Sona & Taric Bot Lane – How To Play It?

When you think of a difficult-to-beat bottom lane combo that doesn’t include an ADC, Sona and Taric must come to your mind. This became a popular strategy that makes you question yourself and everything you thought you knew about champs combos. It could sound like an insane strategy, but does it work?

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Sona’s & Taric’s Synergy

With their sustained synergy, Sona and Taric perform surprisingly well. They are very common champions and have been played with over the years, but never together. These two playing bottom lane together was first used during the LCS Academy playoffs by the TSM Academy and instantly became popular. 

They dominated the bottom lane with their extraordinary burst potential and insane late-game fighting. Duo seemed to provide a vast opportunity for the team to damage the enemies with their massive crowd control. For example, Taric’s multi with Sona’s heals can turn teamfights right back around. After that, it pretty much became often used. The combination appeared to be so powerful that it could pull off many undeserved victories. 

How Does It Work?

For this duo to be efficient, you must ensure that they can’t be killed with the initial burst. Having that in mind, pro players often pair this duo with Kindred or similar champions. You want the rest of the team to have champs who excel at teamfights since you already have protection and heals from the bottom lane.  

So-called Maven of The Strings, Sona from Demacia is best played at the bottom as support. She is pretty simple to play with, with her ulti being her only skillshot. In this combination, you want Sona to go for Kleptomancy, Magic Footwear, and Biscuit Delivery runes, later combined with Cosmic Inside. 

Taric, The Shield of Valoran, is also a powerful support champion with quite a mighty name. With him, you want to have Resolve and Precision runes. Their interaction is not focused on damaging or healing. This duo’s strength is based on the abundance of synergy that allows them to accumulate shields that are difficult to get through. 

Also, their combination of ultimates can have catastrophic consequences on the other team. In the 5v5 fights, the enemy team is very likely to be at a disadvantage because Crescendo and Cosmic Radiance are the strongest ultimates combined. 

Sona’s Ulti damages enemies within its path, forcing them to be stunned for approximately 1.5 seconds, while Taric’s Ulti makes allied champions invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. This pretty much leaves the rest of the team free and protected from attacking the enemies. 

When it comes to laning with this extraordinary duo, you want to stay in the middle of the lane and take your time to farm. Both being supporting players with their items, the duo can be ahead in gold while laning collecting all the Creep Score. 

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Early Game

The early game is when Taric has to do the farming while Sona should harass the enemies so they’ll be able to gain as much gold as possible. However, for extra gold potential Sona later picks up Kleptomancy keystone, and her items upgrade from early to the mid-game to take minions herself. In this phase, Sona starts farming, and Taric becomes pretty much the supporter. 

Note that It is not advisable to rush them early in the game – you don’t want Sona to burst down when overextended. Therefore, early game is the place to simply farm and stay alive, preferably stay under your turret. If played patiently and carefully in the early game, it can create remarkable team fighting ability. 

It might make you fall behind a little bit, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Therefore, survival of the laning phase is a must, and if you achieve it, you will succeed. The mid-game is what are you’re waiting. This is when Sona becomes AP carry with Taric as support. 

Okay, now they can truly shine. In the mid and late game, their heals, shields, and crowd control can bring someone from the brink of death, making it hard for the enemies to kill their ally champs. Hence, if you have survived the early game without feeding, you have pretty much won the game.

Suppose your team has excellent communication and harmony – We surely recommend using these two on the bottom line since it’s tough for the other team to figure out how to counter this strategy. There could be different support duos playing bot lane, but this is proven and most effective. 

With Taric and Sona reset quickly after a fight, teams are pressured to stay longer in combat or just observe how these two wipe away all proofs of the battle. Not to mention the abundance of shields and heals coming from them, making the rest of the team have enough HP to stay alive for quite a time. As you can see, these two can transform the game’s flow, shaping their team into a bit of a siege army group. 

Besides providing heals and invulnerability, they also make the team very durable and fast, providing a speed buff. If you want to try something fresh and fun but also unusual, you should give these two a try. 

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