TFT Set 5 Shadow Items – The Ultimate Guide

TFT Set 5 Shadow Items - The Ultimate Guide

For all of you who are not yet informed, Riot Games in 2019 released a new game which is the spinoff of League of Legends. The game is called Teamfight Tactics, it is an auto battler game, and players fight against seven opponents to build a team that will win. A real game for practicing team-building skills. 

In this article, we will focus on Set 5 and Shadow Items – what Shadow Items are, what they are for and when to use them. These Shadow Items are quite different from the classic items that players have become accustomed to in the past four Sets. So, it’s reading time! 

Teamfight Tactics Set 5: Reckoning, was released on April 28th, last year. As always, Riot made an effort to surprise his loyal players with new content, so with a lot of news, Shadow Items appeared. Shadow Items are a novelty in Teamfigh Tactics, so players were surprised because they didn’t know what Shadow Items were for.

In short, Shadow Items are items that serve to create new items, stronger and more effective for the game. The name Shadow Items is not harmless, and Shadow Items really come with a certain amount of risk because the Shadow version is much more dangerous than the regular version of the item. Why is that so? Well, if the Shadow Item is used improperly, it damages your champion. Like, it can seriously hurt your champion.

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How Can I Get Shadow Items?

TFT Set 5 Shadow Items - The Ultimate Classes and Origins Guide Items

You can get Shadow Items in TFT Set 5 through two already known ways. The first is Carousel and the second is New Armory. During a match, full Shadow Items may appear in the Carousel, and initially, one of the Shadow Items parts may appear in the Carousel, also. 

In the whole new Armory, you will be able to choose between two or four items, and half of them will be Shadow Items. Your picks can be made at 2-2, 3-2, and 4-2. But remember, you can’t get Shadow Items from PvE rounds. Also, by combining two Shadow components, you will get a Shadow Item.

In the continuation of the article, we will present a lot of Shadow Items from TFT Set 5: Reckoning, so keep reading to get acquainted with these special items.

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Teamfight Tactics Set 5: Reckoning – List of Shadow Items

TFT Set 5 Shadow Items - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Guide Items
  • Guardian Fallen Angel (Sword + Chain)

This item will prevent the death of its holder when it first happens. Instead of dying, the holder will be frozen for 2 seconds. When he comes back to life he will have 80% of his health restored and will have no negative effects. After the holder uses this ability his attack speed will be reduced by 50%.

  • Cursed Deathblade (Sword + Sword)

If the holder of this item contributes to a kill, it will grant +15 attack damage to the holder. The holder will also receive -20% of maximum health. Also, this item can stack many times, starting with 3 stacks.

  • Riskthirster (Sword + Cloak)

All basic attacks will heal the holder for the amount of 40% of damage dealt. Also, every time the holder heals to 90%, he will get a 40% attack speed that will last 3 seconds.

  • Runaan’s Evil Hurricane (Bow + Cloak)

Holder’s attacks fire bolts at two closest enemies, which will deal them 60% of the holder’s attack damage. Remember, these bolts can critically strike but do not apply on-hit effects.

  • Zz’Rot Dark Portal (Bow + Belt)

When combat starts, the holder can taunt enemies within 2 hexes. After he dies, Construct appears with 500 health continues to fight and taunt enemies. After Construct dies, it deals 777 true damage to enemies within one hex.

  • Force of Darkness (Spatula + Spatula)

Your team will gain +2 maximum team size, but Little Legends of the holder will take 100% extra damage.

  • Very Dark Blue Buff (Tear + Tear)

When the holder casts their ability, his mana will be set up to 10. If the holder has less than 50% health, health will be increased to 40.

  • Archdemon’s Staff (Tear + Rod)

Each time the holder cast their ability they will get a maximum health equal to 300 of their maximum mana. Also, each time they will damage themselves for 10% of their current health as true damage.

  • Rabadon’s Cursed Deathcap (Rod + Rod)

When the holder cast this ability, he will gain 80 additional ability power and also receive -20% of maximum health.

  • Ionic Dark- Spark (Rod + Cloak)

Your allies and enemies (except your champion) will be zapped when they cast their abilities. Also, enemies take 200% of their max mana, and your allies take 100% of their max mana. Furthermore, the holder will gain 5 ability power for the rest of combat.

  • Evil Gargoyle Stoneplate (Chain + Cloak)

The holder of this item will heal himself for 45 health every 2 seconds for each unit targeting him.

  • Warmog’s Poison Armor (Belt  + Belt)

It will grant the holder 1500 bonus health, but wearer will therefore lose 100 health each second.

  • Locket of the Dark Solari (Chain + Rod)

The holder and all his allies within 2 hexes take 20% reduced damage but gain 5 less mana per attack.

  • Cursed Hextech Gunblade (Sword + Rod)

The holder’s spells heal the nearest teammate with missing health for 50% of the damage dealt. This heal, however, will not affect the holder.

  • Chalice of Malice (Cloak + Tear)

Allies within one hex in the same row gain 50 spell power for the rest of combat. The wearer will lose 20 spell power.

  • Evil Statik Shivv (Bow + Tear)

Basic attacks will unleash a chain lightning, which will deal 65 magic damage to four enemies.

  • Titan’s Explosive Resolve (Chain + Bow)

Next attack will deal 25% of total damage which the holder took since the last empowered attack as true damage. This happens every 4 seconds.

  • Evil Giant Slayer (Sword + Bow)

The holder of this item will deal 45% bonus damage from attacks and abilities, if his target happens to have less than 1100 maximum health, the holder of this item will experience 15% reduced damage from his abilities and attacks.

  • Villain’s Bramble Vest (Chain + Chain)

Villain’s Bramble Vest will grant to its holder 200 bonus armor , including components.

  • Mor – evil – lonomicon (Belt + Rod)

Holder of this ability has the ability to deal magic damage and at the same time burn their target, which will deal 100% of the target’s maximum health as true damage for 25 seconds. And also, this will reduce healing by 50% by duration of the burn. Holder’s ability will deal 50% less damage.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we presented Teamfight Tactics Set 5: Reckoning and the biggest surprise Riot has prepared for his loyal players: the Shadow Items, evil twins of your favorite items. Yes, you read that right; Shadow Items are a evil version of pre-existing items, which means that with a combination of items, the Shadow version does damage to its holder. 

To get a Shadow Item, you have to combine one Shadow component with another component, and it can also be a Shadow or a regular component; it’s up to you. But as we have already said, be careful; Shadow Items can be an extremely powerful weapon that can do damage to its holder. That is why these items come with a high dose of risk. You can get them in the new Armory, or they can appear on Carousel.

In the article, we mentioned some of the most famous Shadow Items and their effect on their holder or targets. Most of these items are familiar to you, but you have certainly not come across the Shadow version of these same items. Remember, you will only learn in practice which items are worth combining and which Shadow items you should avoid if you do not want them to do you more harm than good. Good luck, and have fun with mixing and matching!

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