How to Unlock Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics?

When Teamfight Tactics was released in 2019, players rushed to play it. With completely different mechanics than regular Summoners Rift or Aram, it was a challenge for a lot of players to jump in and try their luck. 

Teamfight Tactics has brought a bunch of new stuff to the League of Legends universe, apart from new gameplay. Many of those things include special missions unique to the TFT, colorful arenas where you can test your abilities and crush your enemies, special flamboyant attacks which you can use to gloat when you damage your opponents. Another thing that Teamfight Tactics brought us are Little Legends. Tiny little creatures that represent you in the game. 

Little Legends have a variety of purposes and stuff they can do. They show your Health points your level in-game. They can also dance, gloat, mock and even sing.

Every Little Legend has a personality of its own, and you can choose the one you most connect with. That is, of course, if you manage to unlock them.

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How Can I Unlock Little Legends?

There are a couple of ways to expand your Little Legend army:

  1. When you start your first game of TFT, you get a Little blue ghost, which is a Riots gift for every player. He is everyone’s starting Little Legend.
  2. Obtain Little Legends Eggs by completing event missions and upgrading your TFT ”Battle Pass.”
  3. Purchase them with tokens you receive by completing event missions.
  4. Buy them with RP
  5. Finish Ranked season of TFT in Gold or higher and earn unique Little Legends reserved only for best of the best.

Now for the skins. Each Little Legend has many skins of its own. If you think about it, it just covers every aspect of the game and how each Little Legend would look if it comes from, let’s say, Shadow Isles. Then you have Haunted Shisa or Little hauntling. This goes for a lot of stuff and basic elements like stone, fire, and water.

The thing is, those ‘’skins’’ are actually treated as a Little Legend of their own, so you can’t obtain one Little Legend and then swap their skin to your liking. 

You have to obtain them separately.

But Riot has thought about that, so even though you can’t buy a skin for them, you can upgrade them. Each Little Legend has from one to three stars. Each star is different from another, with obvious physical appearance change and clear visual upgrade as you go higher in star levels. Little Legends you have obtained through finishing in gold or above in ranked can not be upgraded since they are awesome as one Little Legend can get.

To upgrade your Little Legends star level, you are going to use ‘’Star shards’’, a new in-game currency that is only spendable in TFT.

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How Do I Use my Star Shards?

Simply select your desired Little Legend in the lobby and upgrade it. Bear in mind you can only upgrade Little Legends that you own.

Little Legends that you have received for your ranked accomplishments in TFT can’t be upgraded since they are already awesome as one Little Legend can get.

The longer time progresses, Riot is releasing more and more Little Legends, arenas, and killing blows. It’s a shame you can’t get the killing blows from Little Legend eggs or by completing missions, but instead, you have to pay actual money to get them.

The more you play TFT, you will upgrade your battle pass, you will complete more missions, and eventually, you will obtain more Little Legend eggs, meaning you will have more Little Legends. Think of them as ‘’Pokemon’’ but cuter and ‘’Try to catch them all !!!’’

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