The Fastest Way to Farm Tokens in League of Legends

So you have about an hour to kill while the rest of your team is queueing for ranked or you just don’t feel like playing another game? You want something else to do that isn’t another game, but at the same time doesn’t take up much time. No problem! Read this article for some guidance on how to farm tokens in League of Legends in no more than 30 minutes.

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How to Farm Tokens in League of Legends?

The first thing any token farmer should know is how various types of tokens are distributed. By playing matches (normal or featured), you earn points towards receiving a chest at levels 6, 12, and 18; these chests give out varying amounts of Blue Essence (BE) based on their tier. Generally, it takes four wins to make up for one loss, but if you’re in a position where you can’t win four games in a row, losses simply don’t count towards the next chest until you start winning again.

Additionally, there are three different kinds of tokens; hextech fragments (HF), champion shards (CS), and skin shards (SS). You earn these tokens through disenchanting cosmetic items (skins, ward skins, summoner icons) that you own. If an item is worth more BE than expected when disenchanted it will drop some extra CS/SS/HF- the amount depends on how much it’s worth after being disenchanted. Tokens do not stack together like this; for example, CS earned by disenchanting two 820 BE icons will simply be added together into one 820 CS token.

This means that the best way to farm tokens is to always disenchant items before getting rid of them, as long as they are worth more combined than selling them would be. Generally, it’s just not worth selling anything under 1,400 BE or so unless you have a lot of excess inventory space for whatever reason. It’s probably also worth mentioning at this point that hextech crafting will replace disenchanting, but only after level 6- meaning if you want to make sure you can craft all your items properly without running out of materials, make sure you don’t run out of HF until then!

Now that we know how farming works, let’s talk about how to farm tokens in League of Legends as quickly as possible. The fastest way is really just playing the game- win or lose, you will get one chest at level 6, and another at 12. However, if your team isn’t very good, it might be hard to earn ten points before your chests are ready to open. For this reason, it’s probably best not to queue for ranked unless you actually think your team can carry you- solo/duo queueing until level 10 or so should be fine though.

If you want something a little faster (but still slower than a normal game) try playing along with some easy bots; this will make earning ten points much easier even if the bots don’t have any impact on the match, since you’ll still be earning chests at level 6 and 12. Make sure to have at least ten minutes for this though- it’s not really worth running a quick bot game unless you can win within five.

If even that is too long, and you don’t mind doing something else while the token farming is going on (like watching a movie or playing another game), there are some options available to you as well! My personal favorite way of token farming takes about half an hour total, but includes some other games as well; just keep queueing whatever modes pop up as they come out and complete them as quickly as possible. Chances are if your team isn’t very coordinated it will take significantly longer than if you’re playing with a premade, so fair warning there.

This method requires you to buy or make an alternate account (or request one from a friend) but is very fast overall. To set it up, just start playing some games on the alternate account; win or lose doesn’t matter, just get ten points and open your chests at level 6/12. Then look for modes that pop up on the other account that you can join using your main’s summoner name (if they’re different)- these will be things like “play with bots” or “ashe hunting”, etc. Just complete them as quickly as possible so you can earn more rewards without having to play too much!

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There are a variety of ways to farm tokens in League of Legends, but the fastest way is by playing games and winning or losing. If you’re not having much luck in ranked, try queuing with bots instead. Other methods can be faster but require more time commitment. For example, playing along with easy bots will get you chests at levels 6 and 12 which will give you tokens.

Alternatively, if you want to do something else while farming tokens, some modes come out occasionally where all you have to do is complete them as quickly as possible. No matter what your preferred method is, make sure to take advantage of the token system so you can improve your game!

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