How To Properly Use Unsealed Spellbook in LoL?

League of Legends has no shortage of weird but fun to use Runes. However, there are certain Runes that are so bizarre, that you tend to overthink a lot and make mistakes that you ’weren’t supposed to make. That being said, the fun of using Unsealed spellbook is unrivaled to this date. 

While the rune seems to have been considered a mystery box, its random factor often surprises your enemies into making poor decisions. Consequently, it can also be used to counter most anti-ignite or anti-teleport playstyles. 

The Unsealed Spellbook is generally used to minimize flaws in more generalized champions that can’t benefit from a single rune tree. You could match ignite lanes by switching to ignite yourself while having the option to teleport in your lane as well.

In this guide, we will be taking a deep look at how the Unsealed Spellbook works, along with its potential as a jack of all trades in many matchups across different lanes. 

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How Does Unsealed Spellbook Work?

The unsealed spellbook essentially allows you to swap your summoner spells after a certain time in the game. While the mechanic might not make much sense on paper, its real strength lies in its versatility for both in and out of the laning phase. 

You can start swapping summoner spells after the first six minutes have passed. While this initial 300 seconds period might seem annoying, it does a good job of keeping the early laning phase stable. Once this has passed, you can swap the spell to whatever you want. 

However, you can only choose one spell again after you’ve cycled through three different spells. Therefore, any plans of abusing teleport and ignite might have to be thrown out of the window. Moreover, the spells in general experience a 25-second shorter cooldown. 

Summoner Spells List in Unsealed Spellbook

While every spell in the game (including smite) can be used through Unsealed Spellbook, it’s better to know what you’re working with firsthand. With that said, here is the complete list of summoner spells available for both Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss:

Maps Summoner spells
Summoner’s Rift Barrier Cleanse Ignite
Exhaust Flash Ghost
Heal Teleport Smite
Howling Abyss Barrier Cleanse Ignite
Exhaust Flash Ghost
Heal Clarity Mark

As you might’ve noticed, it’s possible to obtain Clarity through Unsealed Spellbook despite it being unavailable in the Summoner’s Rift otherwise. 

Is Unsealed Spellbook Worth It In Aram?

While the answer is mostly dependent on the kind of champion you’re playing, the answer is mostly yes. Since there are no recalls in the game mode, you will most certainly be relying on your items and summoner spells to keep you going. 

In such cases, having the flexibility of choosing between different summoner spells according to the situation can be pivotal. 

Using Unsealed Spellbook: Laning Phase

While the rune seems to be on a decline in the current meta, it’s still an extremely strong pick depending on your champion or laning phase. For example, champions like Ornn don’t necessarily have to rely on their main rune trees depending on the laning opponent. 

To put this into perspective, you simply won’t be able to proc your Grasp of the Undying against a ranged matchup like Vayne. Since your main goal is to try and survive the lane, using Unsealed Spellbook will give you the flexibility to teleport to lane whenever you’re low. 

Consequently, you could also look to harass her with the ignite threat along with a gank. She’s about to kill you? No problem! Just use heal or barrier. 

Consequently, you can also abuse exhaust while having a global threat at the same time. Having said that, here’s how you should play it in general matchups:

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Keep Track of Your Cooldowns

Since every spell in the book has individual cooldown timers, you will be mostly good to go as long as you can equip the correct spells at the correct times. For example, you might need to have teleport during the drake timers in order to balance or create the numbers advantage.

Consequently, you will probably be needing ignite while diving the enemy champions in order to secure the kill, or you could just be looking to get out of the chain CC that the enemy team is providing with the help of Cleanse. 

You need to know the cycles for these spells to come up in order to use them at such opportune moments. While most of the process is based on prediction, the risk factor is almost always worth it.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Unsealed Spellbook

Despite the rune being so versatile, you won’t be making many plays thanks to it. This is because the rune is generally used as a filler rune for champions that do not benefit from other trees. 

That being said, using Unsealed Spellbook as your main source of outplaying tends to backbite more so than often. 

While it does work in certain scenarios, they’re just summoners in the end. Therefore, you would be better off working on your positioning and movements. However, that does not imply that the rune is a complete waste. 

Rather than forcibly adjusting it wherever possible, it’s much better to use it when genuinely needed. 

If you cycle through the spells a bit too hastily, there’s a decent chance you will be missing most of those opportunities, thereby causing you to try to forcibly fit it in an unneeded scenario. 

What Is The Best Way Of Using Unsealed Spellbook?

The best way is to use it for its cooldown reduction along with the spell swaps in the extreme early portions of the game. Simply recall whenever you have enough gold for your mythic component and use teleport to come back to the lane. 

Once the spell has been burnt, you will not only have pulled off a relatively free recall, but will also unlock the option to switch your spell to Ignite or Heal to mitigate most of the disadvantages that come from Teleport. 

You can then further extend your laning lead by using the chosen spell to be the difference-maker in an all-out against your laner. Since games generally blow up from the extreme early game, it’s best to grip that lead as tightly as possible. 

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Is Unsealed Spellbook Worth It For Junglers?

While the answer is both yes and no, Unsealed Spellbook is generally not good on Junglers, because they need smite at all times. Having it in one slot can also be a difference-maker. However, your primary job as a Jungler is to gank, kill and trade objectives. 

Therefore it can be primarily difficult to use the Unsealed Spellbook to your advantage. Unlike laners, you cannot even teleport on minions and wards due to the changes introduced to the Teleport spell. 

Consequently, you will find fewer avenues to use heal and exhaust as well since you won’t be trading literal blows with your Jungler most of the time. While it can be used as an invading tool, it’s generally not recommended because of the value Flash has in teamfights.


In essence, Unsealed Spellbook is a spell that isn’t present in the current meta. It’s generally used as a placeholder and can be pretty useful if you have a solid game plan on champions that cannot use other runestones to their fullest. 

Despite being tricky to take advantage of, the innate CDR on the summoner spells is a blessing on its own. Pair that with the ability to take spells like Clarity and Ignite despite having Teleport as your preset can certainly feel good, especially in the laning phase. 

While you will need to focus on improving your playstyle, it’s generally pretty easy to get used to it – given that you grind hard enough in League of Legends. 

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