What is HRTF In Valorant? (2022)

HRTF is the new and improved sound experience released by Riot Games for Valorant back when patch 2.06. A new mechanic lets players have an entirely new way to perceive or hear the sounds emanating from footsteps to gunshots. 

Sound is a crucial aspect when playing Valorant. It is a game where it has a walking mechanic that lets the player limit the sound they emit. It is also essential to have a depth of perception every time you hear a sound from other players. That is why it is imperative to play the game with a gaming headset so you can absorb all the sounds of the game and process it in your head. 

Some players even go as far as focusing on hearing more than seeing. This is because when you have already memorized every map in the game, you will know where enemies are hiding, and hearing them will be the thing that gives them away. 

Players can switch HRTF in the settings of Valorant, which will give them an entirely new way to interact with sounds. HRTF is basically how one perceives the sound as they hear it from their headset. People who play on speakers will not benefit from this feature as it only functions on gaming headsets with the left and proper functionality. 

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If you can access and use the features of HRTF, this will be a massive boost in your performance as it gives you an excellent idea of where the enemy is and what they are doing. So the bottom line is that this HRTF is one broken feature that headset users can abuse. 

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