Top 7 Strongest Champions According to Lore

If we ask you to list the strongest League of Legends champions you would certainly list those with whom you can score the most kills or who have the strongest build. Well, we’ll leave this topic for another article. 

Today we will talk about the strongest champions according to the lore. In addition to the League of Legends gameplay, Riot Games was focused on creating a world of Runeterra where each champion has his place and role. 

Lore explains to us a little better each champion and his background, as well as the reasons why each champion is capable of fighting on Summoner’s Rift. So, here we will list the seven strongest League of Legends champions according to lore, and their strength is inconceivable to any human being.

League of Legends: Lore

The world of League of Legends has never been more interesting. Lately, Riot Games has been trying to expand the knowledge of its players about the world of League of Legends champions, their dramas, life stories, love plots, and tragedies. What does the ordinary life of the League of Legends champions look like?

Through comics, short films, short stories, and other media the world of Runeterra has never been closer to us.

Runeterra is the birthplace of almost all League of Legends champions, except ones who came from Void or from space, like Aurelion Sol. In Runeterra there are magical items, better known as Rune (of course, Runeterra). 

But, let’s not go into too much depth because we could write a few articles about the whole history of Runeterra, its division, and other intrigues among its citizens. As is common in history, there was a war better known as the League of Legends, and that war takes place right on Summoner’s Rift. 

A few years ago, Riot even gave an explanation in which he says that League as a game signifies gameplay and struggle, while League as a story personifies characters and their interrelationships and lives. Because of that, some champions may have different roles in the story and on the battlefield.

We will now show the seven strongest champions, according to lore, so remember that they don’t necessarily have to be strong on Summoner’s Rift as well.

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7. Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe has the ability of immortality, and the power she has from Aspect of Twilight is in charge of that. She just looks innocent and like a playful little girl (in love with Ezreal, but we didn’t tell you that if she asks) but she’s actually over 1000 years old. Thanks to the power given to her by the Aspect of Twilight, Zoe can move through dimensions and travel through time.

Being over 1000 years old she is very experienced and has been accumulating power all these years. She has seen and participated in many historical events, such as the creation of the Ixtal and the formation of the Shadow Isles. This little child, if she wants to, can destroy everything in front of her, we better not challenge her.

6. Aurelion Sol: Star Forger

According to folklore, the world of League of Legends was created after The Big Bang. Aurelion Sol, according to that same legend, came immediately after that event and has since been the creator and destroyer of everything that exists, that is, he shapes the whole universe. 

This makes him the oldest champion in the League of Legends, and therefore one of the most powerful. He can forge the whole world by himself, so that makes him the strongest, some will say. Aspects of Mount Targon tricked him to wear a cursed item, this cursed item binds him forever to Runeterra. But we must be careful, Aurelion Sol can destroy Runeterra to the ground if something (or someone) infuriates him.

5. Bard: The Wandering Caretaker

Like Zoe, Bard can also travel through dimensions and manage time, and in Runeterra he appears when a balance needs to be established. If the League of Legends champions believed in God, the Bard would surely be the one they would trust. 

Being aware of the different dimensions, he will stick to the one to which the balance needs to be restored. In the League of Legends, he is one of the support champions, and also one of the hardest supports to play with, but in lore, he is the equivalent of a divine being led by an unknown force which makes him invincible.

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4. Ornn: The Fire Below The Mountain

Ornn, is a Frejord creature who possesses powers never seen before. He belongs to the demigods, and we can say that he is the strongest of them all. His siblings are Anivia and Volibear, but they have no chance compared to his powers. 

He is Forge god and he somehow summoned snow in Freljord. According to lore, Ornn was building a new house for himself by moving mountains, digging trenches, and pouring water into forges. 

Somewhere in the process, snowflakes began to fall, which did not stop falling for the next hundred years, so Freljord is still a snow and ice area today. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, Ornn’s lore will surely remind you of the legend of Hephaestus.

3. Kindred: The Eternal Hunters

Everything that is born and comes into this world must die and leave it once. Kindred represents death, that is, the end of the path of life. In the form of a lamb and a wolf, the Eternal Hunters, Kindred waits at the end of his life to take a person to his death. 

We have to admit, Kindred is a creepy creature and we are not comfortable knowing that he is one of the strongest champions, if we are to believe lore. In this dual depiction of death, Lamb is credited with alleviating the suffering of any individual who is afraid to die, and Wolf is there if a person wants to escape death by catching him and proving once again that no one can escape death, not even in Runeterra (except if you are Zoe, then you are stuck there for eternity).

2. Soraka: The Starchild

Good, old Soraka. Is there a champion in Runeterra with more empathy than her? We don’t think so. Soraka plays as support, offering her team large doses of heal, at times when they need it most. Soraka is always ready to sacrifice her heal and even her life if it will benefit her team. 

She belongs to the strongest race in Runeterra, the Celestials, and has the ability to heal with her powers. She descended from the Celestial Realm to repair the damage people had done to Runeterra. 

But since Soraka has a good heart, she soon realized that human beings are also capable of doing great and good deeds, so she decided to help them discover their potential. Maybe there are stronger champions than her but Soraka has the biggest heart, that’s for sure.

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1. Azir: The Emperor of The Sands

Once human and mortal, Azir was killed. That is the beginning of his story. Somehow, his hubris got him reborn as an Ascended. Like Gaius Julius Caesar, Azir was betrayed and killed, and now is the time to show his power again and punish those who have done him harm. 

Now comes the surprise: he was killed by Xerath, his best friend who betrayed him, and killed him and his family. Also, he is a very hard champion to play with, so take your time and learn his abilities because Azir in the right hands can be invincible.

Final Thoughts

What interesting stories! We have to admit, the League of Legends lore is so interesting that it really deserves special articles, there are many more stories and destinies to tell. You may be surprised that some champions are on this list but as Riot himself said, League of Legends lore and League of Legends gameplay are two categories that don’t have to be the same. 

Well, if you ask us this way is a lot more interesting. Good luck in gameplay and have fun as you explore the historical notes of your favorite champions.

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