Tyler1, Yassuo and Hai suspended from League of Legends Partner Program

There was surprise among the League of Legends community as three members of the League of Legends Partner Program were put on probation from the scheme due to what Riot Games deems as inappropriate behavior.

Out of these three, the most significant and controversial ban was on Radiance Hai ‘Hai’ Du Lam, former pro player and owner of an Esports organisation who was suspended for having a chat restriction. This ban caused big Creators like Voyboy to speak up and stand against Riot Games for punishing innocent players and continually being unfair to the streaming community.

This was met with a surge of support from fellow streamers in the comments, such as Scarra, Ovilee May, Yassuo and Tarzaned. There was similar outrage from the likes of Voyboy, who vowed not to use any of his LPP perks or compete in Twitch rivals as he deemed Riot’s punishment as wrong and unfair. Like him many followed and vowed to do the same thing.

Similarly, Tyler1 also reacted to Hai’s suspension. The Twitch star calls the decision “insane” and lists the number of creators who have also been chat restricted but remain part of the LPP. However, just an hour or so after voicing his opinion, lost his LPP privileges because of the chat restriction he was handed last week.

Just like Tyler1 and Hai, Yassuo also was suspended from the LPP after he spoke out on his chat restriction. It seems like Riot Games are singling out anyone who speaks against their unfair means and removing them from the LPP program while those who do not speak against them can remain in the program even if they have done worse things than a chat restriction.

Hopefully, this new movement can help make Riot Games realize their mistake and punish the ones who actually deserve it instead of targeting the ones who want the better for League of Legends.

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