Top 10 Best Teamfight Champions in League of Legends

Team fights in League of Legends are the most critical combat events on the Summoner’s Rift. If the whole game went on without a single kill, it could be decided in one big team fight. 

The late-game more or less revolves around them in general, and if your roster is not up to par – defeat is a guarantee. Balanced team composition is key to winning the game and team fights. 

People tend to pick and choose Champions based on what they like as opposed to what they need. This is most prevalent in lower elo divisions, where communication is scarce. It becomes less of an issue as you progress up the ladder where people take the game a bit more seriously. 

I’ve compiled this very list to help you pick a good team fighting Champion and increase your odds of winning the late game. In it, I will go over the 10 Best Team Fighting Champions in League of Legends currently, as well as their pros and cons. 

So, without further hesitation, let’s begin with our list.

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10. Malphite

We’ll start things off with a more uncomplicated pick. Malphite is a tremendous late-game tank that can severely impact the course of the fight. Though his kit is not intuitive, it’s good enough to keep you going early on and have options in the late game.

Malphite’s team fighting potential lies in his Ultimate. It would be best if you watched out for enemies clumping close together in groups. When they get close enough to each other, a well-placed R will knock up and deal good damage to all of them. 

This opens up an opportunity for your team to strike and quickly sweep up the enemies. Be careful not to go in without checking all the enemies’ escapes first. Bait their Flashes and similar spells first to assure the success of your attack. 

9. Fiddlesticks 

Moving on from lanes into the jungle, the scarecrow is one of the better team fighters in the jungle role. He has a good gank potential, can apply fear to multiple targets, and siphon health from them for himself. 

But Fiddlesticks is best known for his Ultimate. It is one of the best engages in the entire game. When paired with Zhonya’s Hourglass, he can go invulnerable while decimating the enemy team with high ability damage. If he engages from the Fog, he can also fear multiple enemies, applying good CC with severe impact on the outcome.  

You can mix your build with a healthy balance of HP and AP to give you solid survivability and damage. This will help you not get obliterated by your friendly neighborhood Assassin and drink up health bars with ease. 

8. Sejuani

I rarely see Sejuani picked anymore. I don’t precisely know the reasoning behind that, but it’s a shame. She’d create a very intense atmosphere to play in, both for hers and the enemy team. As the master of stun-locks, she has a way of pinning down opponents. 

When she carries that pin over to an entire team, it starts getting very difficult to play against her. Sejuani is one of League’s better junglers. She can engage from the Fog and apply unbearable CC to her enemies, making the team fights a cake-walk if done correctly.

Stunning multiple enemy Champions can prove to be not as easy as you’d like. But, despite this, mastering her kit is an enjoyable experience, and you’ll be chasing people down all over the Rift. She can also tank, and I mean tank, making her also a great pick for soaking up damage and protecting valuable targets. 

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7. Yasuo

I’m not too fond of Yasuo, but that’s precisely why he’s on this list. He is more DPS-oriented than a core team fighting Champion, but his kit is terrific for several reasons. 

First of all, is the damage. Yasuo can hit hard and hit very fast, even too fast sometimes. His Q has a cooldown of under 2 seconds. His E has no cooldown, and his W – Wind wall has it lower than anyone would like, especially in the late game. This makes Yasuo hard to bait out to expend his utility, as he literally can afford to miss. 

This speed allows him to dish out insane amounts of damage safely and violently. His team fighting potential, however, excels when he uses his Ult. Yasuo is a great wombo-combo type of Champion, his Ultimate works with any knock-up and not just his own. This means that well-placed Ults from the likes of Zyra and Malphite can give him a five-man Ultimate for massive damage and solid CC.

6. Zyra 

Zyra has become a powerful Champion that everyone hates to see on the bottom lane in recent years. Her damage only seems to improve with each patch (no matter if she isn’t on the receiving end). But if AP damage wasn’t the only thing to worry about, her CC is one of the best in the game. 

She is built around roots and is basically a humanoid plant. Almost every spell of hers has some sort of CC that also deals a ton of burst damage. Her plant spawns are also powerful and can shred through HP like paper. Squishy ADCs will find it extra challenging to sustain themselves against her dangerous spells. 

But, as is the case with most on this list, her team fighting might comes with her Ultimate. It can be a bit difficult to land due to its delay. But it doesn’t matter. Landing the knock-up is impressive, yes, but the damage is so insane that it barely makes a difference. You can chunk half of the enemy’s HP in a split second. She is not easy to play but is definitely a pick to consider if you’re going to fill up that team fighting gap. 

5. Annie

Annie is one of Tyler1’s favorite picks, and for good reasons. He manages to dominate matches in high elo with this old and straightforward Champion. She has a lot of good utility and, most of all, the damage. I seem to mention that word more than often in this article, but apart from CC, that’s mostly what it comes down to. 

Annie is a very straightforward Champion. Her Q is a point and click ability. Her W deals damage in a cone in front of her, and her E acts as sort of an AP Thornmail. She stacks up spells up to 4 stacks when her next cast will apply a stun. These stacks are vital for her performance in team fights. 

She can stack up her spells and then consume the stacks with her R – Summon Tibbers. Not only does she spawn in a hell bear, but she also has AoE damage that can stun each Champion standing near it. She can literally one-shot multiple targets with an R E combo in team fights, making her a hazardous pick to play against. 

4. Brand

Another fire-casting mage, Brand, is a Champion that I find really annoying to lane against. Ever since players discovered that his W is actually the best spell, I started banning him sporadically. It has a low cooldown and a lot of damage which amplifies because of his passive that burns you over time. 

And that passive only gets better. If he hits you with enough spells in a row, he’ll light you on fire that explodes after a few seconds, dealing AOE damage. He can stack this up on multiple Champions simultaneously with his AOE W and Ultimate (which is one of the best AOE spells ever). That means he can nuke the opposing team with fire, doing massive damage. 

He also has a stun, although it is only single target. But, even so, he can snipe a valuable enemy player with his solid range, incapacitating them and likely leading to their quick death. All in all, Brand is a fantastic team fighter who can use most of his kit to apply AOE pressure on the enemies. 

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3. Orianna

Orianna is, in contrast to the former, one of my favorite Champions in League of Legends. I love playing her. Her utility is excellent, and her damage even better. 

She can use her low cooldowns to pressure her laner and even clusters of opponents with her W. Her Ultimate is an AOE pull. With it, Orianna can bring the entire enemy team into a small spot for a second or two. If you had other brutal AOE Champions like Malphite (which can go with her really well), the enemy team would disappear then and there.

She is one of the most fun champions in League, and can be challenging to face in team fights. You will almost certainly find yourself focusing on her solely before even attempting to fight the rest of the team. 

2. Aphelios

I know little of Aphelios. Most likely because I permanently ban him. I don’t think I’ve banned any other Champion for like a year after his release. 

Aphelios has one of the most overloaded kits in League of Legends. He can one-shot and destroy entire teams in split seconds, and there is not a single spell in his kit that’s not OP in some way. But, he is also one of the most challenging Champions to play with, taking him down from the number 1 spot. 

I don’t rank Champions in this list as inherently better than each other, but Aphelios is something else entirely. IF he was, God forbid, easier to play, I’d put him on top of every list you can think of. I recommend just banning this Champion outright as I dread to face him on the Rift. 

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1. Amumu

Few things manage to be so simple and yet so incredible, like Amumu. After the addition of a 2nd Q charge, Amumu is a stun-locking beast. And hey, he also has damage! Who would’ve thought, after all, we went through in this list. 

Anyways, Amumu is almost the perfect team fight Champion. A jungler, he can appear out of nowhere to apply heavy, and I mean, heavy stuns on the enemy. He can cast his Q twice, as per the recent changes, which grant him double what he was once capable of. 

His Ultimate is a charm to use and have on the team. He can Q in, Ult the entire enemy team, and Q the most crucial target again for extra CC. If your team utilizes this correctly, you’ll find the team fight over in seconds. 

Final Thoughts

These Champions, save for Aphelios, are all excellent picks, and no one is inherently better or worse than the other. I just happen to rank them in numerical order. Play what you like, find what fits you best. 

We would love to hear from you. Don’t miss out on letting us know everything you think about this list, who you’d include, and why. 

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