All Siblings in League of Legends – The Ultimate List

The lore behind League of Legends champions uncovers many relations between champions. In the land of Runeterra, where League of Legends is based, champions interact differently with each other. 

There are some odd alliances and rivalries. What makes them more interesting than they already are is the fact that many of them lie between siblings. All of them have been listed below and briefly described in our article below!

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List of Siblings in League of Legends

Here is a list of the siblings you can find in League of Legends:

1. Volibear, Ornn and Anivia

Did you know that the three playable champions Volibear, Anivia, and Ornn are siblings? Ornn is known to be the oldest sibling out of the five total. They are all gods of Freljord. Additionally, they are a family of seven, and there is said to be another sibling who rules the sea but has not been further described in the lore.

Ornn, The Fire Below The Mountains, is the eldest out of the three. He is a great craftsman and a great mason. In League of Legends, he is a strong tank played in the top lane. Volibear, The Relentless Storm, on the other hand, is a violent and aggressive god of Freljord. 

He had conflicts with Ornn in their narration. Volibear is also a strong fighter played in the top lane and in the jungle. Their sister Anivia, 

The Cryophoenix, has been mentioned to appear only briefly to Ornn. She has also been said to have stayed faithful to her prior lore, unlike Volibear. She is a battlemage played in the mid-lane. She currently has a high win rate and thrives in the meta.

2. Cassiopeia, Katarina, and Talon

Cassiopeia, Katarina, and Talon are an exciting trio. They are all siblings of the royal family Du Coteau from the Noxian Capital. The three are popular champions in League of Legends and by coincidence, they are all mid-laners. 

Katarina is Cassiopeia’s older sister while Talon is their adopted brother. Talon was treated as an outsider by Cassiopeia, while Katarina always thought of him as her brother. Although Talon taught Katarina how to fight, he was then said to be seeking her in order to kill her.

In League of Legends, all three of them are mid-laners. Talon and Katarina are assassins, while Cassiopeia is a battlemage. 

Talon, just like Katarina, is extremely mobile and has incredible damage output. While Cassiopeia and Katarina strive from building Ability Power, Talon scales with Attack Damage instead. They are all great champions to main.

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3. Jinx and Vi

The famous sibling rivalry between Jinx and Vi has now been confirmed by Riot Games. From Arcane, it can be verified that Jinx, The Loose Cannon, and Vi, The Piltover Enforcer, are sisters. They had an extremely rough upbringing in the depths of Zaun. 

Vi even wishes that she never had a childhood instead of the one she had, while Jinx embraces her and uses it as her core. They are polar opposites because Vi is a policewoman in Piltover, defending the law, while Jinx creates havoc using her deadly crafted weapons and brings about fear in Zaun.

In the game, Jinx is a hard-scaling AD Carry champion. She carries late game using items such as Kraken Slayer and Infinity Edge, on top of having high mobility and range. Jinx is a popular ADC with a unique kit. Vi, on the other hand, is a jungler. 

She builds bruiser items such as Divine Sunderer that help her punch down any foe. She uses her gauntlets to knock up all enemies in her way and an unavoidable ultimate, Vault Breaker.

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4. Darius and Draven

Darius and Draven are two brothers from the Noxian Capital of Noxus. They were both orphans from a very young age. For their survival, they chose to fight. Draven, The Glorious Executioner, pursued recognition and glory. 

He became an executioner who would turn all of his executions into a source of entertainment. Darius, the Hand of Noxus, struck luck in the military. He was skilled and disciplined. Progressing through the ranks, he became a Military General.

In League of Legends, Darius is a top-lane fighter. He is one of the most popular and strongest top laners. He is a fighter at heart but builds bruiser items and excels in extended trades. Draven, however, is an exceptional AD Carry. 

He is a strong early-game champion who deals a ton of damage, taking advantage of lethality as well as critical strike chance from items such as Essence Reaver, Collector, and Eclipse.

5. Renekton and Nasus

Renekton and Nasus are two of Shurima’s biggest names. They were both servants of Azir. They both were once human and share the same blood. Renekton is younger than Nasus. He was once a respected warrior who went insane after his burial. Nasus is wise but is unable to accept his brother’s hysteria and tries to avoid it.

In League of Legends, they are both strong top-lane fighters. Nasus is a hard-scaling champion who gathers stacks using Siphoning Strike (Q) and becomes stronger as the game proceeds. Renekton is a champion who is strong throughout all the phases of the game. He is a strong fighter who excels in short trades. 

6. Garen and Lux

Garen and Lux are two siblings who were brought up in Demacia. They belong to the Crownguard family who were the reigning Demacian emperors. Garen joined the military in his early years while Lux was to be assigned a bigger task by their family. 

Garen, in LoL, is a popular top laner. He is one of the simplest champions which makes him super beneficial for newer players. He is a strong late-game champion that excels in extended fights. Lux is a mid-laner who can also be played in the support role. She is an easy-to-play mage like Anivia who utilizes Ability Power to increase her damage throughout the game.

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7. Morgana and Kayle

Morgana and Kayle are two of Elder Justice’s children of Demacia. They were separated long ago and ever since then, Kayle has been serving the central government in order to unite the land of Runeterra. Morgana considered Kayle’s tireless efforts as tyranny and was disowned.

Kayle is one of the best scaling mages in all of League of Legends. She becomes strongest at level 16, once she has acquired three items. She is a high-risk high-reward champion who has a daunting early game but a very strong late game. Morgana is a support champion who excels at her role. She can provide great crowd control and a spell shield to assist her allies aside from poke damage.

8. Shen and Zed

Shen and Zed are adopted brothers of their master and Shen’s father Great Kusho. They were both trained by him. After tracking Khada Jhin, the famous Golden Demon, Zed wanted to kill Jhin right there and then but Kusho ordered Jhin’s imprisonment instead. 

This infuriated Zed and made him uneasy during the bad state of Ionia due to war. Ultimately, Zed ended up besting his master in a duel and feeling hatred toward Shen.

Shen is a tank/fighter who is played in the top lane. He is known for his strength in melee combat and his global ultimate Twighlight Assault (R). He is a strong and popular pick who can also be played in the support role. 

Zed is an assassin who can be played in mid as well as the jungle. He is one of League of Legends’ most popular champions with a high ban rate and a flashy playstyle. 

9. Yasuo and Yone

Yasuo and Yone’s half-brotherhood is the most famous of them all. As they say, save the best for the last. The two Ionian swordsmen share a strong bond. Yone is Yasuo’s older brother who has been a part of Yasuo’s story for almost a decade. They have a bitter story between both of them, having to fight each other to death. 

Yasuo was accused of his master’s death and declared a fugitive of Ionia. Until his last breath, he fled his former allies who tried to hunt him. He was finally tracked down by his own brother. Yone fell to his brother’s sword and found himself haunted by demons called Azakana, whom he was forced to slay in the spirit realm.

Yasuo and Yone are both mid-laners who share similar abilities and follow the same build path and runes. They both also share the same passive ability. Yasuo can also be played as an ADC, while Yone is better off in the top lane. They are both strong fighters with incredible damage, strong scaling, and high mobility. 

Final Thoughts

What do you think of these sibling alliances and rivalries? Does reading about them make you want to play them? Let us know your favorite siblings in League of Legends. Hit us with it in the comment section below!

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