Should Riot Games Rework Tryndamere?

Many League of Legends players would like to see Tryndamere rework to happen, and while we still don't have any official informations about it, we still hope that Riot Games will listen to their community and give us the very-needed rework! In this article we've listed all the info we currently know about the potential Tryndamere rework!

Lately, champion reworks have become the new hot topic within the League of Legends community. Truthfully, it all started with the Aatrox rework, but Riot Games went much further. The Fiddlesticks rework refreshed the identity of the champion completely. It introduced a brand new scarecrow into the game that’s both fun and fair. And the same goes for the Volibear rework, a champion who was chosen by the players. 

But, what about Tryndamere? Should Riot Games rework Tryndamere as well?

If we have learned anything from Riot Games’ reworks by now, then that’s the fact that they only rework old and unpopular champions. And when we say old, we mean champions that have outdated, straightforward ability kits. Additionally, they feel effortless and one-dimensional when we play them. The past iteration of Volibear was a clear example of this, but so are Tryndamere, Master Yi, and Udyr.

So what if Tryndamere has significantly simpler spells than Camille or Irelia? That doesn’t mean that he needs changing, right?

Well, yes and no. The problem with the champions mentioned above, including Tryndamere, isn’t in them being too simple. Instead, the problem is that these champions are too powerful in today’s state of the game, despite being so easy to pilot. In the case of Tryndamere, you only have to activate your ultimate in time, and you’re unstoppable. While champions like Orianna, Vayne, or Lee Sin have to take care of five other things during a fight.

All of this was brought up in a Reddit post where a large part of the LoL community participated. “Should Tryndamere and Master Yi be put on the rework schedule” was the main topic there!

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Why Should Riot Games Rework Tryndamere?

The Reddit post that surfaced quite recently was done by the user names u/colkcolkcolk. In the post, he expressed his thoughts on both Tryndamere and Master Yi, explaining why they are too broken. He had some valid points, and the community backed him up.

The user mainly talked about stat checking. He stated that Tryndamere’s stats can get absurdly high and that it isn’t regulated by Riot Games at all. As an example, he provided the rune Nimbus Cloak. If you’re a Tryndamere main, then you know that this is one of your most potent runes choices. It basically gives you a Movement Speed bonus every time you Flash or Ignite. Meaning no one can escape your auto attacks.

Tryndamere is naturally a very quick champion, with an extremely short cooldown on his E. On top of that, he has W to slow his targets down. And unless you’re a tank with 300 Armor, you will simply die. There are no pause and stop buttons in his playstyle, and he is always ready to duel you. Such power is incredibly unfair to face. And since he isn’t the most famous champion, he rarely gets banned.

But let’s examine it further!

Is Tryndamere Too Powerful?

Some may see Tryndamere as a very weak champion. He has no crowd control, nothing to offer in a team fight either, and no real value in the competitive 5v5 pro scene. However, that’s completely the opposite in solo queue!

Tryndamere has one of the most outdated ability kits in the game. Everything is centered around him getting to 100 Rage and hitting you with critical strikes. His item build consists of Lifesteal, Attack Speed, and Critical Strike as well. And his only job in the game is to split push, duel people, and destroy turrets. 

Why is this too unfair? Well, no one can take Tryndamere in 1v1. Also, no one can even catch Tryndamere during a chase. It usually takes more than two people to stop his side lane pressure. Meanwhile, this allows his team to get everything else on the amp. And if in case you leave him alone, or 1v1, he will take your Inhibitor down, no matter what.

But the real reason why Tryndamere is too powerful is because you can’t counter right-clicking. You see, like Master Yi, all of Tryndamere’s damage comes from his auto-attacks. As long as he is near you, he can burst you down with two or three critical strikes. The only thing you can do is stun him, but his R can be activated during crowd control, so he won’t die anyway. 

So, how do we fix Tryndamere in League of Legends?

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How Should Riot Games Rework Tryndamere?

Riot Games have been very open with their champion design and rework philosophy. When they create a new champion (or rework an old one), they want to provide a new and unique experience. So, the product-champion almost always ends up having a new mechanic and a distinguished style. Take Volibear, for example. No one can dive turrets better than him!

But, Riot Games have also been clear on another point. They want the rework to at least resemble the initial idea and the champion to stay true to his identity. In the case of Tryndamere, his new version has to at least be a mad Barbarian King who won’t be afraid to enter a fight. And from there, Riot Games can work on the rest.

They can add an entirely new mechanic to Tryndamere’s Q, like a mighty blow that damages targets instead of providing a heal. His W could be a new crowd-control effect, where he forces his enemies to fight him for a second or two. And his R could consume all of his Rage but could also detonate after a couple of seconds and do AOE damage. There are so many possibilities that they can do!

What do you think about a rework on Tryndamere? How should Riot Games change his ability kit to fit in this modern League of Legends?

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