Top 16 Best Fan-Made Skins in League of Legends

Since the release of League of Legends on October 27, 2009, over 150 champions have been creations, and even more skins are available to collect. While Riot Games has released many epic skins in League of Legends, we believe the fans who have made skins should get some spotlight for a bit – even though those skins never made it to LoL. 

Fan-made League of Legends skins have been made by individuals who would love to give LoL fans the skins they want for their champions. While looking through all of the artwork, we noticed that the League of Legends community has some super artistic people who obviously put passion into their work.

Some artists have managed to catch Riot’s eye and got their way into the game, while others continue to live on the Internet and in our hearts. 

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to check the different concepts and imagine how they would look if they came to life one day. The talented minds who went out of their way to design these League of Legends skins also deserve some form of recognition.

Here are some of the best fan-made skins in League of Legends – these are ideas and concepts that would look great in the game.

16. Saw Rek’Sai

A friend of mine has Rek’Sai as a main, and when I showed him this skin, he loved the idea. 

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed Rek’Sai doesn’t have that many skins, so this fan-made skin right here would be a great addition. Could you imagine the sawing sounds this would make while attacking? I can almost hear it…

15. Snow Day Nautilus

Holidays skins are popular and every Christmas, Riot Games makes sure they introduce a new set of snowy skins, which we always enjoy. I managed to catch the artist’s name on this skin – Leon Rpeter created this cute skin for Nautilus. Leon originally wanted to take a more Eskimo route, but he decided to go for this design, which I feel goes great.

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14. Underworld Zed

Some League of Legends players may tell you that Zed has enough dark fantasy skins, but this one right here is too good not to use. This skin would only require a model change because the particles could remain the same, making for a cheaper skin. While expanding on the dark theme, it adds a gruesome side – Underworld Zed would definitely make a great skin.

13. Dark Star Urgot

Despite the community’s efforts, signature campaigns, and countless petitions, Dark Star Urgot didn’t get picked up. That was just a setback, though, as the community didn’t forget and found a way to improvise. Artist Slown Damn went out of his way to make his own Star Guardian Urgot with his own twist. 

12. Elderwood Kindred

Kindred has quite a few skins to choose from, but this theme right here is one that Kindred hasn’t tried on yet. Mind you; this may only be a dream because it’s a bit too much for Riot Games to make as the leaves for the wolf would be too challenging to design. However, the artist put a lot of thought into this skin, and it would be amazing if it would come to life.

11. Demon Irelia

Irelia always had a certain vibe, but Alexey Gorbatov seems to have gone against that well-known vibe and transformed Irelia into a bloodthirsty demon. This idea is far-fetched, and chances of Riot Games picking up this skin are slim, but this is the type of skin many of us would love to see Irelia wearing. Those small horns with her stone-like skin combined with that look in her eyes creates a great demonic vibe.

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10. Gangster Lucian

I always looked at Jhin and thought he needed a gangster skin, and never really thought about a gangster skin for Lucian, but after seeing this, I feel it would look much better on Lucian. This splash art is great and flawlessly fits an alternate fantasy. 

9. Ghost Janna

Janna already has many skins to choose from, but this Ghost Janna skin created by artist Thorsten Erdt shouldn’t be overlooked. The artist has left nothing to our imagination and has even introduced their own chromas. If it weren’t for that small Casper-like ghost that’s floating around Janna’s neck, we could consider this concept evil and scary, but that ghost takes that concept away. 

8. Jade Princess Ahri

It surprises us that Riot Games hasn’t made a Jade Princess Ahri yet, because this would be one of the best releases for the Asian culture events. How the artist has managed to produce this Jade Princess Ahri skin, we have no clue, but it really is cool. 

7. Volcanic Anivia 

The Volcanic Anivia skin by Vlad Bacescu is a side of our favorite champion that many of us would like to see. Who could ever imagine Anivia breathing fire? This is a super cool concept.

6. Zombie Annie

Annie already has a skin called Goth Annie, which is dark-themed skin, but this right here, the Zombie Annie skin, would be great for Halloween. Personally, I’m just in it for zombie Tibbers if we’re being honest. 

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5. Bard the Chick Magnet

Bard the Chick Magnet comes to us from artist Adrien Debos. If this skin ever gets implemented on Bard, you’d probably see more players playing him simply because of the skin. Initially, this concept was put together for the Creative Contest Riot held, and from there, everyone fell in love with the skin after it won. Basically, Bard’s body is a nest that the chicks he collects can rest in. 

4.Day of the Dead Orianna

Artist Slowgun9 created Day of the Dead Orianna. This is epic work that we can only hope will be an in-game skin one day. It would be perfect for Halloween as it would incorporate a different culture.

3. Candy Land Annie

This comes to us from artist SaintPrecious, and I must say, Candy Land Annie needs to be a thing, like, right now. We feel that this is just so fitting for our little Annie, and who knows, maybe Riot Games will catch wind of this and make it a thing.

2. Karthulhu the Ancient One

Karthulhu the Ancient One comes to us from artist Andrea Orioli. Looking at Karthus, we always felt he had a mysterious vibe to him. This has that Dungeons & Dragons combined with Stranger Things vibe going on, and we love it.

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1. 88MPH Ezreal by Antoine Dupuis

It’s obvious that Back to the Future has inspired this Ezreal concept. Looking at this, it gives us the vibes of “old school cool.” The 80s was a hectic decade, filled with inspiring advancements in technology, fashion, and music, and we’re glad to see it come back, even if it’s just on a skin concept on League of Legends. Even if this particular skin doesn’t make its way into the game, we can hope that Riot picks up on this idea and goes for more vintage skins.

So there you have it – the best fan-made skins in League of Legends. Do you have a particular fan-made skin you would like to share with us? 

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