How Long Is An Average Valorant Match?

How Long Is An Average Valorant Match? Valorant Match Length Guide

Being a competitive game that is played online, Valorant is one of the most popular games in the FPS genre of today. When you have limited time on your hands then you’ll need to plan ahead to know how long one match is going to take.

An average Valorant match ranges around the 20 to 40 minutes mark. However, there are always matches that can take more/lesser time depending on how both teams are performing.

Here we are going to tell you how long an average Valorant match lasts. This is going to include the different types of modes as well as the time each of them requires.

Buckle up because we’re going to dive right in!

Valorant Match Length (Unrated Competitive)

Valorant Unrated Game Mode Match LengthStarting off we have the unrated and competitive games modes of Valorant. These are the longest ones. Other modes like Deathmatch, Escalation and Spike Rush will be explained later on.

Let us first break down the match itself. Both Competitive and Unrated game modes are played as a best of 25 rounds. The first team that wins 13 rounds wins. Valorant is shorter compared to a number of games. In the sense that in CS: GO, for instance, there are 30 rounds in each match.

You have an agent pick time, a buy phase, rounds, length, and a spike timer.

Unrated/Competitive Match (No Overtimes)

Valorant Competitive Game Mode Match LengthHere are the following specifics for a competitive match:

  • Agent Pick: 85 seconds
  • Buy Phase (Half start): 45 seconds
  • Buy Phase: 30 seconds
  • Rounds Length: 1:40 minutes
  • Spike Timer: 40 seconds

As per the specifics of the round mentioned above, you can expect a regular game of Valorant to last for about 35-40 minutes.

Competitive Match Length (With Overtimes)

For competitive games, things were switched up ever since patch 1.03 came along. This is because Riot Games was introduced over time with it. If both the teams are tied at 12-12 then the game moves to a 2-round win in overtime.

The team that wins 2 rounds consecutively, wins the game. If a conclusion isn’t reached then both teams are allowed to vote to either keep playing or to finish the game as a draw.

The overtime can last for as long as possible but with the current voting system, the most reasonable number of overtimes is three which makes it six extra rounds.

  • 1st overtime – required
  • 2nd overtime – 6 votes to call a draw
  • 3rd overtime – 3 votes to call a draw
  • 4th overtime and onwards – 1 vote to call a draw

At the end of the fourth overtime, it is practically impossible for a number of players to keep playing which is why only a single vote is needed to call the match a draw.

Early Finish

There is also a chance for an early finish in the game. If a player disconnects at the beginning of the game then the match can be remade. Throughout the course of the game, any team can surrender for different reasons. Some of them include one-sided battles, multiple players leaving, power outages, players disconnecting due to high ping, etc.

If a game is one-sided then the match can end in as quickly as 20 minutes, without early surrender.

Valorant Deathmatch/Escalation/Spike Rush Length

In Valorant, there are also shorter game modes that are quite entertaining to play and won’t take up much of your time. At the moment, there are three of these game modes: Deathmatch, Escalation, and Spike Rush. You may expect to spend no more than 15 minutes playing any of these game modes. If you have a limited amount of time, any of the three game modes would do.


Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode Match LengthDeathmatch is a public PvP game that is free to play and has no rounds, teams, or respawns delays. You appear at random on a map, choose a weapon, and start killing. The winner of the match is whoever has the most points or 40 kills when the game is over.

As you can see, the game has a time limit and cannot go on indefinitely. A 1:30 minute warmup precedes the first 10 minutes of the deathmatch match. The Deathmatch can last a maximum of 11:30 minutes.

Deathmatches can end sooner if 40 kills are obtained, but typically they do so in the closing minutes, so pay attention to those eleven and a half minutes.


Valorant Escalation Game Mode Match LengthThe Arms Race as seen through the eyes of a Valorant. You have two teams, and by scoring kills, you can level up your weaponry. A few more entertaining items exist, such as snowball launchers and Raze RPGs, but let’s move on.

Escalation also contains a 1:30-minute warmup period during which time players must connect and load, followed by 12 minutes of gameplay. Getting enough kills on the final weapon might also help the team win early, but it’s unlikely to happen right away. Therefore, you should plan on the Escalation lasting 13 minutes.

Spike Rush

Valorant Spike Rush Game Mode Match LengthThe oddest mode in Valorant is this one. Typical 5v5 but with predetermined weaponry for each round and power-ups dispersed over the area. This model strives to be as quick as it can be. The following settings are set for this round:

  • Agent Pick: 85 seconds
  • Buy Phase: 20 seconds
  • Rounds Length: 1:20 minutes and onwards
  • Spike: 20 seconds

Every game has a best-of-seven sudden death format. Thus, the game is won by the team that first wins four rounds. The game of Spike Rush won’t last much longer than 10 minutes, even after all 7 rounds have been completed.


Valorant Replication Game Mode Match LengthReplication uses an 80-second round, best-of-nine spike (Plant/Defuse) mode. Players choose the agent they want to play in the agent select game.
Then, the game randomly chooses one of the options, giving that agent to every player on that team. Regardless of whether they possess them or not, every player receives the same agent; nevertheless, a player cannot vote for an agent they have not unlocked.

With the exception of overtime rounds, players receive an additional ultimate point per round, their signature and basic abilities are renewed, and their weapons and shields are reset. No matter whether they won or lost the prior round, every participant receives a fixed number of credits per round that rises as the half progresses.

Snowball Fight

Valorant Snowball Fight Game Mode Match LengthReleased on December 15, 2020, Snowball Fight is a seasonal game mode that is only accessible during the Christmas season. Team Deathmatch is the game mode, and 50 kills are required to win. There is no time limit in the Snowball Fight mode.

Players spawn in as a random agents and abilities cannot be used. The single weapon accessible is the snowball launcher, which employs a projectile-based arc and instantly kills but is slow. There is endless ammunition. Throughout the course of the game, a “portal” will appear and send gifts with a random power-up within each one.

Keeping In Mind The Time

Just remember not to risk playing unrated or competitive if you barely fit the time slot or if you have a restricted amount of time available to a game for whatever reason that you’re busy.

Take the situation when you have 30 minutes to play and want to play competitively. The outcome of the game is unpredictable, and if you are unlucky, it may go on for a while. That can result in a frustrated mother, a furious boss, and a fine for quitting the game.

Keep to brief, simple things, like escalation. Especially if you’re someone who is starting off with Valorant. You don’t need to stretch matches if time is limited to you. For the aforementioned reasons, the worst of them is when you are fined for abandoning the game. That isn’t a good sign.


Patch 1.02 update of Valorant brought in a lot of new changes to the game with one of these changes being the surrender option.

Players can opt to surrender out of a match that is ahead of its competition. If players do not want to continue playing they can call in a surrender vote. This requires all the players on the surrendering team to vote “yes” for it to pass.

You can call a surrender vote by typing “/ff,” “forfeit,” “concede,” or “surrender” in the chat. You can open the chat in the game using the enter key.
One thing to know about this vote is that it can’t be called before the fourth round on either the attacking or defending phase. When a vote is called, the vote option will then be queued for the next round.


With different game modes come different time limits in Valorant. You can choose which game mode you would like to play according to your liking as well as the time that you have on your hands. Time to pick a game mode and jump in on the fun!

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