Does Sion’s Ult Damage Turrets? (2022)

Sion is probably one of the most unique champions that you can play within League of Legends. Building upon the archetype of the undying brute who is built to take damage-come what may-Sion is a favorite of players who like to play a tank in the top lane. More recently, players have experimented with him in the bot-lane as support as well.

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Sion’s Abilities

Sion’s passive is called “Glory in Death”. If Sion is killed, his dead body is reanimated to fight nearby enemies. However, after dying, his revived corpse has rapidly declining health but can hurt enemies more based on their missing health and can also regenerate health from inflicting damage on enemies. His “Q” i.e., the Decimating Smash, can knock up enemies if sufficiently charged.

His Soul Furnace (His “W”) creates a shield around him and can be reactivated to inflict magic damage on nearby enemies. With his “E” (Roar of the Slayer), he can reduce the Armor of enemies who are caught in his line of attack. And finally, his ultimate is the Unstoppable Onslaught. He can dash a long-distance and knock up enemies who get hit in the way. The damage dealt to enemies is based on the distance of Sion’s dash.

All that being said, a lot of the times Riot has some mechanics hidden in champion abilities. You can’t simply read off menus and player guides to discover these mechanics. Sometimes you just have to find out for yourself by playing League and experimenting in different ways. For example, Sion’s ultimate may have some hidden effects as well, such as damaging turrets.

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Does Sion’s Ultimate damage Turrets?

Sion has a very unique Ultimate in that he dashes a long-distance across the map and knocks up and damages the first enemy hit. Often when Sion begins his dash with “R”, the sound effect of his ultimate is heard across the map and sends enemies panicking and looking over their shoulders because SIon can come from a very long distance with Unstoppable Onslaught. But the hidden mechanic mentioned earlier is the fact that you can damage enemy turrets using Sion’s Ultimate.

This ability allows Sion for a lot of back-door potentials during the late game because Sion can dash across half the length of the map to damage enemy turrets. In the early game, it just means you can rush in and take down enemy turrets more quickly. Either way, you can pile up the pressure on the enemy team. 

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