Top 7 Best Champions for Summon Aery Rune

Best Champions for Summon Aery Rune League of Legends

The most versatile rune in the game, Summon Aery is one of the three rune keystones of the Sorcery tree in League of Legends. Other than assassins, all classes of champions can easily work well with this rune.

Summon Aery is not only a great alternative to Arcane Comet, but also the only rune in the game that offers shielding and damage adaptively. If you want to try this rune out, be sure to pick a champion that can get the highest value out of it.

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The best picks to go with Summon Aery are champions who can proc it repeatedly, or those who want a better early game at the cost of late game scaling. Here are the best champions for the Summon Aery rune:

  • Lulu
  • Yuumi
  • Orianna
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Zilean
  • Nami 

How Does Summon Aery Work?

Once you equip Summon Aery as your rune keystone before the match begins, your champion is spawned with your own Aery. Aery is like a small pet, that your champion uses to either damage your enemies or shield your allies.

Using it is super simple. If Aery is available (shown flying just around your champion model), it will fly to any enemy you hit, and hit them for some bonus damage. If you heal, shield, or otherwise buff any ally, Aery will fly to them and shield them.

Summon Aery does not exactly have a fixed cooldown, but it cannot be used when Aery is flying between you and other champions, or is lingering over a champion that is not your own. However, as the game progresses, Aery will take less time to fly back to you.

Best Picks For Summon Aery

Summon Aery is best paired with an enchanter support, although the damage is decent enough to be taken with mages too. If you want to try it out, check out this list of the best picks to go with this rune.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Lulu League of LegendsThe perfect champ for you to pair with Summon Aery is Lulu. This rune has perfect synergy with Lulu’s playstyle, and pairing them up is bound to get you some free wins because of how strong they are together.

Lulu is a support champion with a uniquely progressive playstyle in the sense that during the early game, she focuses on being offensive and harassing the enemy laners, while in the late game, your main job is to shield your allies.

As Aery offers damage as well as shielding depending on what abilities you are using, Lulu can quite literally make full use of this rune for both purposes, depending on the stage of the game you are in.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Yuumi League of LegendsYuumi used to be one of the most overpowered support champions in League of Legends when she was released. However, Riot let the League community let out a sigh of relief by nerfing her continually over several patches.

Despite these nerfs though, Yuumi is still a terrifically strong support champion in the right hands, especially in the right hands. Taking Summon Aery on Yuumi will allow you to make the most out of it because of how loaded Yuumi’s kit is.

If you play Yuumi, you can use Aery offensively by hitting champions with your Q, Prowling Projectile, and can also use it for shielding your allies by buffing them through your other abilities, which heal them and buff them by giving them extra movement speed.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Orianna League of LegendsOne of Aery’s main advantages is that it gives you really strong trading potential, and seriously improves your laning experience. This is the biggest reason for Summon Aery being the best rune for the strong late-game mage, Orianna.

Even though Orianna’s kit gives her very little solo kill potential in the early game, Summon Aery gives you extra damage to all your offensive abilities, as well as your passive which is based on basic attacks and your E shield combines with Aery’s shield to help keep yourself and your allies safe.

Orianna has really low cooldowns, and her passive rewards her for hitting the enemy laner with nothing but basic attacks. Since Aery also has a low cooldown as compared to other runes, and procs off of basic attacks, Orianna ends up having perfect synergy with this rune.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Sona League of LegendsSupport mains love Aery because of how well it goes with most enchanter supports, and Sona is no different. Summon Aery is the go-to keystone for Sona mains in all games, irrespective of the matchup.

With your Q and Aery’s damage, this rune allows you to play offensively in lane with decent pressure on the enemy laners. Sona can use Aery with all of her abilities, and it goes really well with your core support items.

If you go Summon Aery on Sona, buy Moonstone Renewer as your Mythic item. With this setup, Aery will constantly charge up your Moonstone active, and you will have it fully loaded throughout your fights. In this way, your heals will make it nearly impossible for your dear ADC to die.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Soraka League of LegendsWhat happens when you combine a champion that is strong in the early to mid stages of the game together with a rune that is the strongest within the same period? You get a recipe for winning games before letting them ever drag on to the late game, and that is what you take Soraka with Summon Aery for.

Soraka has high poke damage in the early game, with her low cooldowns, as well as her Q and E, both of which have absurdly high base damage. Summon Aery builds up perfectly on Soraka’s strengths by making her poke hit harder than ever, and allowing you to send your enemy laners crawling back to their base.

But that is not all. Since Soraka does not have a shielding ability in her kit, Summon Aery makes up for this weakness by giving your allies a shield every time you heal them. Clearly, Summon Aery is extremely strong on Soraka, and you can absolutely abuse this pair for some easy wins.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Zilean League of LegendsZilean has a lot of burst potential in his kit, and is one of those AP supports that are not there to heal you but to help you kill enemies faster. As such, the offensive part of Summon Aery is extremely well-used if you take this rune on the old time warper.

Where most support champions have heals and shields for their ADCs in their kits, Zilean lacks either of those, and offers just a movement speed buff instead in his basic abilities. However, Summon Aery makes it so that using your E on your allies gives them a small shield as well, since this counts as a buff.

As such, Summon Aery allows you to have serious kill potential on your enemies at all stages in the game, whilst also letting you have a small shield for yourself and your allies in case things don’t go the way you wanted them to.


Best Summon Aery Rune Champion Nami League of LegendsNami is one of the strongest support champions in the game, and Summon Aery remains the best rune choice for her. Some people, including some pros, have played Electrocute Nami with decent success as well, but the truth is, Summon Aery is much more reliable with this champion.

Not only does Summon Aery make you extremely annoying to deal with in the laning phase, thanks to the extra damage to go with your offensive abilities, but it also makes her a really solid support overall since you end up giving your allies a shield in addition to all the heals.

Plus, if you can consistently poke your opponents throughout the laning phase, Aery offers much more value as a whole as compared to Electrocute, because the low cooldown allows Summon Aery to have damage close to Electrocute, on top of the unmatched utility you get from the extra shielding on your allies and yourself.

Our Verdict

Summon Aery is an extremely strong rune for most champions of the enchanter class in League of Legends. When paired with a champion that has good synergy with it, this rune can easily outshine every other rune out there.

Pick out a champion from this list if you want to give this broken rune a shot, and let us know in the comments below how much your win rate shoots up!

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