves.

I’ll go over the top 5 safest support picks in season 12 of League of Legends in this post. You can go with either of them if you struggle to stay alive in the bot lane.

Let’s begin!

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1. Lulu

If played correctly, Lulu is the safest champion in LoL. There is no limit to how long she can survive if you coordinate her abilities right. She’s amazing at keeping herself and her allies alive, so let’s take a look at her defensive abilities.

Lulu’s E is a massive shield that lasts for 2.5 seconds. It scales with AP, so the longer the game goes on, the bigger the shield gets. When the ability is maxed out, its cooldown is around 5-6 seconds, but it can get even lower if Lulu has more ability haste.

On the other hand, Lulu has her ultimate, Wild Growth. Wild Growth grants a bonus maximum HP to Lulu or her ally. If the bonus HP percentage isn’t lost, it will stay on the target, which means that Lulu’s R heals too. But it also knocks back enemies when used so Lulu or her target can get away from their enemies.

And lastly, we have Lulu’s W. This is one of the best buttons in the entire game! When used on an ally, it gives a burst of movement speed, which Lulu can use to quickly get out of trouble. But when used on an enemy, it polymorphs them for a few seconds and makes them unable to cast spells.

Now, I can’t tell stress how impactful can Lulu’s W be in clutch fights. A single usage of this ability will make the enemy assassin useless. This also works for any 2v2 fight in the bot lane or a jungle gank. Simply use Lulu’s W on the strongest opponent, and you’ll be safe!

So, if you combine these abilities, you get a pretty safe champion!

2. Morgana

But Morgana is also one of the safest support picks in season 12. True, she has only one defensive ability, but her kit is designed in a way to keep her alive. She’s excellent at controlling the bot lane, so you won’t have to worry about dying with Morgana.

What makes Morgana so safe is her E, Black Shield. This is one of the few abilities in League of Legends that can block spell effects. You have Sivir’s E and Nocturne’s W, but that’s pretty much it.

Black Shield is extremely valuable to have because it lets you escape pretty much any crowd control in the game. Any time Lux throws her Q or Leona engages with her E, you can use Morgana’s Black Shield to negate the root/stun effects. 

But Black Shield doesn’t only stop effects, it also blocks a bit of magic damage. True, this isn’t anything significant in season 12 (the damage is crazy high), but it’s still helpful. It’s likely to absorb the damage from another support, so you can count on that.

And another way to stop enemies from slaying you is to use Morgana’s Q, Dark Binding. Dark Binding is among the best CC spells in LoL. That’s because, on max rank, this ability puts the target in a snare for 3 seconds. And 3 seconds in League of Legends is a lot, especially when you’re trying to get away.

Both of these abilities are excellent tools in 2v2 fights in the bot lane. But they’re also great for keeping the enemy jungler unsatisfied whenever he comes to gank. So, Morgana should be your go-to safety pick this season!

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3. Pyke

Many players forget that Pyke is one of the safest support picks in League of Legends, not just season 12. That’s because most players use Pyke so offensively that they often run out of ways to escape. And Pyke has so many ways to escape!

Let’s start with Pyke’s W, Ghostwater Dive. Once Pyke activates this ability, it gives him a camouflage effect, which basically means invisibility. Additionally, he also gets more movement speed for the whole duration, making it really difficult for his enemies to catch him.

On the one hand, Pyke’s W turns him invisible. And on the other, it speeds him up. These effects almost guarantee you that you’ll get away from any trouble, no matter the situation at hand. Whenever the enemy jungler comes to gank, simply press your W, and you’ll be completely fine.

But that’s not all. Pyke also gets access to his E, Phantom Undertow, which isn’t just a simple dash. Instead, the ability also applies a stun to anyone caught in its path. And you know why this is important? It’s because no one can run after Pyke without getting stunned!

It simply means that Pyke can stun any jungler as long as he times his E right. And if he doesn’t, the jungler will simply head back and abandon his gank.

Pyke’s Q can be an interesting ability to displace enemies and keep them away from your ADC. He has enough safety tools for himself.

4. Zilean

When it comes to safety, Zilean is a master as well. No matter the matchup, Zilean can protect himself and his ADC in the bot lane. He’s exceptional at correcting mistakes around him, so he should be one of your go-to champions for staying alive.

Alright, the best tool that Zilean has for the job is by far his ultimate, Chronoshift. When used, Chronoshift acts like a Guardian Angel. It returns any ally back to life, including Zilean. So, even if you’ve made a mistake a player over aggressively, you can still get away with it if you use Zilean’s R.

That said, you should also know when and on whom to use this ability. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Zilean players waste their ultimate on a health ally or a teammate that’s simply not doing anything.

You should always cast Chronoshift when the ally you want to save is nearly dead. This does two things. First, you make your enemies waste their abilities on a target that will get resurrected. And second, you make it impossible for them to stop their damage and negate your ultimate.

But Chronoshift isn’t everything. Zilean has other excellent tools for safety, such as his E, Time Warp. He can use it on either himself or his allies to grant a burst of movement speed. This ability is one of the best for escaping sticky situations, so use it like that.

On top of that, Zilean also has his stun, thanks to his two bombs. If aimed right, it can stop any gank or engage from the enemy team. 

And that makes Zilean one of the safest support picks in season 12!

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5. Yuumi

You might think that Yuumi is the absolute safest champion in the game, but that’s not always the case. Yes, she’s incredibly safe because she can hide herself in another ally, but she also depends on that ally. So, let’s take a look at her pros and cons.

Yuumi’s W, You and Me! allows her to jump on a teammate and become untargetable. There is no time limit to how long will Yuumi stay attached. She can choose to jump to another ally whenever she wants. Or, if the teammate dies, she dismounts too.

Now, there is also no way to hit Yuumi while she is attached to a teammate. She’s is completely immune to any attacks, so you could say that she is the safest support in season 12. But, Yuumi can’t move either, which means that she has no control over where she’s going.

Fortunately, Yuumi has crowd control as well as a heal to keep her teammate alive. And this contributes to her being unkillable. In the late game, Yuumi’s heal is insanely powerful, and she’s able to keep anyone alive. In return, she keeps herself alive through her allies.

Yuumi is a great champion to play if you want to relax in League of Legends. But she does depend on the ADC she’s playing with, at least in the early game. And that’s why she can be the safest pick if you’re playing with a friend. But with a random player, you may end up feeding after all.

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