The Best Legacy Vault Skins in League of Legends

If you love League of Legends, then surely, your champion doesn’t run around with a “no-skin.” There are hundreds upon hundreds of League of Legends skins that you can choose from. With new skins being released continuously, there are times where Riot removes (or “vaults) the old skins from the store so that there’s room for the new ones.

When an LoL skin has been removed from the store, the chances of returning aren’t very high. Often, the skins that have been removed turn into what is referred to as legacy skins. Since you can no longer obtain them in-game, they’re referred to as being collector’s items.

Vaulted skins are great for showing off to your friends, but at the same time, they show others how long you have been playing League of Legends. 

Here is a list of what we feel are the best legacy vault skins in League of Legends…

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1. Snow Day Bard

Snow Day Bard is a cool skin as it does a great job of reflecting the champion’s role as the Wandering Caretaker. With this skin, it’s all about spreading Christmas cheer throughout LoL. 

If you want your very own Snow Day Bard, it’s possible as it is part of the Snowdown skins. This means that it will more than likely reappear in the LoL shop during Christmas (that’s exciting). 

2. Samsung Galaxy White Thresh

There’s just something about this skin …it has some super cool features. Usually, Thresh would have a chain on most skins, but instead, with the Samsung Galaxy White Thresh skin, he has a solid white rope. 

This skin was created back in 2014 to celebrate Samsung Galaxy White’s victory during the World Championship. 

Many League of Legend players love this skin and have it listed as one of their favorite skins. Don’t worry, because if you want to get your hands on this skin, it makes a yearly return.

3. Definitely Not Blitzcrank

There’s an old joke in League of Legends that goes like this: You’re sitting in the loading screen with your friends on voice chat. You’re trying to convince them that you’re not playing Blitzcrank. We love how Riot took part in this humor and offered the “Definitely Not Blitzcrank” skin – it shows us that they pay attention to their players. 

Okay, so you may lose your voice chat group with this old joke, but if you’re into Blitzcrank (that’s your choice, there’s nothing wrong with it, we’re not judging), then the “Definitely not Blitzcrank” skin might just be right for you.

Of course, to pick up the Definitely Not Blitzcrank skin, you’ll have to wait for it to be available again. This skin is currently on the Harrowing Skins list, making its return to the shop every year during Halloween. Personally, we can’t wait for this collection to come out again, because the Halloween skins are our favorites. 

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4. Limited Edition Championship Riven

After its distribution back in 2012, Limited Edition Championship Riven was promised never to be re-released. In 2016, a Championship Riven skin got a yearly release from the vault due to popular demand. 

The 2016 Riven is still pretty cool, don’t get us wrong, but the 2012 version of the skin was slightly different – it featured a unique crowd. However, the new edition of the skin looks like something is missing on Riven’s head because the crown isn’t there. 

So, while fans have access to the 2016 Championship Riven skin, the 2012 Limited Edition Championship Riven (the one with the crown can no longer be obtained.

5. Queen Ashe

Queen Ashe is elegantly dressed, and if you’re looking for a simple change, this would be a great skin for you. However, this one right here is currently retired from League of Legends – you can get this skin through the Hextech crafting system. 

6. Vancouver Amumu

Vancouver Amumu was a special skin that emerged for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It has been estimated that around 25,000 LoL accounts have the Vancouver Amumu skin. What’s neat about this skin is that the color on his bandages represents the Olympic Rings, which are yellow, blue, red, green, and black.

Vancouver Amumu cannot be purchased, but you can obtain him through mystery gifts if you’re lucky.

7. Pax Siver

In 2011, during the PAX event, Riot handed out an exclusive LoL skin. The PAX Siver skin was only available to attendees during that event, and never again. After this event, Riot hasn’t given away any other skins at a PAX event, besides the 2017 PAX event, which was a re-color of the Pax Siver skin – renamed Neo PAX Siver. 

The Tron film inspired the Pax Siver skin – if you noticed, Sivir is wearing an outfit that is a lot like the one worn by the characters in the movie. 

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8. UFO Corki

UFO Corki is a rare skin, which was given out by Riot as a celebration of the first year of LoL – this skin was never available to purchase. If you were a League of Legends player who registered your account before January 14, 2010, you automatically received the UFO Corki. 

9. King Rammus

This was a special skin given out to those who participated in the League of Legends closed beta, which ended on October 21, 2009. If you participated in the beta, then you automatically received the King Rammus skin. 

Looking at the King Rammus skin, it’s evident that he was inspired by Bowser, the famous Nintendo Character from Mario. 

How Many Skins are There in LoL?

Currently, there are 1,074 League of Legends skins, and this number will continue to climb as Riot seems to like releasing their skins – they continue to toss more skins into the mix, which we find cool. 

The LoL skins can be categorized into four different groups:

  • Legacy Vault Skins – These are skins that you cannot unlock outright, but you can get shards from loot boxes and use them to purchase the skins through the Riot Store. 
  • Commonly Available Skins – These are always available skins and can be picked up through the Riot Store. 
  • Exclusive (unavailable skins) – These are usually either tied to promotional events or are seasonal rewards. 
  • Prestige Edition Skins – These skins are event-specific and can only be unlocked by cashing in your prestige points or by farming the required reward tokens.

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Final Words

If you’re trying to collect every available skin in the game, you have a long road ahead of you, because that is a serious mountain you will have to climb. For those skins that have been vaulted, like some of the ones we listed above, you will need to wait and pick them up during certain events. 

What about you – what’s your favorite skin that has been vaulted? 

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