The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

When we think about Victorious skins, we’re immediately taken back to the old days – you know, those days where League of Legends players from around the world worked hard and grinded those ranked games so that they could get to the Gold League and acquire them.

Ever since those days, Victorious legendary skins are a rarity for LoL players to have on their accounts. Riot Games went through and carefully chose which champions they felt should receive the Victorious skin, making the entire scenario even more interesting for the LoL community

What are the requirements for getting Victorious skins? What makes a player qualified to get one? This is a guide on Victorious skins in League of Legends. Today, we will tell you about the qualification process and tell you about the different Victorious skins that have since been released. 

How do You Get Victorious Skins in League of Legends? 

The very first Victorious skin was released nine years ago, in 2011. Victorious skins are a representation of a special season-end award gifted to eligible players. In order to get Victorious skins, you will first need to get a ranking of at least Gold. 

Here’s a list of the ranked queues that will make you eligible to receive Victorious skins:

  • 3 vs. 3 Ranked
  • 5 vs. 5 Ranked
  • Ranked Solo/Duo Queue

Slow down for a second because this isn’t all it’s going to take for you to get Victorious skins. 

There are a couple of factors you will need to consider when it comes to these end of the season skins:

  1. If you have received a recent suspension, you will be excluded from getting an end of the season award. This also means that you will need to be in good status as an honorable player in League of Legends. 
  2. Hold up, even if you’re an honorable player, this will not qualify you for a Victorious skin directly. Riot has to look through the millions of LoL accounts to consider which players are eligible. Since League of Legends is played by millions of people, this can take up to 2 weeks, so it is crucial that you put your patient hat on during this time.

For Those That Get the Victorious Skin of a Champion They Don’t Own

A player can receive a Victorious skin for a champion they do not own, which can be unfortunate. However, there is a happy ending to this scenario. Simply tell Riot about this, and they will add the skin to your LoL account free of charge. 

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Why are Victorious Skins so Valuable?

Victorious skins are a sort-of tradition that has been passed down since the first skin to be released in Ranked matches – it was Victorious Jarvan IV.

This skin is an indication of how much MOBA has grown since it first came out. The skin, however, isn’t just about legacy and history.

You see, if you’re a player that has received a Victorious skin, then this shows that you are a skillful player – the Victorious skin is a representation of the most skillful players. That’s not all.

The biggest icing on top of getting a Victorious skin would be the value behind it. This skin is rare, and considering that only a tiny handful of players will receive this skin, it’s never going to be available after that season ends. 

Even if you have just one Victorious skin, this is proof of what a good League of Legends player you are. 

Now that you understand the requirements needed to get a Victorious skin, it’s time to take a look at each one of these amazing skins and see what they’re all about.

Victorious Orianna

Victorious Orianna is one of the best skins in the Victorious line! She was part of the Season 8 ranked rewards

This skin was released back in 2018 (Season 8) – in this skin, Orianna is clad in silver armor that has nice little gold accents on it. 

This Victorious Orianna skin has different colors for different rank lineups. These colors will come in either red, blue, or green. 

Obtaining a Victorious Orianna Skin

To get this skin right now, you’d have to purchase an account with Orianna’s Victorious skin. If you played during season 8, but you didn’t get her skin, then don’t worry about it.

Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious Jarvan IV is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends. You can't buy this skin anymore!

The Victorious Jarvan IV is the rarest of all the Victorious skins. To us, it’s not very appealing, but that’s understandable because this was the beginning. In later years, Riot released some better-looking skins.

The Victorious Jarvan IV skin looks a bit like the original default skin, with the Victorious skin having the champion clad in silver armor with the gold element. 

Even though it doesn’t look all that great, the Victorious Jarvan VI skin is still the most valuable because of how long ago it was released. 

Obtaining the Victorious Jarvan IV Skin

Unfortunately, this skin is no longer available, and it never will be. Don’t let this discourage you because there will still be other Victorious skins for you to get in the years to come.

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Victorious Janna

The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

Victorious Janna is a decent looking skin. This skin provides Janna with the new animations to her abilities as well as weapons.

She also has a blue crystal staff that’s appealing to Janna fans. 

Obtaining a Victorious Janna Skin

This skin is as old as Jarvan’s skin, so obtaining it isn’t possible. The only way for you to get your hands on this skin would be to purchase an account that already has it. 

Either way, it’s okay because Janna has many other skins that you can enjoy, like Tempest Janna.

Victorious Elise

Victorious Elise The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

Victorious Elise is similar to Victorious Jarvan – with silver armor that has a golden trim running around the edges. The one thing that makes it different would be the blue crystal she has on her head and the new particles that go with her abilities. 

With the skin, she also has a new animation for her recall on both of her forms. 

Obtaining a Victorious Elise

Unless you played League of Legends in 2013 and reached Gold League during the 3rd season, you’re not going to get Victorious Elise, and it’s not going to be available ever again.

This shouldn’t make you feel bad, though, because she has many skins that you can take advantage of. 

Victorious Morgana

Victorious Morgana The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

Many people like Morgana, even though she is a challenging champion to get used to. Despite that tough learning curve she has, the Victorious Morgana skin is amazing.

The Victorious Morgana has her in a blue costume lined with gold trim and a new helmet with thorns sticking out from it – it makes her look just as fierce as she is.

The best part about Victorious Morgana would be the new animation complete with sound effects. 

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Obtaining the Victorious Morgana Skin

If you don’t already have the Victorious Morgana skin, then you’re up the creek without a paddle unless you purchase an account that has it. The Victorious Morgana skin was only available during season 4. 

Victorious Sivir

If you've been playing League of Legends back in 2015 and you finished above the Gold rank in ranked, you could've gotten this beautiful Victorious Sivir skin! Sivir was one of the most popular champions to play back in 2015. Riot recognized that and decided to devote a skin to her!

Victorious Siver is from Season 5 – it was released in 2015, and with it came a total makeover. This warrior received new armor with a golden trim running around the edges, complete with a golden boomerang. Many people adore the Victorious Sivir skin, and for a good reason – it looks great. 

Obtaining a Victorious Sivir Skin

Unless you were playing LoL in 2015 or were able to reach Gold League by the end of season 5, then you’re not going to be able to get the Victorious Sivir Skin.

Sivir has many other skins that you can pick from, so if you didn’t get the Victorious Sivir skin, don’t sweat it.

Victorious Maokai

Riot saw that Maokai was one of the best champions in S6 so they've decided to give him a LoL Season 6 Victorious skin

Victorious Maokai was released not too long ago, during Season 6, so you have probably noticed many players wearing the Victorious Maokai skin.

Victorious Maokai looks pretty cool as he’s wearing a blue robe with gold leaves running along the robe’s edge. What really makes this skin stand would be his recall animation – as he’s teleporting back to base, Maokai’s saplings start fanning him.

Obtaining the Victorious Maokai Skin 

Unless you were a Gold League contender during season 6 of League of Legends, then you won’t have this skin. 

There are Maokai skins that have been released recently, so if you didn’t get the Victorious Maokai skin, don’t worry too much about it.

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Victorious Graves

Do you remember how OP Graves was back in Season 7? Well, it seems like Riot didn't forget how powerful and effective Graves was back in the day, so they've decided to give him a Victorious Skin at the end of the Season!

Victorious Graves came out during Season 7 of League of Legends – this skin has him clothed with shiny gold armor. 

Obtaining the Victorious Graves Skin

There’s no way for you to get the Victorious Graves skin unless you played during season 7 or purchase an account that has this champion skin.

Victorious Aatrox

Victorious Aatrox The History of Victorious Skins in League of Legends

The Victorious Aatrox skin is the most recent to date. This skin fits Aatrox perfectly and looks a bit like his Justicar skin.

Obtaining the Victorious Aatrox skin

This is the latest skin in loL to be released, and it follows the same qualifications as the other Victorious skins. 


If you weren’t about to obtain Victorious skins during the previous LoL season, don’t lose hope because you might be able to obtain one for the next season. First, start climbing to that Gold League, and don’t’ forget to play honorably.

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