Top 5 Best Marksman Champions in Season 12

Some of the champions in League of Legends are stronger than others. There are numerous champions you can choose from for the marksmen (and the markswomen) of League of Legends or the ADCs.

You have high early damage carriers like Jhin and Draven, and then there are those attack-speed-focused hyper carrier champions like Tristana and Jinx. With the current ADC meta, you can play whichever champion suits your taste because they’re all pretty viable at this given time.

Here are the top Marksman Champions for season 12:

1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is well known for her crowd control abilities and being able to dash over walls. She just so happens to be one of the highest ADC ranges in League of Legends. Unfortunately, she is item dependent and can get outscalled by the other meta ADC’s. 

With her amazing headshots with a critical strike that is guaranteed, she is always in the meta as being one of the best ADCs. With this champion, it will be easy to get the last hit on minions while continuously poking enemies from a range that they’re unable to respond to.

With her traps, there is zoning potential. Not to mention the fact that positioning in team fights is easy because hitting enemies from the back isn’t hard for Caitlyn. If an enemy tries to escape, she can use her ability called Ace in the Hole, to get them. 

Like most ADC champions, the Precision tree is vital for Caitlyn. This will give you access to a movement speed buff and a mini-heal by choosing the Fleet Footwork keystone. In this tree, you also have lifesteal, making it so that you can put focus towards other core items. 

For your secondary tree, you should go with Sorcery. This will give you access to Nimbus Cloak, which comes in handy for making you mobile and Gathering Storm will increase your scaling potential. 

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2. Kalista

There’s no denying the fact that Kalista is a strong laner. After recent buffs that were done to her base stats, she became more popular. She started to become a popular choice in the top lane, but then transitioned to the ADC role. She’s one of the best marksmen in League of Legends to secure objectives. 

In the top lane, Domination is the primary tree that is preferred. However, using the Precision as the primary tree in the bot lane will give you access to Lethan Tempo. 

The Precision primary page grants access to two runes that offer additional attack speed – Legend: Alacrity and Lethal Tempo. This will allow you to stack your spears and do more damage easily. Choosing Overheal will make you tankier. Coup de Grace is an excellent finisher to assist you during the laning phase as it helps deal a large amount of damage to those enemies that already have low health. 

The secondary page that is the most picked would be Sorcery, granting access to Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm. 

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3. Aphelios

Aphelios is a good marksman champion with a flexible profile and a substantial kit. He requires weapon management and is immobile, but that isn’t going to stop him from doing what he needs to do – he’s a one of a kind champion and the most unique ADC in the community. 

Aphelios is a powerful ADC with a strong kit, regardless of the chosen weapon combination. It’s easy to tell a first-time Aphelios player from a master Aphelios users. If you’re looking to experience one of the strongest ADCs in League of Legends, then this one is for you. Aphelios refuses to fade away – even after numerous nerfs since his debut, he still continues being…Aphelios. 

There’s a couple of good talent trees for this champion, but most choose the Precision primary tree because of Conqueror. The keystone allows you to outheal most damage if it’s fully stacked. Cut Down is chosen to take down pesky tanks, while Overheal alongside Legend: Bloodline gives defensive options. 

The secondary rune page that is recommended is Sorcery, and this is because of Nimbus Cloak. Aphelios doesn’t have any mobility spells in his kit, so this is definitely a requirement. 

4. Ezreal

Playing League of Legends as Ezreal can be rewarding. Ezreal does need time to scale and is skillshot reliant, but has strong zone control via Iceborn Gauntlet. For a newbie, Ezreal would be one of the best champions to pick for this role. This champion can teach you how to maximize damage output, land skillshots, and how to zone off enemies using Iceborn Gauntlet. Mind you, he isn’t as strong as Aphelios, but after his buffs, he’s a strong contender. 

Before Kleptomancy was reworked into Omnistone, that’s what Ezreal used to run with. Because the Inspiration tree granted him additional CDR, boots, and sustain, it was his main. However, when Kleptomancy was removed, most started to use the Precision primary tree. With Lethal Temp, he can unleash some pretty good fast auto attacks – it’s even better when it’s stacked with attacked speed.

The presence of the Mind will grant additional damage through Muramana. To keep you healthy before you go in for those lifesteal items, go for Legend: Bloodline and Coup de Grace because they will help you eliminate those opponents already low on health. The secondary Sorcery tree grants you Manaflow Band, making it so that you never run low on mana. 

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5. Ashe

Last on our list, we have Ashe, an easy champion to play and is well known for AoE CC. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a dash, but this isn’t going to stop her. Death’s Dance is her latest reworked item, and when this is combined with her simple kit, she’s a great pick.

This type of LoL champion can stand up to Aphelios with ease, making her a good pick in today’s meta that’s infested with this champion.

For Ashe, there are numerous viable builds, but the one that is the most efficient has Precision being the primary tree. Choosing Lethal Temp will help her do a large amount of damage, especially when combined with Presence of Mind, which helps her mana situation – this makes her able to spam that W throughout the game. Coup de Grace helps land killing blows on those opponents that are low on health, while Legend: Alacrity grants additional attack speed. 

For Ashe’s Secondary tree, you’ll want to go for Inspiration with Approach Velocity and Biscuits.


So there you have it, a list of the best Marksman Champions in League of Legends season 12. Do you feel like there’s another champion we should have included on this list? If so, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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