How To Make Square/Box Crosshair in Valorant

As Riot’s only FPS game, Valorant sure is becoming one of the biggest names in gaming history, especially in the competitive scene. With that, players try to find different ways to perform better at the game and have a shot at the pro scene. 

Some settings are self-preference, but others like to copy the settings of some good players or even pro players to have a perception based on the player they admire—kind of like the META in MOBA games, which means the Most Effective Tactic Available. Players tend to lean towards META plays so much because these things are proven and tested to be easy but are pretty effective when used. 

Valorant is an FPS game that relies on the player’s accuracy and reaction time, and with it comes the mechanics of crosshairs. You can set your crosshairs however you like. Some may even prefer crosshairs that look like the letter X, or some prefer a simple dot. 

You can set your crosshair however you like in Valorant. Tweak the crosshair settings, and you’re good. But there is a huge trend going out there where players set their crosshairs in the shape of a box with a dot inside it. 

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How to Make the Square Box Crosshair?

First, open your crosshair settings and follow through.

  • Pick the color that suits you best
  • Set Outline Opacity to 1
  • Set Outline Thickness to 1
  • Turn on the Center dot with Opacity set to 1
  • Center Dot Thickness 2 
  • Fade Crosshair off
  • Inner line opacity 1
  • Inner line length 1 
  • Inner line thickness 10
  • Inner line offset 5
  • Movement error OFF
  • Firing error OFF
  • Outer line Opacity 1
  • Outer line length 0
  • Outer line Length 0 

These settings are easy to make, and simply copy it, and voila! You’re all set. Having the box crosshair is excellent, and it also gives you a pretty good viewing point when aiming or hip firing. Now go out there, have fun with your new crosshair, and win some games. 

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