Top 7 Best Support Top Laners in League of Legends

Best Support Top Laners in League of Legends Guide

League of Legends has a diverse pool of champions in every role of the game. Since every player has a different playstyle, they might prefer one type of champion over the other. That is why Riot Games has introduced all types of champions in every role. Even if you are playing top-lane, you can pick champions that support your team while being viable in the top lane. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best support top laners in League of Legends.

The top 7 best support top laners in League of Legends are:

  • Ornn
  • Shen
  • Karma
  • Tahm Kench
  • Sejuani
  • Kayle
  • Poppy

While you might prefer some other champions to be on the list, we have good reasons why we chose these champions. All of them provide utility to their team in the form of healing, CC, and other spells. If you are looking for a champion that is viable in the top lane while playing a supportive role for the team, continue reading to find out why these champions are on this list. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top 7 best support top laners in League of Legends.

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Best Support Top Laner Ornn League of LegendsStarting off with the best support top laner that is extremely strong right now. Ornn falls perfectly into this category thanks to a number of reasons. Firstly, he is a solid top laner that can trade with almost any enemy and come out on top. Thanks to his tanky stats, HP, abilities, and CC, he is quite strong right now.

When it comes to supporting his team, Ornn can do that in a number of ways. He provides a lot of CC for his team and can peel for his carries if it comes to that. His Q throws out a small wall that deals a little damage to anything it hits.

Ornn’s W allows him to breathe fire in front of him and ignore any CC for the duration. Not only that but the flame deals a good amount of damage and marks the enemy units. Any unit that is marked will take extra damage from the next auto attack of Ornn and will get CC’d as well. It is like a mini stun but it also knocks the target back a bit.

His E causes Ornn to dash forward, dealing damage. If he hits a wall, he will knock everything around him. To make the most out of his E, you can throw out a Q and place a small rock wall. Then, use your E and knock the enemies around that small wall easily.

Finally, Ornn’s R calls a giant ram that slows and deals damage to anything it hits. Once it gets near Ornn, he can recast this ability to throw the ram wherever he wants. At that point, anything the ram hits will be knocked up in the air and take additional damage. Plus, they will get marked as well, allowing you to hit them again to knock them back and deal more damage.

If that wasn’t enough, Ornn can also upgrade the mythic items for all of his team thanks to his passive. After a certain level, he can start upgrading items to make them even stronger. This is a strong passive because it will always give your team an edge when it comes to the late game. Even if everyone has made the same items, your team will still be stronger thanks to the additional stats.


Best Support Top Laner Shen League of LegendsShen has a lot of map presence thanks to his ultimate. However, before that, he is a strong laner that can out-damage most champions in the top lane. Plus, he has a good taunt on his E which allows him to dash forward as well. You can use this to either runaway, chase the enemy, or taunt them so that they are forced to attack you for a while so that your carries can damage them.

On top of that, his W makes an area around his spirit sword. Anyone standing in this area will not take any damage from auto attacks. This is extremely useful to avoid all damage from the enemy ADC in team fights. Plus, you can use your Q to call the sword towards yourself. If it hits anything in the way, it will deal damage and give you a shield as well.

Finally, Shen’s R allows him to target any ally champion and give them a massive shield. On top of that, Shen also teleports to their location as well. This allows you to completely change the team fight. You can use this ultimate to not only save your ally but also teleport there and start using the rest of your abilities. This comes in handy during the laning phase when the bot lane decides to 2v2 or the enemy jungler ganks.


Best Support Top Laner Karma League of LegendsKarma is a pure support champion that surprisingly works in the top lane as well. She deals a good amount of damage thanks to her AP scaling and her abilities. On top of that, she has tons of utility that will make it almost impossible to kill your team. Her Q fires a project that damages anything it hits. If she empowers it with her R, she can enhance the damage and make a small area underneath the projectile that explodes after a second, dealing more damage.

Her W is a chain that attaches to any enemy unit. It roots the enemy after a brief period. However, what makes her a strong top lane is that she can empower her W with her R and heal a lot when she chains any enemy champion. This is a point-and-click ability so there is no way that you can miss it.

Her E is what makes her great support. She can shield any ally champion by simply clicking on them. The shield itself is quite strong but it also gives additional movement speed to the target as well. On top of that, if you empower this with your R, you will give all your allies in an area the shield and movement speed. This is a great ability to use in teamfights to save your allies.

Tahm Kench

Best Support Top Laner Tahm Kench League of LegendsRecently, Tahm Kench has seen a small rework that has brought him into the S-tier. He is an insane champion who deals tons of damage, has CC, and can save his allies if they are in danger. He is a great champion to engage the fight thanks to his new W. Tahm can go under the ground and come out from the other side to knock up any target in the area.

His Q allows him to use his tongue to slow and damage the first enemy target hit. If you have three stacks on the enemy with your auto attacks, you can stun the target with your Q. His E gives him a shield if his HP is low. The more HP you are missing, the larger shield you will get.

Finally, his R can be used in two ways. Firstly, you can put three stacks on the enemy and use R on them to eat them. This allows you to take the enemy and throw them into your team. On the other hand, you can eat your ally if they are in danger and throw them to safety. It also gives them a shield as well.


Best Support Top Laner Sejuani League of LegendsOriginally a jungler, some players pick Sejuani in the top lane thanks to her tremendous CC. She can peel for her carries and allow them to continue dealing damage to the enemy. Her Q is a short dash that knocks back any enemy hit. Her W allows her to swing her flail, damaging and slowing any targets hit.

Her E allows her to stun any target that she has hit and has her mark on. If your melee allies attack the enemy, they will also fill up the mark and allow Sejuani to stun the enemy.

Finally, her R throws a large piece of ice that stuns the first enemy champion hit. It also creates a massive area where all enemies are slowed.


Best Support Top Laner Kayle League of LegendsWhile Kayle isn’t considered a support champion, a few of her abilities make her play a good supporting role for the team. She is a hyper carry that can win the entire game after getting her level 3 ultimate at level 16. While a champion like that isn’t really a support, she can use her W to heal herself and her allies. This allows Kayle to heal any ally in her range, giving them movement speed alongside HP.

Plus, the main reason why she can provide support to her team is thanks to her ultimate. Kayle’s ultimate is a strong ability that makes a selected target invulnerable. She can use this on herself as well. However, if used on herself, she cannot attack for the duration of the ultimate. The best part is that her allies can freely attack despite having the ultimate cast on them.

This is a great ability to cast on your ADC so that they can freely do their DPS without worrying about getting destroyed by the enemy assassin. Not only do your allies become invulnerable, but after the ultimate duration is over, swords also fall from the sky and damage the nearby enemies as well. This allows Kayle to have a lot of damage alongside providing healing and support to her team.


Best Support Top Laner Poppy League of LegendsPoppy is a tanky champion that has a surprising amount of mobility as well. She makes for a good supporting top laner thanks to her CC. Her Q allows Poppy to slam the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit by it. After a short while, the area which she slammed explodes, dealing more damage.

Her W allows her to gain movement speed and create a force field around herself for a short while that stops any movement-type ability. If someone dashes in your field, they will instantly get knocked up and have their ability canceled.

Poppy’s E allows her to point and click the enemy and push them back. If Poppy and the target hit a wall, the enemy will get stunned for a while. Finally, her R can change the teamfight in your favor. She charges her hammer and slams it on the ground. Any enemy hit by this gets thrown towards their base. The distance they get thrown for depends on how much you charged your hammer.

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