The Most Difficult League of Legends Champions

Some champions in LoL are more complicated than the others. The question is: which League of Legends champions are more difficult? Is Draven on this list? Let’s find out.

Instead of putting a list of LoL champions in a specific order, starting with difficulty, we’re going to go through each role and choose the two most difficult LoL champions for that said role. One “game sense” champion and one “mechanically demanding” champion. 


Starting out, we’re going to take a look at the most difficult Jungle champions.


If you’re ever played Elise in LoL, you probably already know why we chose this one – Shapeshifter Champions are never easy. For starters, these types of champions have six spells to learn. Elise just so happens to have both ranged and melee forms, and knowing which stance you should use is going to take a lot of practice. The way you cast spells for Elise is always situational, so you never have the correct way to cast. 

Mechanics: Lee Sin

Lee Sin has been nerfed time and time again, but that hasn’t stopped him from being popular…or difficult. The nerfs have helped the good side of Lee Sin stand out and have made him less forgiving. Early in the game, Lee Sin can be a beast, but in order to be successful mid to late, you will need to have the skill to pull off mechanical outplays. 

Top Lane

Game Sense: Rumble

If Rumble were to cast all of his spells at one time, he would overheat. So, when you play Rumble, you need to have the ability to micromanage his Heat bar. Plus, in the early game, using Rumble’s Flamespitter is difficult for his last hits. 

Mechanics: Yasuo

Good Yasuo players can put pure fear in you, but good Yasuo players are rare. If Yasuo doesn’t fully commit to his Last Breath or Sweeping Blade and uses his Wind Wall or shield passive correctly, he’s easy to take down.

To be a good Yasuo player, you need to be able to perfectly use Wind Wall, farm up a storm in the lane, and time your entrances into team fights. 

A Bad Yasuo player will lack the patience the champion requires – they’ll dash and feed the jungler every time.

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Game Sense: Draven

Look, Draven is on this list, after all! Draven has actually broken our “game sense” mold as he’s one of the most mechanically demanding Champions we have on this list. Draven has a 550 range, and that’s it. However, mastering his Spinning Aces is the most challenging part. If you’re looking to deal a lot of damage on this champion, you need to have multiple axes running, and doing this is going to take some practice. 

Mechanics: Vayne

Vayne only has a 550 attack range, so she has to get close to her enemies to do a good amount of damage, and at the same time, she needs to know how to avoid being killed. Vayne wants to tumble out of those skillshots, use Condemn stuns, and triple hit her enemies. If she rolls through that frontline, she’s going to get blown up.

Mid Lane

Game Sense: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate was released back in 2009 when the game first came out, and he even received the most expensive League of Legends skin. As far as mechanics run, Twisted Fate isn’t all that hard; it’s the game sense that is difficult. You see, he only has two damaging spells, and if he lacks when it comes to farming or levels, his damage is going to suffer.

If you choose Twisted Fate as your champion, you need to be aware of your attack range. Destiny is Twisted Fate’s semi-global Ultimate, and this is what puts a player to the test – this move can pick off stranded opponents or turn side-lane skirmishes around. When you’re playing on this champion, map awareness is essential.

Mechanics: Azir

Asir’s tool kit is versatile with crowd control, wave clear, mobility, and playmaking Ultimate. As long as Azir is capable of making it past his laning phase, his late-game zone control is out of this world.

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Game Sense: Bard

Yes, Bard works wonders when he casts Tempered Fate or Magical Journey for good or for evil. His spells are simple and interactive, making them stand out from the crowd, and it’s those little synergies that add a layer of complexity to Bard’s kit.

Despite it all, Bard is a wildcard, and it’s crucial that he roams around for charms and not get caught while on his journey, so good map awareness is vital. 

Mechanics: Thresh

Last on our list; we have Thresh. He doesn’t have that large of a mana pool, so if he wanted to spam his spell in the lane, he wouldn’t be able to. While a good champion, he is a challenge to play because you need to know the best order for casting your spells to get the maximum value. 


Just because they’re the most difficult LoL champions, this doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Some of the most difficult champions are the best. These champions are capable of solo carrying, but if they’re not used properly, they can become a liability.

Regardless of the champion you choose, it is essential that you take time to learn it, and realize that you’re not going to play like a pro in the beginning – this is something that comes with time and patience.

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