These 7 tips will get you out of the Elo Hell

Having a hard time in climbing the ranked ladder? Don’t worry, we’ve all beeen there. Here are the 7 advices that helped me to get out of the Elo Hell.


To successfully climb the ranked ladder, it’s crucial to be in the best possible physical conditions. Don’t play when you are tired, just woke up or hangover. It is advised to do a couple of warm-up games in a normal game before starting your ranked session. In the same fashion, don’t hesitate to stop your ranked session when you feel the fatigue kicking in.

Your mental state is even more important than your physical state. Before starting a ranked game, you must be in a neutral mental state. If you are upset/angry/overly confident, don’t start a ranked game. There is a reason why chain losses exist; if you are irritated, don’t start another game straight away. You are tilted (relax, everything’s gonna be fine). Take 5 to 10 minutes to do something else and start your next game serenely.


Before typing anything, ask yourself the question, “will this help me win?”. If the answer is no, don’t type it. You have to banish flame out of your vocabulary. By flaming, you force the other player to justify himself. If he is irritated, he may not admit his mistake and get even angrier. Remember this rule: before typing anything, ask yourself the question, “will this help me win?”. Listen to your teammates, listen to their calls, and own up to your mistakes. A simple “my bad” can avoid useless arguments. Your teammates aren’t your enemies; your enemies are on the other side of the map. Do not hesitate to throw some “gj” or “wp”. They can’t hurt.


This is a common complaint: “I win my lane, but my team loses”. If you stay on your lane while the other lanes are losing, you will end up losing. The reasoning is that you stay in 1v1 versus a weak champion (since you dominated him in lane). The opposing team doesn’t have their weakest player, while you deprive your team of their most vital asset (you). Don’t hesitate to push your lane and roam. This is true for top, mid, and bot lane. Once you destroyed the first turret on your lane, it is better to roam to take turrets on other lanes and the dragon. If your teammates are struggling and you pull off a successful roam, this can boost your team mates’ morale.


You need to see each ranked game as a chance to practice and improve. You can weakly influence your team’s performance, but you have total control over your own. Get the best out of any situation. Have an AFK? You are getting camped, and your jungler doesn’t react? It can be frustrating, but you have to play more defensively. At every point in the game, do your best. By continually pushing yourself, you are due to improve. Be self-critical. After every game, think about the mistakes made (you always make some) and work on correcting them.


It is often said that before starting ranked games, you need to be able to play anything. I think it’s plain wrong. It is true that it is recommended to decently play at least two champions per role because you won’t always get the role you want. But if you want to climb the ladder, it is better to focus on 1, 2, or 3 champions and spam them. The thing is that in the solo ranked ladder players are not ranked based on their overall level; they are ranked on the level they play with the champions they play in ranked. This is why you can have a diamond level ADC (with a diamond level on Cait, Jinx, and Draven, for instance) who also plays at a gold level on the top lane. 

To get out of elo hell, you need to carry your games. If this player is silver and plays top his gold level on this lane maybe won’t be enough to make a big difference, but if he plays Draven, he will be so much better than the other players that he will be able to have a high win rate (though if you are silver, you are probably not on a diamond level in any lane – you get the idea).


This advice may be surprising, but I firmly believe that Duoquing has more cons than pros. Firstly, not many people know it, playing as a duo Q increases the global MMR of your team. This means that if there is no Duo Q on the opposing team, your opponents’ average MMR (and probably lvl) will be higher than yours and your teammates’). Secondly, on a mental level it can be detrimental. You are going to blame your 3 team mates. Such discussions are useless and even counter productive. Lastly, only a few duo Q configurations are useful. If you are playing top and your duo Q is playing Support, then there is 0 synergy. You simply raised the ennemies’ average MMR (like explained) while gaining nothing in return. It is only worth it do duo Q when you have some real synergy (Mid+Jungle, Support+ADC) and can avoid the useless chat.


If you are really better than your average opponent, then don’t hesitate to play a lot. In the long term, the feeders/afks/trollers and others will balance out between your team, and the opposing team. If you think that all the feeders/afks/trollers are always on your team, then it’s a high chance that you’re the toxic one.


If you follow all these bits of advice, you should be able to suppress or diminish a good number of factors which usually cause you to lose, and therefore climb the ladder. Good Luck!

Written by Spezzy

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