7 Best Champs For Trolling

7 Best Champs For Trolling in League of Legends

Trolling is a frowned-upon concept in League of Legends and can definitely get you banned if done repeatedly. That said, sometimes you just come across teammates that deserve to be trolled. Whether it be because of their rude behavior and toxic chat, or they might be intentionally feeding the enemy team. Regardless of why you want to, if you feel like trolling, we have got your back. Here are some of the top champs I recommend for trolling your teammates.

At the top of our list will definitely be Ryze. Ryze with his R ability trolling is just too intense for most players to continue playing the match. Following close by are champions that can form structures such as Trundle and Anivia. After them, we have a League classic, Bard. Rounding out the list will be Blitzcrank, Janna, and Mordekaiser.

Now we are not advocating for you to go ahead and troll everyone in your games. That is the toxic attitude we all strive to stay away from. But if someone just pushes all your buttons at once, it is allowed once in a while. The best part is, more than half the time, your team will agree with trolling that player in hopes to teach them a lesson. Learn more on how you can make your teammates hit report as soon as the match finishes.

Ryze – The Teleport Fake Out

Top Best League of Legeds Trolling Champ Ryze - The Teleport Fake OutRyze is a pretty strong mid-laner and is well-known for his high skill-ceiling and difficult mechanics. But his full potential is unlocked by his R. His R, Realm Warp, allows him to create a portal to a nearby location. Allies within the portal are teleported to the target location after a few seconds. The unique ability to take allies with him is a great play-making technique but can also be used to troll just as well.

To use the ‘Teleport Fake Out’, first, stay close to the ally you wish to troll. When in an intense moment or a fast-paced play, open a portal near them. Place the target location somewhere near the enemy team’s position, in the enemy jungle, or far away from the objective, depending on the game state. Stand at the edge and wait for your ally/ allies to walk in. As soon as the portal is closing, walk out and let them port into grey screens.

This is an incredibly irritating troll for the one it is done on. The best part is it can be done on multiple people at once and potentially cost them the game. You will need your ally to walk into the portal for this to work successfully though so make sure not to give it away.

Anivia – The Great Wall

Top Best League of Legeds Trolling Champ Anivia - The Great WallIf you are talking late-game trolling, Anivia is definitely one of the worst champs to have on your team. Like Trundle, Anivia can form an untraversable wall of ice that halts all movement. This wall cannot be broken and stops all units, enemies, and allies. The reason it is so troublesome late-game is that the skill, Crystallize, forms a larger wall the more it is leveled up. At max level, Anivia’s W makes a wall that spams 1,000 League of Legends units in length.

The best way to troll with Anivia’s W is to put up walls whenever it comes off cooldown. Due to its enormous length, it can totally block off escapes through jungle paths. It cannot even be walked around at times as it covers the entire path. The only thing that can be done is to wait. This aspect makes it much more annoying to deal with than Trundle’s E.

If you want to utilize it to its maximum potential, wait until your team is retreating. When the enemy is close, place a wall in front of your team. Champs with very high mobility and at the corners of the wall may be able to escape but we can assure you none of the tanks in the middle will. You can use your Q or R to ward off any pursuit after you. In the end, your teammates are left to face the entire enemy team head-on with a numbers disadvantage.

Bard – Stasis, But On The Wrong Team

Top Best League of Legeds Trolling Champ Bard - Stasis, But On The Wrong TeamBard is one of the classic trolling champs. The only problem is it isn’t even intentional sometimes. Placing his R just perfectly to stasis the entire enemy team, and maybe a tower, is something pros struggle with as well. The issue arises when you stasis your own team, giving the enemy time to regroup and position better.

Bard’s R, Tempered Fate, puts everyone inside a radius, into stasis. If done correctly, it can turn the tide of a team fight while misplacing it can send you and your team back to the fountain. But if you want to intentionally troll your team, throw your R on them while cleaning up the enemy team after a successful team fight. Another good moment would be right before your jungler smites an objective like Elder Dragon or Baron Nashor.

The best trolling moments are when you make them miss a penta-kill though!

Blitzcrank – Gap Closing Gone Wrong

Top Best League of Legeds Trolling Champ Blitzcrank - Gap Closing Gone WrongNow, Blitzcrank is one of the most useful supports out there. Unlike Leona or Nautilus, Blitzcrank’s Q pulls enemies towards you. Separating a defenseless ADC or locking down a mobile mid-laner is helpful. What is not helpful is pulling the fed bruiser right into your team.

The main problem with bruisers is that they have no significant gap close. Kite away and kill them. If you want to troll as a Blitzcrank, the best way is to eliminate that problem for the enemy. If you see the 20/3 Darius charging at your team but just not quite getting there, help him out by pulling him straight into your entire team. One swing of his ax and its grey screens for the entire team.

Your team flaming you for missing a few hooks is irritating. Always remember you have other options.

Janna – No Grouping

One of Janna’s most defining qualities is her R. It is usually used to disengage champions trying to jump onto your ADC. Janna’s R, Monsoon, creates a magical storm around her, throwing enemies back. This is an amazing tool for disengaging from burst assassins such as Kha’Zix or Evelynn. But you don’t always need to disperse the entire enemy team.

This trolling technique works best if you have teammates who benefit from the enemy team being grouped up. Examples are Malphite’s R, Ziggs’s R, Jinx’s R, etc. Almost every team composition benefits from the enemy team grouping up. As soon as you see this, get in the middle, and press R. This will throw each enemy into different directions, nullifying the effect of any ability used by your teammates.

Trundle – Pillar, Pillar Everywhere

Trundle has a very well-rounded kit with high amounts of crowd control abilities. It is one of the reasons the Approach Velocity rune synergizes perfectly with him. His ability to slow down and kill any champion in a one vs one duel makes him a terrifying champion to go against. But one of those abilities can be used both ways. Trundle’s E, Pillar of Ice, creates impassable terrain in the form of… a pillar of ice. This may create a slowing aura for enemy units but, if placed correctly, halts any champion’s engaging ability.

To annoy your teammates with this hard crowd control ability, you can wait until they are chasing down an enemy on low health. As soon as they enter narrow terrain inside the jungle, use your E and place the target cursor right in the middle of the path. This will stop your teammates from chasing the enemy and let them escape.

You will need to make sure the pillar is placed between your allies and the enemy. Otherwise, you will end up blocking the enemy’s path and helping out your teammates. This is a much easier way to troll as the cooldown is extremely short it is bound to catch your teammates off-gaurd. You can use this anywhere on the map as they will always have to stop to go around the pillar. It also stops the dashes of any dash-ability like Sion’s R.

Mordekaiser – Death Realm Hide

Top Best League of Legeds Trolling Champ Mordekaiser - Death Realm HideMordekaiser has an extremely unique R ability where he can form a realm of death around the targeted champion, secluding them and himself from the rest of the game temporarily. Oftentimes, it is great as Mordekaiser excels in one vs one’s. It can also prevent some heavy damage by teleporting champions during channelings like Nunu & Willump’s R and Sett’s W.

The annoying part comes in when your team is about to kill a fed carry on the enemy team and you take them to the death realm. If you can kill them, that is great. But if you are intentionally trolling, you can help the enemy get back their cooldowns and even regen some health.

This is sure to be a surprise for your team when you come out of the death realm dead but the enemy carry is back up to full. If you want to troll one player, in particular, you can constantly use your R on them if they are on the enemy team. If they are an ally, use your Realm of Death on any champion they are about to kill. This is sure to set off some fuses.

Parting Thoughts

Trolling isn’t a great thing to do and we would advise not attempting it in ranked matches as it spoils the game’s environment. But if you are bent on trolling in some draft-pick or normal matches, be our guest. These are some of the cheesiest picks if you want to troll your own team and are bound to get you reported x9. In the end, try not to make it a habit to keep your account safe from suspension.

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