TFT Slow Rolling – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

TFT Slow Rolling - The Ultimate Guide (2022) 2023

Have you already become a professional Teamfight Tactics player? Teamfight Tactics is a spin-off of the world mega-popular game League of Legends. It is an auto battler game featuring the famous League of Legends champions. The goal of this game is to be the last player standing and build your team. 

But you probably know all these details, so we won’t dwell on what Teamfight Tactics is. However, this article will be a kind of guide to the Slow Roll that appeared in Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics. We will explain what Slow Roll is and the strategies of this concept. So, sit back in your chair and start reading.

What is Slow Rolling?

Slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics involves winning a large amount of gold in the mid and late stages of the game. Basically, it is not advisable to spend gold on re-rolls in the shop but to save them in order to have a large stock of gold for rolling later in the game. 

A little economic game, we can say so. Unlike the hyper rolling strategy, which is desirable to make and spend money quickly, slow rolling is focused on saving. You will be spending the gold for 2 and 3-cost units. The goal is to get to 3 stars as soon as possible.

Continue reading, and we will now explain how slow rolling works.

How Do I Slow Roll?

TFT Slow Rolling - The Ultimate Guide (2022) 2023

Slow rolling does not require much learning and thinking. All you have to do is build your econ to 50 gold in the first few rounds. Try to do it as fast as possible. You will spend Gold for level up from level 4 to level 5, only once, at stages 2-5 after the second Carousel. After that, you will spend gold on re-rolls until you reach 3 stars with as many of your key 2 and 3-cost units.

Only when your key units have 3 stars will you need to econ for level up. With this strategy, you can’t rely on getting 4 and 5-cost units except to round up your comp. So, if you want Jinx to carry you out in the late game, you should avoid this slow rolling strategy.

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When Should I Slow Roll?

Any comps with heavy power-spikes in the mid and late game will do just fine with this strategy. Sorcerers, Space Pirates, and Protectors should use slow rolling because it can maximize their power with it. You have to take care that your comp is uncontested; if you see at stage 2-5 that someone else is going for Sorcerers comp or Protectors comp, bypass this tactic and focus on getting good items on late game carries.

How Do I Know What Are The Best Slow Roll Comps?

Best TFT Slow Rolling - The Ultimate Guide (2022) 2023

Space Pirates

Space Pirates are an underrated slow roll comp; focus on getting Darius or Jayce up to 3 stars. Also, Graves is a good choice for 3 stars and other Vanguards.


Protectors are essential slow roll comp. Your task is to slow roll to get Rakan and Xin Zhao to 3 stars. Also, it would be ideal if Ashe, Kassadin, and Jarvan also came up with 3 stars for the one hundred percent effect of this strategy.


Slow rolling Sorcerers is not so popular among players, but this is an extremely strong comp to slow roll. All you have to do is get Lux, Poppy, Zoe, Ahri, and Syndra to 3 stars. Sorcerers are a bit underrated, but it’s worth trying a slow rolling strategy with this comp; try it yourself.

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Are There Any Rewards or Risks if I Use This Slow Rolling Strategy?

The biggest reward you can get is that you become invincible in the late game with the successful implementation of a slow rolling strategy. Wondering how that is possible? Well, if uncontested, you can get two or three units up to 3 stars, you will become an unstoppable machine. With this award, it is worth trying a slow rolling strategy today.

The risk is also hefty, you may not be able to hit all your key 2 and 3-cost champions, and you will be left with a lot of units unused. Therefore, your comp will be weaker, so you may regret not using gold for leveling up. Also, your opponents will overtake you and will have many more units on board than you. You will still be slow rolling when they get the first crack at more of the 4 and 5 gold units.

So, you see the risk, and you are aware that you can lose everything, but on the other hand, this tactic can bring a great reward. Choose wisely.

Changes in Slow Rolling in Set 4

In Set 4, Riot made some changes, as he always does. These changes have also affected slow rolling this time.

XP Changes

Riot decided to make it harder for players to level up, so now you need 36XP instead of 32XP to reach level 7, for level 8, you need 56XP instead of 50XP, and for level 9, you need 80XP instead of 66XP. For level 9, Riot increased the amount of XP the most, which surprised the players quite a bit. For 24 XP, you still need 24 gold or 12 turns for passive XP. One thing is for sure, level 9 we will not see so often again.

Unit Odds

The shop system also changed, as we have seen with the amount of XP sufficient for leveling up. These changes are mostly related to level 5, level 6, and level 7. At level 5, the chances of finding 1-cost units are 5% higher, while the chances of finding 2-cost units are 5% lower.

At level 6, the chances of finding 1-cost units are 5% higher, and the chances of finding 2-cost units remain the same as in the previous Set. The chances of finding 3-cost units are also 5% lower. In level 7, the chances of finding 2-cost units are 5% higher, and the chances of finding 3-cost units are 5% lower. All other chances in level 7 remained unchanged.

These changes have very much affected the Slow Roll strategy, so now they have to be considered when playing for this economic theory to be successful.

The impact of HP on the Slow Rolling strategy

You must not forget about HP if you want to implement the Slow Rolling technique well. Your HP plays a significant role throughout the game. If you have high HP, you can afford to save your amount of gold. That way, you’ll be back at 50 and earning max interest again.

If your HP is under 50, you need to think about this strategy and what you are doing wrong. If you get to 3-stars anyway, then you’re pretty much safe. But if you happen to not get to 3-stars, then this tactic fails for you, and it’s time to reconsider it. In that case, you can continue slow rolling with a high dose of risk (which is not recommended because it is dangerous and unsafe), or you can start leveling and trying to build a composition with more expensive items at level 8. Remember that the point is to gather 3 stars as soon as possible.


We have come to the end of this guide on the Slow Roll strategy. Slow Roll strategy is part of Teamfight Tactics, and veterans of this game already know how and when to apply it. In essence, this is an economic tactic where it is desirable to save as much gold as possible, which will be spent later, in the mid or late game.

However, this tactic comes with a certain amount of risk so read the guide carefully to know when and how to apply it in the game. If this tactic works for you, it means that you have become an unstoppable machine that will be difficult and almost impossible to beat in the late game. Good luck and have fun!

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