These 5 champions should be DELETED from LoL

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According to a recent study, the LoL community thinks that these 5 champions should be deleted for a better game and overall for the better of LoL.

Zoe – The Aspect of Twilight

This one-shotting monstrosity has been ruining games ever since she was released. She has been so annoying that a group of “Zoe Haters” even created a petition on to remove Zoe from League of Legends and had gotten over 50,000 signatures on it.

Even after many changes, a good Zoe can single-handedly change the game around with her Drowsy out of nowhere and max range Q to one-shot enemies.

Yasuo – The Unforgiven

Yes, Yasuo is unforgiven because of how the champ is. You can never trust a Yasuo especially if he is an M7 Yasuo as almost all Yasuo players play around their 0/10 power spike. No Yasuo player is consistent and 9 out of 10 games, the Yasuo will always be a feeder.

He is also one of the most Popular champions because of his “cool” aspect but also a very high-risk champion. Him being popular just increases his play rate and thus the number of feeders in your games.

Qiyana – Empress of the Elements

Qiyana is such a popular champion that she got a Prestige skin shortly after her release!
Being an extremely “badass” champion at Worlds 2019, Qiyana was seemed to be continuously nerfed but in fact, the Elemental Queen become a powerhouse in Pre-Season 2020. Qiyana takes advantage of the map’s new changes too well when she can easily roam thanks to the acceleration area of Could Drake, more dust from the Ocean Drake enable her mobility increasingly, especially the Ultimate Supreme Display of Talent that makes good use of the walls in the Mountain Drake’s Map.

Being an Assassin, Qiyana takes a lot of benefits from terrains, not only her mobility but also having a large stun skill by (R), indeed Qiyana possesses too many privileges. Even the ultimate’s ability to deal damage and stun is too large and is so easy to use on most terrains of the Summoner’s Rift map makes this skill almost always stunned opponents, help her can easily perform a basic combo that is enough to one-shot the enemies that they could not react in time. Because of this, there has been a wave of support for the removal of Qiyana from League of Legends.

Yuumi – The Magical Cat

Yes, Yuumi also has a huge wave of supporters wanting to remove her from League of Legends because of how the champion is. All you need to do is stick to someone and press E and R for a win. This champion requires 0 skill as she doesn’t even need to dodge abilities or even right-click to move. You could program a robot to press E and R after certain intervals and you would still win the game! she is that broken and that annoying.

Basically, Yuumi is a pretty good idea of ​​Riot Games with the “sticking” mechanism that is both special and suitable for the shape of a “cat”. However, due to the somewhat lazy gameplay, Yuumi is not very attractive to players. The fact that this cat is completely dependent on the ADC, whom you cling to, also makes her too strong in the solo queue.


Teemo is that one champion which is fun when you play him, but you absolutely hate him when you’re playing against him.

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Which champions do you think should be remove from the game forever?

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