Top 7 Best Troll Support Champions in League of Legends

Troll Support Champions in League of Legends Guide

Supports play a vital part in League of Legends. It could be through helping an ADC, warding, or engaging teamfights. Quite often, supports can be the deciding factor for a winning or losing Bot-Lane. We’ve all encountered that Thresh who refuses to miss a hook or that fed Pyke who runs around the map killing everyone in sight.

But have you ever seen supports trolling your games or being toxic to the point that you felt like rage-quitting? Or are you the kind of person that likes to troll ranked games for other players? Maybe you get a kick from getting flamed and reported by your teammates.

If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place because we have a list of the 7 best support champions to troll your League games with.

Disclaimer: We do not condone any kind of trolling, this article is written for entertainment purposes, and trolling might or might not get your League account banned. With formalities out of the way, let’s dive right in shall we?

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7. Thresh – The Chain Warden

Best Troll Support Champion Thresh League of LegendsTrolling is not rare in League, but a trolling Thresh is quite rare. While he might not seem like a troll pick at first glance, a poorly timed hook tends to favor the enemy more than your team. Bad hooks coupled with some “inadequate” lantern plays can turn this champion into a “Troll Boss”.

Consider this, your ADC gets caught in a losing 1v3 and his/her only escape is through your lantern, but you conveniently walk out of range just as they’re about to click it. You could also hook the wrong targets into your ADC and they end up dying, and if they’re mad about it, just type “First time Thresh Hehe xD”, (always works, trust me). I have first-hand experience of getting multiple accounts banned.

The only reason Thresh is placed last is because he’s not quite popular among the trolls compared to some of our other champions on the list.

6. Tahm Kench – The River King

Best Troll Support Champion Tahm Kench League of LegendsLet’s learn a bit about Tahm Kench’s troll history since it’s extremely important.


Tahm Kench had built quite a reputation as a troll since the early days of League, but Riot nerfed it by implementing certain changes to his kit that really hurt him as a champion.

Tahm Kench has an ability called “Devour” which initially used to be a normal ability but they eventually interchanged it with his ultimate called “Abyssal Dive”. So now, “Devour” is an ultimate, and “Abyssal Dive” is a normal ability.

Devour (R)

Tahm Kench eats any allied or enemy champions for a few seconds and then spits them out.

Abyssal Dive (W)

Tahm Kench takes a dive into the ground and re-appears in a targeted location within a certain distance.

When both of these abilities are combined, they can produce a couple of entertaining results. You are able to “Devour” the allied champion and use your “W” to re-appear at the enemy Nexus and watch as the enemy base turrets eat them alive. Consequently, you could also eat your teammates in order to teleport them into grouped enemies and watch their departure from life while munching popcorn.

P.S: Tahm Kench might be past his prime, but is still fun to troll your allies with,. Just don’t forget to spam CTRL+4 while you’re at it!

5. Syndra – The Dark Sovereign

Best Troll Support Champion Syndra League of LegendsSyndra might not be your typical support. However, she can be an amazing off-meta mage-support pick. With Syndra, it’s not just about trolling your teammates, but the enemy team as well.

Allow me to explain:

Syndra might be a high-skill cap champion, but when it comes to trolling, you just need to learn one ability. Her “W”, allows you to pick up monsters or enemy minions and throw them toiwards a certain distance in a 360 radius.

By utilizing this strategy, you can make sure the enemy jungler never gets to kill their blue/red buff, or any jungle camp for that matter. Reset their camps over and over again to make sure they never get to play the game, just like you.

P.S: This technique also applies to your jungler as well, but that has a higher chance of getting you banned.

4. Janna – The Storm’s Fury

Best Troll Support Champion Janna League of LegendsMost trollers don’t recommend Janna, because the trolls performed on this champion are hard to pull off. Most of her “Troll Potential” comes from her “R” which sends out a magical storm in a circle, pushing enemies away from you. But if pulled off successfully, you’ll be sure to get a good laugh out of it.

Theoretically speaking, you could push an entire enemy team onto your team, Janna’s ultimate’s cast time is quite low. Generally,  it’s extremely hard to react to, and as we all know, a 4v5 usually ends in the slaughter of the former.

And I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen that meme stating:

“Janna mains are toxic”

So go out there and prove it!

3. Blitzcrank – The Great Steam Golem

Best Troll Support Champion Blitzcrank League of LegendsAt first sight, Blitzcrank and Thresh might seem similar, but trust me on this one, Blitzcrank is just a better version of Thresh in terms of trolling. Allow me to explain.

Unlike Thresh, Blitzcrank’s hook can pull champions directly on top of you from a farther distance. This grants us the ability to pull high-damage assassins directly on top of your most squishy champions, and as a wise man once said:

“They can’t ban you for hooking the wrong champion” 

Can’t remember who said that, probably me.

You can also conveniently forget to press your ultimate when the enemy Nasus is beating up your Caitlyn. A lot of possibilities can take place here, you just have to be creative while looking for opportunities to troll.

2. Teemo – The Swift Scout

Best Troll Support Champion Teemo League of LegendsYou probably knew this was coming as there isn’t a single League player on this planet that does not hate Teemo. All the more chances for you to make people go insane and contemplate their life choices.

An interesting technique used by many Teemo trolls just as myself is the “Mushroom Farm Technique”

Mushroom Farm Technique:

For this technique to work, we need to pick a nice spot where enemies usually don’t come (preferably your jungle). After that, simply take some time to spread out as many mushrooms as possible while camping there, and if you get lucky, you might get a kill, but if you don’t, it’ll surely enrage some of your teammates, since your participation in the game would be close to zero..

The end result should look something like this:

Best Troll Support Champion Teemo Mushroom Farm Technique League of Legends So go out there, build your mushroom farm, and have fun!

1. Bard – The Wandering Caretaker

Best Troll Support Champion Bard League of LegendsBard is number 1 on this list because he generally tends to be a fan favorite when it comes to trolling. A lot of champions in League can troll, but none as good as Bard since his kit allows him to label off anything as “accidental”.

Bard’s ultimate is the only thing ability you need to troll people. Bard’s ultimate puts everything it touches, within a certain distance, in stasis. This opens up a lot of doors for trolling people.

Imagine this scenario: your Wukong is trying to run away from the enemy team, but you put him in stasis so he cannot move anymore. He’ll probably get caught and killed, or maybe your jungler just spawned the Rift Herald, and it’s about to hit the enemy turret, but you put the turret in stasis so it can’t be hit anymore.

I can already imagine the look on your jungler’s face when he/she misses all that plating gold. Also, it’s pretty hard to get banned while doing this since it can be labeled as an accidental miss-click (if you know what I mean).


League is definitely a fun game, especially if you’re trolling. There is just something about getting flamed by your teammates and watching them rage-quit that feels so satisfying.

However, if you don’t agree with our list or believe that we’ve missed a key champion. Then feel free to comment below and tell us about your favorite troll champions.

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