This League of Legends Quiz Has Only 17 Questions, And I Bet You Can’t Get 13/17 Correct

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    Who created Blitzcrank?

    Top 10 Most Expensive League of Legends Skins and Their Value in 2020
    • Dr. Mundo
    • Viktor
    • Heimerdinger
    • Singed
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    Which of the following champions’ initial design was a hextech engineer called CeeCee, but was then conceptually and visually reworked?

    • Orianna
    • Ziggs
    • Tristana
    • Braum
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    How much critical strike bonus is applied by the unique passive of Infinity Edge?

    • 50%
    • 100%
    • 25%
    • 35%
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    What is the name of Zoe’s R ability?

    • Now you see me!
    • Absolute zero
    • Warp dive
    • Portal Jump
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    Who is the ‘Ruined King’?

    • The man who transformed the Blessed Isles to the Shadow Isles
    • A broken man whose power went to his head
    • A king who betrayed his people
    • Former Leader of the Demacian Might
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    What ability was Yorick born with?

    • Yorick was never born with an ability
    • The ability to speak to the recently deceased
    • The ability to bring the dead back to life
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    The above voice lines belong to which champion?

    • Orianna
    • Teemo
    • LeBlanc
    • Viktor
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    Which of the following champions are associated with Zaun?

    • Janna
    • Singed
    • Dr.Mundo
    • Zac
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    How have Annie and Tibbers have been famously honoured by Riot Games?

    • There’s a big statue of the pair in front of the Riot HQ lobby
    • Annie and Tibbers are secretly hidden in every communication from the company
    • They’re the stars of a comic book series
    • One of its employees named their children after them
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    Who is this hidden champion?

    • Kled
    • Riven
    • Jhin
    • Shyvana
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    Which champion has the highest base HP at level 1 with no items, runes, or masteries equipped?

    • Trundle
    • Garen
    • Tryndamere
    • Alistar
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    Who was behind the murder of Vayne’s parents?

    • Katarina
    • Shen
    • Evelynn
    • Zed
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    The picture below contains the following items: Rabadon’s Deathcap, Rod of Ages, Tiamat, Hexdrinkder, Hextech Gunblade and a Stalker’s Blade. True or False?

    • True
    • False
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    I have 4,000 gold and buy a Frozen Heart. With my Frozen Heart I earn a kill and am awarded the maximum gold reward. I then buy a BF Sword in hopes of constructing an Infinity Edge. How much more gold do I need to finish my IE?

    • 1,600
    • 1,700
    • 1,850
    • 1,950
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    What is the name of Gangplank’s passive?

    • Burn with Fire
    • Trial by Fire
    • Fire Burn
    • Flametongue
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    Who cursed Cassiopeia, transforming her into a serpent?

    • A Shuriman Tomb Guardian
    • The Black Mist
    • A powerful Shaman
    • Cassiopeia was never cursed, she was born that way
  • Question of

    Name the champion. Name the skin.

    • Ravenborn LeBlanc
    • Undertaker Yorick
    • Dark Star Karma
    • Reaper Soraka

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