Top 12 Best PROJECT Skins to Add to Your Collection

Top 12 Best PROJECT Skins to Add to Your Collection

Riot Games have set a standard for designing pristine-looking Champions. All of these have a ton of eye candy attached to their abilities and attacks. But even this isn’t enough to prevent Champions from getting stale after a while of watching them do the same thing over and over again.

Enter skins. Skins are a way for Riot to both introduce freshness into the game and monetize it efficiently. Skins do not provide players with any advantage and are a purely cosmetic product which allows Riot to make extra money to fund their massively successful MOBA.

A wide variety of skin lines have been released over these past few years, with one, in particular, standing out. The skin lineup is immensely popular for several good reasons. Their design is slick and the whole marketing campaign was an absolute blast to follow. Here we will look at the 12 best PROJECT skins you should check out, so let’s go!

Key takeaways:

  • A detailed look at the PROJECT skin lineup
  • In-depth details of specific PROJECT skins
  • An overview of each Champion’s strengths
  • and more!

12. PROJECT: Leona12. PROJECT: Leona

The aspect of Sun becomes an aspect of pure metallic eye candy with her PROJECT variant. Leona sports a grey and gold accent that gives off that cyberpunk vibe. A digital visor covers her face and she appears way bulkier than usual. To be honest, seeing Leona in this skin makes her quite fearsome and players should steer clear.

Like the suit doesn’t make a man, so doesn’t the skin make a Champion? Leona is a prime example of this concept, as she is a fantastic Tank Support that everyone should consider. Support players can establish dominance quickly with Leona’s insane stuns and CC, and she is a formidable opponent against any matchup.


 Vi loves letting her hands do the talking, and her PROJECT variant goes handy all the way. Her fists are huge and are decorated with an electric, digital accent that is only emphasized when she uses her abilities. Her hair is now a stylishly beautiful grey and the signature PROJECT visor covers her face. Vi here looks a lot more like a Pacific Rim mecha titan than herself.

Skins aside, Vi is one of the best Junglers in Season 2023. She has also found a new home on Mid, where she continues to sit at a high tier. Lethality builds seem to be making a comeback, and Vi is spearheading the movement, being able to one-shot basically anyone she wants. This high damage potential has made her immensely popular, and that alone should be reason enough for you to give her a try.

10. PROJECT: Vayne10. PROJECT: Vayne

Differing a bit from most PROJECT skins, Vayne sports a very interesting purple and black colour palette. It goes well with her general personality which embodies hunting creatures of the night. Her armour is also different from most other skins of this type and it doesn’t make her seem as if she were a true robot–only an augmented human. The visor covering her face is translucent, further emphasising that she is, in fact, just a woman in a super-suit.

That aside, Vayne is a brutally strong ADC (or should we say Marksman) that can easily carry her whole team. She’s found at all Lanes, particularly Top in these last few Seasons. Up there she can truly use her mobility and damage to obliterate any traditional Top Laner. Don’t take this as advice to pick her Top, though, as everyone will hate you for it.

9. PROJECT: Lucian9. PROJECT: Lucian

 Lucian’s PROJECT variant is traditionally made in the same vein that Leona and some others are. It turns him into a brutalist mecha-soldier that fires digitally enhanced bullets and generally looks futuristic. His wavy white hair dashes around as he jumps from spot to spot, using his two pistols to gun down anyone who stands in his way. All in all, we think this skin could have gotten a more unique treatment like Vayne’s did, but it is what it is.

Lucian in general is a dominant force in the Bot Lane in the current 2023 Season. Combined with high CC Champions like Thresh (ironic) or Leona, Lucian can easily amass a ton of kills quickly. His mobility makes him highly elusive and hard to pin down, but he does tend to be quite the glass cannon. Nevertheless, he can dish out insane damage from a long range and escape if he has to, and that’s all an ADC needs.

8. PROJECT: Fiora8. PROJECT: Fiora

PROJECT: Fiora charges in with speed and visceral neon colouring. Blasting her enemies with her flashy neon sword that ranges in hue from pink to orange, she is truly the pinnacle of the PROJECT design philosophy. Compared to other skins in the lineup, she comes across as a combination of Vayne’s unique design and the traditional PROJECT look. She looks robotic, visceral, and fantastic in this iteration.

Fiora is probably the best Top Laner in League of Legends, a claim that is even supported by Nemesis, one of the world’s best players. She can gut any opponent, outtrade most Champions, and scale beyond comprehension. With so many build paths to choose from, Fiora is a well-rounded Champion ready for any situation. Need an assassin? Go Galeforce. A Tank? Divine Sunderer. Maybe a bit of both? Goredrinker. She’s just so versatile it’s incredible, and it is no wonder she is consistently at an S+ tier on all sites.

7. PROJECT: Master Yi7. PROJECT: Master Yi

With Master Yi, Riot Games decided to go full robotic, as he is turned into a sentient killing machine sporting a lethal double-bladed sword. This skin is reminiscent of Star Wars and other futuristic franchises, which the skin seems to pay homage to. Riot sought to keep Master Yi’s Samurai master-swordsman nature, and they succeeded in doing so. PROJECT: Yi is a beautiful example of how several concepts can be combined to produce a wonderful skin.

Currently, Master Yi is a popular Jungler that has the capacity for solo-carrying. Though he isn’t at his peak due to how many counters exist today, he still manages to dominate in most games. In the lower tiers, Master Yi is likely the best Champion to pick as low-skill players tend to face difficulties in dealing with him. At any rate, he is an amazing Champion, and skillful hands can make use of his OP kit in any elo.

6. PROJECT: Yasuo6. PROJECT: Yasuo

 PROJECT: Yasuo makes the character highly ambiguous: is he human? Is he a robot? Is he both? Questions amount, but Yasuo avoids all answers, as he dashes through the Rift in a digitally enhanced suit. Covered from head to toe, he hides his flesh in favour of metallic armour, but his Musashi hair freely waves on the winds. Like with Yi, Riot Games kept Yasuo’s Samurai nature intact, though the mechanic, cyberpunk side of things is a lot more emphasised here. 

Yasuo is a hyper carry Mid Laner (and occasionally a Top Laner) that can single handedly win games if fed. He’s so strong that we’re afraid to even comment on him on the off chance we offend him somehow. At any rate, we believe that Yasuo is one of the best Champions in the game, and that’s likely the reason most hate him. He’s also not easy to play, so good Yasuo players tend to dominate more often, which adds fuel to the already raging flames of hate.


 The PROJECT: Zed skin is, in our opinion, the most generic one. They turned Zed into a robot, tacked on a few new effects, and that’s about it. There are many skins out there that are simply better for this Champion. Nevertheless, it’s a PROJECT skin, which immediately has merit by default. It has more to offer than most Epic skins in the game, and it genuinely looks good all things considered.

When it comes to his gameplay, that’s a whole other story. No matter the skin, Zed is still one of the best Assassins in League of Legends that can take down the strongest opponents. With his high burst damage and broken Ultimate ability, Zed can deal thousands of damage in just a single combo. If he has the team to back him up, not even the Tankiest of Tanks can survive Zdd’s onslaught.

4. PROJECT: Jhin4. PROJECT: Jhin

 Many players believe that Jhin might just be the best Champion Riot Games has ever designed. This is also reflected in his skin design, particularly the PROJECT variant. Not only do they give Jhin the most unique treatment imaginable, but they also managed to keep his professional homicidal artiste persona fully intact. Everything about this skin looks cool, from the armour, the fur coating, the guns, everything. We love it, and you probably do, too.

Jhin’s dominance on the Bot Lane has been a constant ever since his release. His high base damage allows him to poke down enemies with ease, but he is handicapped by his early game slowness. If a good Support is there to compliment him in this regard, Jhin becomes nigh unstoppable, able to reach nearly 1000 AD in the Late Game. No other Champion has this capacity, and that alone makes him a formidable ADC.

3. PROJECT: Ashe3. PROJECT: Ashe

 Now this. This we like. PROJECT: Ashe is a Legendary skin, compared to most skins on this list which are in the Epic category. By default, this makes Ashe’s insanely good skin much more detailed and unique. Riot wanted to keep her frosty-looking, and they succeeded in doing so, making this PROJECT skin with a unique blue colour palette in mind. It’s a fantastic skin that has it all, and it rarely gets better than this.

Ashe currently stands as one of the better ADCs, though she is quite popular as a Support. Her abilities have a bit of AP scaling which helps in that regard, and her Ultimate can be especially deadly with an AP build. Whatever role she’s played in, she’s undoubtedly impactful, being able to CC, slow, and drive her enemies insane. We love to hate her, and when you see an Ashe with a skin like the one above, you should probably just AFK.

2. PROJECT: Katarina2. PROJECT: Katarina

 PROJECT: Katarina is another stellar example of the brilliance of PROJECT skins. When they step out of the grey and yellow mold, these skins can become incredibly beautiful, like this one. Preferring neone purple and pink colors, PROJECT: Katarina is a genuine cyberpunk iteration that makes this Champion that much more flashy. With all the extra colorful particle effects, Katarina can now one-shot you and you won’t even feel bad due to how good it looked.

Katarina is a fantastic Assassin with an insanely high skill cap. It takes ages for one to master her many combos and tricks. Once you do master her, however, losing games becomes a thing of the past, since solo carrying will have never been so easy. At any rate, we believe Katarina is a great Champion overall, and if you happen to be a Kat main, do take the PROJECT skin–it’s probably her best.

1. PROJECT: Ekko1. PROJECT: Ekko

As we’ve already stated in a few examples above, we love when the PROJECT variants leave the yellow-grey combination behind. Ekko is the prime example of this, as Riot took on a neon green palette for this skin. It looks stellar and all the accompanying in-game effects are just cherry on top. It’s an amazing skin that is literally a bargain at the 1350 RP price. Seeing as most Epic skins don’t offer much, PROJECT: Ekko certainly is worth every penny.

On the other hand, Ekko is also a great Jungler capable of establishing a massive map presence. He can clear camps quickly, be ready for ganks even quicker, and he’ll likely be carrying you to victory by the mid game. He’s an overall incredible Champion that has a beautiful array of skins, in which the PROJECT: Ekko one stands out the most.


League of Legends is packed full of skins of all kinds and prices. The PROJECT lineup is one of the best Riot Games has ever designed, and the ten skins above are the most prominent examples of said design. We love the PROJECT skins, even those that weren’t included here, and can’t wait to see what Riot Games has in store for us in the future.

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