How to Mine 20 Gold in One Stage in Teamfight Tactics?

With the multitude of players that make up a large gaming community, Teamfight Tactics continues to gather its army of loyal players day by day. This auto-battler game is, along with the League of Legends, a product of the Riot Games factory. 

For 2 years on the market, this game has been advancing with each new update, which is slowly pushing it to the top of the list of the most popular games these days. One of the similarities with League of Legends is in Weekly Missions – by completing the Weekly Missions, you can get Teamfight Tactics Beta Points to buy various items, like emotes or avatars.

In this article, we will describe these Weekly Missions focusing on the trickiest of all – Mine 20 gold in one stage of Teamfight Tactics. Weekly Missions come with three tiers, some are easier, and some are harder to complete.

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What’s Up With Mine 20 Gold in One Stage Weekly Mission?

When this Weekly Mission was released (in the summer of 2019), players were left confused by its name. What did Riot mean when he called this mission “Mine 20 gold in one stage”? A lively discussion of the players on the forums began because they did not know how to complete this mission successfully.

Many players have thought that Riot has inserted some new way for players to raise more money or that there is a hidden algorithm on how to increase the amount of gold in the game. Well, they soon realized that Riot really has no hidden intentions or additional tricks for more gold income; only the choice of words failed a bit this time when they announced this mission.

Mining is actually an interest that a player earns between the rounds. In Teamfight Tactics, Stages present a set of six rounds that are divided between monster matches and PvP fights. Basically, you need to have an average of 4 or 5 coins per round, which means that a four-coin interest rate will be achieved when you have 40 coins in your savings. For example, if you have 11 gold in the first stage, you have to finish the game with 31 gold to complete this Weekly Mission.

This is actually not a difficult challenge because as the game progresses and as you win in fights, the amount of gold also rises in your bank. So, to complete this task, you should not spend money during the whole stage. The positive side is that you will have a lot of saved money that you can spend, and the negative side is that you will very likely lose that game. Remember, the more the game progresses, the harder it will be to collect and save gold, so you have to be careful what moves you make.

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So, Is There a Way to Calculate my Interest so I Can Complete This Challenge?

Well, we thought you’d never ask. Of course, there is a way to calculate your interest; Teamfight Tactics fans have tried to make it easier for you to complete this Weekly Mission in the shortest possible time.

Interest is calculated after each round; remember that. Firstly, you collect interest for every 10 gold that is in your bank and so on up to the amount of 50 gold. At the end of the every round, when interest is calculated, it provides +1 gold for every 10 gold you have in your bank. 

For 10 gold, you get one gold in interest; for 20 gold, you get two gold in interest; for 30 gold, you get three gold in interest, and so on. You can have the most 50 gold saved in the bank so that you can get the most five gold in interest; pay attention to that.

This Weekly Mission says you need to have 20 gold in interest in one stage (this can be four or five rounds). The best way to complete this challenge is to save gold somewhere up to mid-game; according to some average, you should have approximately 50 gold to mid-game. For example, if you complete four rounds in stage three, you may have the 20 gold in interest; this amount you need to complete this Weekly Mission.

However, if you save money to complete this challenge, be prepared that you are not entitled to limited leveling up or re-rolling. But this is not necessarily a bad tactic. Professional Teamfight Tactics players are constantly developing new strategies that try to save as much gold as possible, which distracts the player from spontaneously spending gold through the initial stages of the game. 

Although these strategies are risky because the player risks being overtaken by the rest of the team and he eventually loses the game, they have proven to be extremely successful because players manage to save a lot of gold and afford powerful items.

You will easily solve this challenge; just save up gold for a game.

Also, at the very end of the article, we will briefly mention other Teamfight Tactics Weekly Missions and how they work.

  • Play 30 Nobles or 30 Pirates / 30 Knights or Yordles

Another common mission on Teamfigth Tactics, play 30 of the type you choose, you can’t mix them up so you can’t play 15 Pirates and 15 Nobles, so choose wisely.

  • Play 5/8 Games of Teamfight Tactics to Round 20

In this easy mission you have to stay alive to get to round 20. You don’t have to win the game, you just have to face round 20, followed by a round with Raptor, so good luck.

  • Build a Three-Star Unit With Three Items

This is one of the most difficult missions in Teamfight Tactics, you need to build a three-star unit and attach three items to them to successfully complete this challenge. First focus on getting a unit to three-stars, maybe you should try it with a low-cost unit because they are easier to build, after that you should try to equip three items on them and this is it. You have successfully completed this challenge!

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Final Thoughts

Weekly Missions are a great way to collect points and win various prizes, so players are extremely happy when Weekly Missions show up. However, sometimes Weekly Missions can give players headaches because they are complicated, and it takes a lot of effort to complete such missions successfully. There are often debates on the forum about how each mission is solved, and each player has their own way to complete the mission. One of the missions that confused the Teamfight Tactics players because of their choice of words (Riot, we’re talking about you) was a mission called “Mine 20 gold in One Stage”. Riot, can you repeat that?

It took the players a long time to figure out how to complete this mission, but in the end, they realized it was actually very easy. The focus is on saving gold. The player should save from stage one because for the gold saved, and he gets a certain amount of interest. We gave an example, for 10 gold will get +1 gold in interest. The more money player saves, the higher his gold in interest will be, and so the challenge will be complete when he reaches 20 gold in interest in one stage.

We can sum up this challenge in a one sentence, save your gold from the beginning of the game, don’t level up with gold and don’t use re-rolls, also pay attention to items you build and hope for the best you won’t lose before the mid game and late game and with completing this challenge you get the option to buy more powerful and more expensive items with your gold saved. Good luck and watch your wallet!

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