How to Start and Promote Your League of Legends Channel

It sounds like a dream to make a living doing what you love. Especially when it’s video games. It’s nice to spend time with them yourself, and it’s interesting for others to watch. Now we’ll tell you how to make a gaming video on League of Legends, how to promote your channel, and how and where to do it best.

What You Need to Make a Gaming Video

First of all, you need a powerful PC that can sustain not only the game but also the additional programs which you need to use for recording. Also, you’ll need a good microphone, video camera, backlighting — you can start with budget options, but the main thing is to provide a nice picture, so viewers can enjoy watching you.

In our article, we’ll focus on the programs that you can use to create videos on League of Legends.

Movavi Screen Recorder

It can’t record games, but it is suitable for webcam capture. To record video with Movavi Screen Recorder, you need to:

  1. Choose a capture zone and press “Record area.”
  2. Choose which part of the screen you’d want to record.
  3. Connect a webcam and make sure it is recognized by the system. Click on the settings icon.
  4. In the settings under “Use Webcam,” select the needed device. Check that the image from the camera appears correctly.

To end recording, press F10 or the “Stop” button on the recording panel. You can then start video editing.

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OBS Studio

You may use OBS Studio for streaming. Also, with that, you can record your screen to create videos. It is free and suitable for online streaming with the ability to add screen captures and manage audio sources.

Recording in the program is easy. To begin recording, first add the source you want to capture, then click the “Start Recording” button. In order to add a new source, in the column labeled “Sources,” select the type of source you wish to record by clicking the + symbol:

  • Game Capture — any full-screen applications will be captured, or just video from the selected game;
  • Window Capture — only one specific program window will be captured;
  • Screen Capture — the entire screen will be recorded, including the desktop and other programs.

After selecting the desired source type, you’ll need to give it a name and then configure the capture itself. To do this, just select the game in the drop-down menu and click “OK.”

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How to Start Streaming with OBS:

  1. Install and open the program.
  2. Find the settings button at the bottom right.
  3. Click and go to the “Broadcasting” tab in the menu on the left.
  4. In the “Service” line, select the site you want, such as Twitch. You don’t need to do anything with “Server” — it will automatically set the optimal value.
  5. In the line “Stream Key,” insert the broadcast key, which you get on a third-party site.

If you can’t find the numeric code yourself, use the “Get Stream Key” button on the right. You’ll be automatically redirected to the desired site — you’ll only need to log in, copy the key and paste it into the appropriate field of the program.

Reverb Removers

Any streamer or YouTuber, especially a beginner, encounters extraneous sounds in audio recordings. To remove echoes, noise, and other distortions, there are many paid and free programs, such as:

Reverb Remover allows you to instantly remove unnecessary sounds and emptiness, and the recording becomes higher quality.

Video Editing Programs

Video has been recorded, audio has been cleaned up — now let’s get to editing. There are many video editing software, such as:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • VEGAS Pro 18;
  • Apple Final Cut Pro;
  • Apple iMovie;
  • DaVinci Resolve;
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus;
  • And others.

There is both free and paid software. The paid software, of course, has more convenient functions and features, but at the beginning of your career, free programs are also suitable.

What’s the best place to start playing

Nowadays, the most popular platforms for gaming channels are YouTube and Twitch. It’s better to have a channel on both but focus on one or the other. If you’re more comfortable making ready-made recordings and then posting them, start with YouTube. If you have the time and desire to stream regularly, then focus your main attention on Twitch.

How to Start Promoting Your League of Legends YouTube Channel

If you want to record videos rather than streaming, go to YouTube. To make your channel successful, you need to:

  1. Pay attention to channel design. The header, avatar, and thumbnails are important elements that can either attract or alienate viewers.
  2. Pay attention to SEO optimization. You need to identify effective hashtags and keywords, compose attractive titles of videos.
  3. Engage in advertising. This can be self-promotion (telling about yourself on social media, on game forums) and buying ads from other YouTubers, mutual PR, advertising on websites.
  4. Publish Shorts. Shorts will help in attracting a new audience because YouTube visitors often watch short videos.

You can also leave comments under other channels, but avoid spam.

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How to Start Promoting Your League of Legends Twitch Channel

This platform provides functionality for broadcasting to a large audience, usually related to the topic of video games and other entertainment. Streamers can make a good income from donations, advertising, and other ways to monetize. No matter how a streamer makes a profit, one thing is clear — the more people watching it, the higher the potential income.

To promote a channel on Twitch, you need:

  1. Self-promotion. You can talk about yourself on social media, forums, game sites. You should do it sincerely, then you may get potential subscribers interested.
  2. Advertising on Youtube and other sites with videos. Never ignore other platforms, even if the main choice is someone. On YouTube, you can upload highlights from streams and make a deal (for a fee) with the author of some highlights channel or a YouTube channel close to the gaming theme.
  3. Targeted advertising. Streamers can buy banners on third-party resources, advertise posts with broadcast announcements, and participate in all kinds of contests for streamers on popular sites. Here we need to be careful and test the effectiveness of each method, spending small amounts on promotion, otherwise, you can be drained of the entire budget for advertising and get almost nothing in return.

Getting your channel on League of Legends is simple, but promoting it requires a lot of work. But the desire and contribution of resources will sooner or later lead to results.

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