TOP 8 Best Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics

TOP 8 Best Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics

If you’re trying to add to your collection of Teamfight Tactics Little Legends, look no further. This article will tell you all about Little Legends in TFT and give you a Top 8 to help you decide the best Little Legends for you!

What is a Little Legend?

Little legends are cute little creatures that you use as avatars in Teamfight Tactics. They dance, emote, and they’re animated, too.

What is a Little Legend in League of Legends TFT? We've done our research so here's the detailed info about Little Legends

They are the cutest darn critters in all of League (sorry poros). They’re highly-expressive and diverse cuties that’ll function as your avatar in Teamfight Tactics and cheer you on in ARAMs. TFT is a highly social game, and Little Legends are at the center of every interaction you have with other players. Your Little Legend will race opponents to nab Yasuo in the shared draft, dab on enemies after a close victory, and flash your Yikes emote after losing to a player who’s definitely high-rolling.

There are three aspects of Little Legends: variants, Series Rare Eggs, and star-ups.

Variants: Each species get 6 different variants or versions of themselves. Some of these variants are rarer than others, and you don’t have to own the basic version of a species to get its rarer variants, and each of these variants has its own unique flair and identity. They go from the Basic variant into Epic variants and finally one Legendary Variant. Each Little Legend has 3 Basic Variants, 2 Epic Variants, and 1 Legendary Variant.

Series Rare Eggs: The way to hatch Little Legends is through the different Series of Rare Eggs, which all content three different types of Little Legends. Each egg contains six variants of each species within it, including the species’ base variant, so 18 total variants can be hatched out of each egg type. There are currently 8 Different Series Eggs that hatch different species as below:

Series One Egg:

  •  Furyhorn skin variants
  •  Hauntling skin variants
  •  Silverwing skin variants

 Series Two Egg:

  •  Featherknight skin variants
  •  Molediver skin variants
  •  Runespirit skin variants

Series Three Egg:

  •  Paddlemar skin variants
  •  Protector skin variants
  •  Hushtail skin variants

Series Four Egg:

  •  Dango skin variants
  •  Fuwa skin variants
  •  Shisa skin variants

Series Five Egg:

  •  Melisma skin variants
  •  Ossia skin variants
  •  QiQi skin variants

Series Six Egg:

  •  Craggle skin variants
  •  Flutterbug skin variants
  •  Tocker skin variants

Series Seven Egg:

  •  Abyssia skin variants
  •  Squink skin variants
  •  Starmaw skin variants

Series Eight Egg:

  •  Bellswayer skin variants
  •  Lightcharger skin variants
  •  Nixie skin variants

Star-ups: Collecting multiples of the same Little Legend variant will star-up and “evolve” your Little Legend, just as collecting multiples of a champion in TFT increases their star level. Each duplicate of a Little Legends variant you acquired increases its star level by one to a max of level 3.

How do you get Legendary skin in Little Legends?

Well, just like in League of Legends, most of the Legendary skins can only be earned by luck.

Legendary Skins are obtainable from the Series Eggs with a drop rate of 5%. That means you have a chance of getting 5 Legendary skins for every 100 TFT Eggs you open. That’s just maths, but it does not mean you cannot get 50 Legendary skins in 100 Eggs opened. It’s all based on luck, but Legendary skins have a 5% drop chance.

Legendary Skins are also obtainable through the TFT Pass as they always have 1 legendary skin in its prize line. The TFT Pass costs money, so getting Legendary Skins is still slightly restricted.

There is also a way to obtain Legendary TFT Eggs, which guarantees a random Legendary Skin from fixed series, but currently, the only way to obtain this egg is through the TFT Pass.

The only way to earn Legendary Skins based on skill is through the Ranked System. Placing Gold 4 or above in TFT at the end of its season will get you a Victorious Skin, just like how it is in League of Legends. These Victorious skins are legendary.

What is the best Little Legend?

More fierce than any player’s passion for their favorite compositions or champions is the passion for Little Legends. These small creatures have captured our hearts while simultaneously creating an insatiable rage in all of us at different times.

But, at the end of the day, not all Little Legends can stand at the top. To best sort out which Little Legends are genuinely superior, we’ve ranked them based on the following criteria.

  • Cuteness (first and foremost)
  • Quality of Emotes
  • Skins

1. Tocker

One of the best, if not the best, little Legends is Tocker! He's been doing extremely well in TFT matches and he's our #1 pick for the battles!

The highest-rated Little Legend in Series Six, Tocker definitely has a lot of similarities to the Pokemon Hoothoot, so if you’re into that kind of thing, Tocker is the one for you. Although its 1-star variant might not be that cool, the 3-star variant is definitely fantastic.

2. Melisma

Melisma is the skin released as the “True Damage” skin series from League of Legends. The bright colors and tech-girl transforming to a full-on emoji character really deserved her place in the top eight.

3. Fuwa

All Fuwa needs is love and hugs! He's so cute that we've decided to put him on the #2 of our list of the 8 best Little Legends in League of Legends. Fuwa is one of the best tft eggs in the game

Fuwa just makes us want to wrap him up in a blanket and have cute moments with him. His skins are great, and he’s one of those rare Little Legends where all the variants are superior. Fuwa longs to someday find the Guardian it’s destined for. Whenever it feels lonely, it takes refuge in the warmth of its long ears.

4. Dango

Dango is the hungriest of all the Little Guardians. No one knows the reason for Dango’s insatiable appetite, but the Vastaya says that it can eat a cloud fruit three times its size! Dango is a cloud of cuteness, and who doesn’t love a fluffy flying ball?

5. Shisa

Shisa’s Super Saiyan charge is one of the top emotes in the game. He is definitely cute, but the most significant feature of his is his Super Saiyan Charge. Yes, the Super Saiyan charge from the Dragon Ball series can be performed by Shisa, and all DB fans should definitely pick him up as soon as possible.

6. Protector

Everyone just loves how his Tier 1 stance makes him look like Simba from The Lion King. Protector’s solemn statue certainly lives up to his name and makes him a worthy ally to have on the fields of TFT battle.

7. Hauntling

Well, Hauntling is a scary but cute Little Legend, and who doesn’t love the combination of both? Hauntling is the scariest of all Little Legends, and anybody who loves horror will simply love this skin. Laughing at your opponents will also help you understand why the Hauntling is one of the top favorite Little Legends.

8. Featherknight

As much as all the other skins are cute, you can’t dispute that Featherknight is the unofficial mascot of TFT. I mean, he’s based on Pengu for god’s sake! And who didn’t love Pengu? This little Penguin wins everyone’s heart, whether it be his base variant or his 3-star legendary skin. Each and every skin of the Featherknight is amazing, and he is definitely the best Little Legend in TFT.

Can you get Little Legends for free?

The answer is YES! Yes, you can get them for free. There are currently three ways to get Little Legends for free.

The first way is through the TFT Pass, but not the paid one. There are several free rewards along the way, and out of those many free rewards, a few of them are Little Legends Series Eggs. In the current TFT Pass, you can get three Little Legends TFT eggs for free.

The second way is through the Event Tokens. League of Legends often has enormous events that will let you rack up some Event Tokens to help unlock Prestige Skins or get some free chests or other rewards. One of the rewards for the Event Passes is Little Legends Eggs, which can be unlocked for 300 Tokens.

The third way, and usually a rare one, is through Missions. Every once in awhile, League of Legends will have specific missions that have Little Legends Eggs. You can use this moment to seize the free Little Legend.

As you can see, all the ways to earn Little Legends for free require grinding. What are you waiting for? Start grinding!

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